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  1. ackvil

    Saponificio Varesino

    Saponicicio Varesino has partnered with a company that will carry most of its fine products and will ship to the U.S. and Canada at no cost. align="center" bgcolor="#f9fafc" style="width: 100%" width="100%" |- | align="center" valign="top" | https://www.saponificiovaresino.us/
  2. ackvil

    A Different Way to Load Your Brush

    Normally, I load my damp brush by swirling it around the soap puck until it has sufficient lather: usually about 15 to 20 times. At a friend's suggestion, I have tried something different this week. I take a damp brush and swirl it 3 times and put some soap on the right side of my face. I...
  3. ackvil

    B&B Group Buy: Brushes

    For those of you who are interested. There is a group buy of B&B bushes made by Rudy Vey. You can read all about it here: https://www.badgerandblade.com/forum/threads/rudy-vey-group-buy-see-post-88.590305/
  4. ackvil

    Feather Adjustable Razor

    I just came across a Feather Adjustable Razor. It is listed on Amazon for $35. Any of you guys have this one? If so, how do you like it? https://www.feather.co.jp/en/pdf/g_Products/ADJUSTABLE1908.pdf
  5. ackvil

    Pic Test

  6. ackvil

    U.K. Aristocrat

    My U.K. Aristocrat came up in my rotation yesterday. Today is the second shave with this razor. Every time I use this razor I am favorably impressed. First, the weight and balance are perfect. Second, it is extremely smooth. And, third: I really like the way it looks.
  7. ackvil

    Your Favorite Aftershave Balms

    I am a big fan of aftershave balms. I currently have or have used Neutrogena Triple Protect, L'Ocstaine Cade, DR Harris Arlington Aftershave Milk, Proraso, Pre de Provence, and GFT Skinfood. I need to replace some balms and need to replace some. I care less about scent and more about how it...
  8. ackvil

    Shaving With Sample Soaps

    Soap samples come in all varieties and sizes. Some soap samples are thin slices of a hard soap. Some are put in wide jar. And then there are the samples like this. This sample measures about 1" across. It is a medium density soap. However, I have similar samples that are hard and some...
  9. ackvil

    Pure Badgers Are Not All Alike

    Today I shaved with the oldest brush I own: a Hoffritz Pure Badger brush. I have no idea who made the brush. I bought it in 1993 during a going out of business sale at the Hoffritz store located in the World Trade Center in New York City. When I got to the Hoffritz store they had sold out of...
  10. ackvil

    How Do You Face Lather Cream From a Tube

    At one time I bowl lathered most of the time and I would take the cream from a tube and put it directly in the bowl or mug. Now I primarily face lather and take a bit of cream and smear it on my face and then use a damp brush to make lather. I have seen many individuals who take some of the...
  11. ackvil

    Heaven's Door

    I received this bourbon as a birthday gift. As I understand it, it is a Tennesse bourbon made with a colloboration of Bob Dyland and Angel's Envy. It is aged ten years and is 100 proof. I tasted it last night. It is surprisingly smooth for a higher proof bourbon. It is supposed to have...
  12. ackvil

    Super Bowl???

    I am surprised at the lack of discussion about the Super Bowl. Any predictions?
  13. ackvil

    How Do You Handle Holes in Bottom of Soap Tub?

    I have noticed that many new artisan soap makes such as M&M and GD put their relatively soft soaps in large containers. As you get to the bottom of the container a hole appears and it gets larger with each use. I have tried pressing down on the soap to spread it out but that only works for a...
  14. ackvil

    Wildcard Games

    Texans and Titans pull it off. Both close games. Wonder what Brady will do.
  15. ackvil

    CG, FB, Slim, Aristocrat and Brush For Sale

    I am continuing my efforts to sell off some of my shaving hardware. At my age I realize that I have too many razors and brushes that I don’t use enough. First up is a Charcoal Goods Level 2 stainless steel razor. The handle is the torpedo model and is approximately 4” long – about the size...
  16. ackvil

    Finally Found Some

    Over the years I have frequented countess flea markets, antique stores, and estate sales in search of any decent shaving goodies. Until today, I have never found one worthwhile item. Today I came across a FB and a Slim and these three cases. I will post pics of the razors when I get a chance...
  17. ackvil

    Compass Box " Peat Monster" Scotch

    While in a local liquor store I came across the above Scotch. What caught my eye was that it was a blend of some very nice single malts. I spoke to the manager of the store and he said the blend changes every year. He said this year the blend was from five single malts with the largest...
  18. ackvil

    Largest White Castle Opens

    White Castle has opened its largest restaurant in Scottsdale, AZ. This is the only White Castle to serve wine and beer. It will be open 24 hours a day. Some White Castle fanatics camped out days before the grand opening.
  19. ackvil

    NBCF Auction is Now Open

    Folks, the Sue Moore Memorial Fundraiser is now live. There are some great values for both new and experienced shavers. Go here to look at what is up and place a bid.
  20. ackvil

    It's All Relative

    I got into a discussion with my wife. She saw me looking at Wolfman Razors and some expensive shave brushes and said I would be crazy to spend that much for such implements. I then asked her if she felt the same way about spending $1,300+ for a Louis Vuitton handbag. I won the argument - but...