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  1. Iloverootbeer

    Soaps, aftershaves, and brushes

    Good morning everyone. I must sell off some of my shave stuff, due to personal reasons unfortunately. I am selling everything as a lot, CONUS only. I am asking $175 for everything. Soaps: TOBS Grapefruit- 80% TOBS Lemon and Lime- 80% PdP No. 63- 95% Geo F. Trumper Eucris- 85% Stirling Sharp...
  2. Iloverootbeer

    FS Random stuff from the den

    Hey guys (and gals) I have a few random items for sale here in continuation of my den cleanup efforts. Prices include CONUS shipping. If you’re an international buyer I’ll work with you, but you must cover all shipping charges and I cannot be responsible for the item once it leaves the U.S...
  3. Iloverootbeer

    RazoRock Game Changer .84 - Very Impressed

    Since I began DE shaving, I have used and collected vintage Gillette’s exclusively. Having sold off most of my collection, I wanted to try a modern DE razor. So I chose the RazoRock Game Changer .84. Upon opening the package I was greeted by a nice zippered leather travel pouch. Inside was...
  4. Iloverootbeer


    As many of you guys know, I recently had a bunch of vintage razors from my collection for sale to make room for some new stuff. A few of them didn’t sell, so I decided that instead of throwing them on the Bay, I’d PIF them to some beginning DE shavers on here. This is the first razor I am...
  5. Iloverootbeer


    What kinds of glazes do you guys like to use on fish, chicken, pork, etc.? I’m looking for some ideas and recipes to spice up dinners during the week. I do like bold flavors, and generally prefer a thicker glaze to a thinner glaze. I know there are a million ideas on the internet, but I’d rather...
  6. Iloverootbeer

    Vintage razors for sale

    It seems as though I have beaten a case of RAD, and am looking to downsize my collection. All razors are user grade and shave well. Prices include CONUS shipping. Unfortunately I can only ship CONUS due to postage prices. My descriptions are just that; my descriptions. If I have given any...
  7. Iloverootbeer

    This is why I change my own oil...

    Last Thursday I decided it was time to change the oil in my Yukon. This would be the first oil change since I bought it 3 months ago. So I drain the oil from the oil pan and replace the drain plug. Easy enough. Next I locate the oil filter, grab my oil filter pliers and attempt to remove it...
  8. Iloverootbeer

    New Discovery (to me)

    The weather here in Florida has been brutally hot and humid lately. The other day I was having a shave after work (I work outside in the sun and heat) when I wondered to myself if there was a way to add menthol to any shaving soap, at will. I have used soaps that were mentholated during...
  9. Iloverootbeer

    Re-plating your own razors: The Project

    I started a thread the other day asking you guys if any of you had any experience re-plating your own razors. Some of you did but most did not. I know that there are several companies out there who do great work re-plating razors, and having one of them re-plate a treasured or rare piece is...
  10. Iloverootbeer

    Re-plating your own razors

    Has anyone here re-plated their own razors using electrolysis or one of the available plating kits? What were your results? Any advice? I know there are several companies that re-plate these razors, but I think it would be fun to try and do it at home (I think the chemistry of it is interesting.)
  11. Iloverootbeer

    Decanting aftershaves

    It has been mentioned to me before that decanting aftershaves from a plastic bottle to a glass bottle improves the scent quality, even with cheap aftershaves. Do you guys have any experience with this? Is there a certain way to do it?
  12. Iloverootbeer

    Pre de Provence No.63

    This just arrived today. I have the bath soap, shave soap and AS balm, and this is the cherry on top. “An aromatic, warm and spicy fragrance with top notes of peppery citrus, rounded with cedarwood, plum and violet leaves, finished with amber, leather and tobacco.” This stuff is awesome...
  13. Iloverootbeer

    If you are thinking of shaving with a Bolzano blade....

    Don’t. Just don’t. I was looking forward to my afternoon shave after a rough morning. So I loaded up the old ball-end Tech with a Bolzano Superinox blade (included in a sample pack of blades) whipped up some TOBS Grapefruit and went at it. Big mistake. The first WTG pass sucked. Lots of...
  14. Iloverootbeer

    7 O’clock Yellows- now I get it

    I will preface this post by saying that I have worked my way through multiple sample packs of blades thus far into my wet shaving journey, and settled on GSB’s and Astra SP’s as my go-to blades. For me, they are sharp enough, comfortable enough, and work in just about every razor I own...
  15. Iloverootbeer

    Shooting at night?

    I own an outdoor lighting company, and need to improve my nighttime photography skills. I will be shooting landscape lighting jobs in the early evenings/nights. I have hired professionals to do this for me in the past, but I really need to learn how to do it on my own. Any tips for shooting...