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  1. Mceuph75


    Funny, I just logged on to post about my first Tabac experience, this seems the right place. I've got a small sample that I'm using like a shave stick and I'm impressed. Leaves a nice feeling on my face. Not as good as ultra premium artisans soaps, but still above average. Only tried it with...
  2. Mceuph75

    Contest - $50.00 gift card to the winner!

    My first job was in 1991 at a large grocery store called The Real Superstore (terrible name) in New Orleans. I worked part time in the bakery but wasn’t old enough to legally work with the ovens, so I became one of the “counter girls”. No, seriously, that’s the name they gave the women (except...
  3. Mceuph75

    College Football

    LSU NATIONAL CHAMPS!!! Fireworks going off in my neighborhood lol.
  4. Mceuph75

    College Football

    You, sir, are a gentleman and a scholar.
  5. Mceuph75

    College Football

    Speaking for LSU fans, we’re probably some combination of too nervous/too drunk to be online... : )
  6. Mceuph75

    Netflix...Best Current Shows & Why You Like Them?

    Also enjoying it. Really comes together around episode 4. I tried playing the 3rd game, but was a little too complicated for me. May have to give it another shot.
  7. Mceuph75

    Wildcard Games

    Ugh..The Vikings are the Saints’ kryptonite.
  8. Mceuph75

    Soap that smells like Polo green

    Cheers! Let us know how it works for you.
  9. Mceuph75

    Soap that smells like Polo green

    One one comment re: PAA vs Stirling. I’ve found Stirling to be clearly better performing in hard water (which I have).
  10. Mceuph75

    Soap that smells like Polo green

    I’ve used both extensively. I personally find I’m getting more bang for my buck with Stirling. Both excellent soaps however.
  11. Mceuph75

    Soap that smells like Polo green

    is it possible to get a sample? Stirling offers samples of almost all of their soaps.
  12. Mceuph75

    Worst Blade

    Voshkod also for me. Incredibly rough. The only blade I’ve ever thrown away mid shave.
  13. Mceuph75

    College Football

  14. Mceuph75

    Soap that smells like Polo green

    I believe there was some Green available on the Stirling site for their Black Friday sale, so you might contact them. I’ve used it before and it is indeed a Polo green clone and a good one. Noir is a Drakkar Noir clone.
  15. Mceuph75

    What's Your Brush Today?

    Razorock Monster
  16. Mceuph75

    College Football

  17. Mceuph75

    Skin nourishing

    Not a soap, but since Ariana & Evans was mentioned their post shave serum is wonderful
  18. Mceuph75

    Thanksgiving PIF

    Thanks, first PIF win! Time for me to put together a Christmas PIF in return.
  19. Mceuph75

    What Aftershave did you use today?

    Stirling Sandpiper AS and balm
  20. Mceuph75

    Thanksgiving PIF

    I’m in. -I’m thankful to be 1.5 years with a perfectly functioning kidney transplant, and to have woken up not attached to a dialysis machine -I’m thankful for my wonderful loving partner, a better woman than I thought I’d ever find -I’m thankful to be spending thanksgiving with my daughter...