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  1. Stubblebum

    Free shipping for Dad's Day - WCS

    West Coast Shaving is offering free shipping for Father's Day - no minimum. Code is on their web site. I have no affiliation with WCS.
  2. Stubblebum

    Floid menthol levels?

    Hello all, I'm trying to decide between purchasing Floid Vigoroso or Suave. I want a cooling menthol kick, but not a face freeze. How would you rate the menthol kick from Suave as compared to, say, Aqua Velva or Fine American Blend? What about the Vig? Thanks.
  3. Stubblebum

    Scent of Cella (red) a/s?

    When searching for descriptions of Cella Milano (red) aftershave lotion, I mostly just find "fresh", "like Italian colonia" and "not like the soap". Could someone please describe the scent (notes) of Cella red? Also, how is the longevity? Thanks.
  4. Stubblebum

    Products from Down Under?

    In honour of ANZAC Day (25 April), I would like to add an item from Down Under to my kit. Are there any products (preferably vintage) produced in Oz or KiwiLand which would be readily available in the US?
  5. Stubblebum

    Erskine 3103 info?

    I've been thinking of purchasing a US-made brush, and ran across a listing for an Erskine 3103. Does anyone have any info on this model? such as... What is the knot material? It is not labeled with "Badger" or "Nylon" so I'm guessing it is a boar. Any guesses as to the years this model was...
  6. Stubblebum

    Tech ID help, please?

    Since returning to DE shaving, I've been using TTO's almost exclusively (mostly Super Speeds). I've never tried a 3-piece razor. So yesterday, on a whim, I decided to purchase a Tech (which I know almost nothing about) off the bay. Could someone please provide an approximate date of this...
  7. Stubblebum

    Avon Aftershave vs Cologne

    I have found that I really like the scent of Avon Deep Woods. However, It is very short-lived on me so I'm considering trying to find the matching cologne. In terms of longevity, how do Avon colognes typically compare to the corresponding aftershaves? (especially Deep Woods and Oland)