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  1. Slash

    Soap / Scent recommendation help please

    I hope everyone is having a (as good Memorial Day) under the circumstances. Anyway I have been really into Vetiver scents this spring and was hoping for some recommendations from you 🤷🏽‍♂️ Right now I have been using PAA Vetiver Planet and really like it, but I would love to try another one if...
  2. Slash

    What goes up must come down

    Well good news bad news. Good news I got my lathe out of storage and decided to try making a new brush. So I had a apple tree that fell in my yard years ago and I had a piece left over so I cut a workable piece (it was a little punky and I prob shouldn’t have wasted time) but I was anxious to...
  3. Slash

    A&E Kaizen

    Ok here we go, first we’ll do scent. I almost didn’t order this just because I was initially scared it could be to sweet (but I knew I had to get anyway because of new base) luckily Peter announced he was making it les sweet near the end and while I didn’t smell it originally I can say this is...
  4. Slash

    Help please victoria travel brush

    Hey everyone, I was hoping someone could help me out? It’s probably a stupid question but I wanted to double check before I ordered anything, I feel like I need the 18mm measurement for the knot as that’s the choke point of inside diameter. The inside of the “top of the funnel” is 19mm. So is...