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    Eucris - WTH is this stuff anyway? A story from my past...

    I emailed GFT for a sampler and included of course was Eucris. The sampler sat for a while until I got around to it, but I finally did. I tried the Eau de Quinine. Not bad, but smells kind of powdery and sweet. Not for me. Extract of Limes smelled like heaven for about a half hour then...
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    Horse brush reviews - someone needs to post one!

    I know we have several horsehair brush users here, and for some reason I feel myself getting a case of SBAD. That might be assuaged by a horse brush - although my new synthetic help the malady, so why would yet another brush? :tongue_sm However we need some numbers, people! :lol: For the...
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    Insitut Karite-ish Aftershave Splash?

    IK has a balm, but with my skin, balms and I do not get along. But I love the scent of IK shave soap. Is there something that has a similar scent, and which is alcohol based?
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    Anyone still using Red Leaf soaps?

    I was going through my old bookmarks and hit the Etsy page for Red Leaf soaps. There was a big love fest for these soaps a while ago which has since disappeared. Did they not age well or something? The cube on a stand is rather unique. I nearly ordered one today just because it's so cool.
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    GFT Extract of Limes - I *Love* that stuff

    It burns like crazy but afterward feels great. And that scent! It's the best lime ever, and I've tried a lot of them. Expensive but worth every penny. Try it if you haven't and you love lime.
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    First Micromatic shave - could be better!

    My usual lately has been the Merkur plastic razor and Feather blade, which is an awesome combo. But I've been wanting a SE for a while and when a good one popped up on BST I grabbed it. It looks scary but proved hard to mess up with. There is a lot of exposed blade, but the edge is well...
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    What happened to Shaving Essentials?

    I've been out of the loop a while. But I have gone looking for him several times over the past few months with no luck - just what looks like a placeholder web site. A quick B&B search doesn't turn up much. What happened?
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    Arg - Stephens Lime!

    So another thread talked about this stuff and being a limeaholic I wanted to try it. I user Pussers and I like the dry, true lime type of scent. Hmmm - $3 for 15oz! Nice! Lets see, add shipping. Another $12! Ouch. Something in me protests spending 4 times the cost of the product on...
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    Aslog as we're hatin' on stuff - I hate Feather DE blades!

    I have been using red Personnas in my Tech with good results. I had tried Feathers and found them rough with several DE razors. I gave up on them but I had 10 or 15 lating around. I had gotten rid of my silo-door Gillettes in favor if the three piece razors, Cobra Classic and injectors. But...
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    Shaving Essentials is back online!

    Go check it out! Lots and lots of good stuff! My favorite vendor is back. :biggrin:
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    Why do I even bother with anything but Frasers? :)

    It seems like whenever I want to be absolutely sure I am going to get a comfortable, irritation free shave, I grab the Frasers. Love the (original) scent, love how it lathers, love how it works, love how it leaves my face feeling. There is nothing that, for me, works better and certainly...
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    Cobra Classic - RULES! :)

    I have been messing about with a LOT of razors lately. CC and I did not get along well at all in the beginning. I kept going back to my DEs, which at least left me intact. But the shave was never quite as close as I was able to get with a CC. I also played around the various cartridge...
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    Advice - got a lemon GPS!

    I had been using a Magellan 4040 for a long time and I really liked it. But the maps were getting old and hey, I wanted a new toy. So I picked up a new Magellan 4350. Sweet! Good new features, routes are great, the software is the best yet and the screen is a nice hi resolution. I was in...
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    After shave movie trivia question with prize!

    What aftershave does Frozone use in The Incredibles? You see it briefly as he is getting ready to go out to dinner with his wife while the city is being destroyed :biggrin:. The first correct answer gets a once used bottle of Aqua Velva :)
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    osage Rub - Woof! Man, that's MENTHOL

    I was able to whine loudly enough that someone here agreed to sell me a small sample of it and I tried it this morning. This is definitely NOT an aftershave for mid October in northern Ohio! I couldn't smell anything but menthol once applied, and it was a solid freeze. I don't think there is...
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    Schick Injector - whoa!!!!

    My normal weapon of choice is a Cobra Classic. That razor leaves my face like glass - by far the closest shaving razor I have ever used. It's is hyper-agressive though and I usually use a Sensor or Tech when I need a break. On a whim I bought a Schick injector off BST and got some Schick and...
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    Which injector blades to start?

    I have a choice between Personna, Schick or Ted Pella. For my very first injector shave, which will give the best first impression?
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    Osage Rub - where?

    OK, I'd like to try it. Finding it online is not a problem - finding it online and paying MORE FOR SHIPPING than product is! My local Sallys doesn't have it, nor anywhere else I can find. Suggestions?
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    Injector Newbie - what blades?

    I am getting sucked in to an injector (Schick). Are blades still easily available? I don't recall seeing them at my local Marcs :) Blade suggestions are welcome.
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    Ordered SCS "Woods" a/s - anyone here using it?

    I'd like to know what you think of it!