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    Slight Slant

    I shaved with the ATT Kronus S2 and was surprised with the ergonomics, mainly the very mild slight slant twist. Nice shave, but prefer the 39c/37c.
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    Travel brush. What's that?

    I've always been dismayed by posts concerning A "travel brush". What has size got to do with a travel brush? My only criteria for a travel brush is: does it dry overnight. That means a badger or synthetic. Otherwise, one should use the same size brush they always use. Do you really not have room...
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    Gillette Guard for travel

    I'm one of the old guys on B&B. My razor rotation includes 4 types of slants and Gillette News SC and LC with a variety of blades including Polsilver SI, Feather, Astra SP, and Red persona. I always face lather with cold water. I would like to comment on airline travel. I don't worry about it. I...
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    How to handle your Briar Patch

    There are many questions concerning the shaving technique in the troublesome areas just below the chin on the upper neck regions. I call these areas "briar patches". These are areas where the hair growth changes direction and may swirl. I have only one such briar patch, just under my jaw to the...
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    Bucket razor list for Newbies

    One of my sons who has been Into DE razors for about one year has asked me for some suggestions for 5-6 razors for future consideration. I gave him a list of what I like and use. These are not razors just for newbies, but razors that will afford a lifetime of shaving for us all. There are no...
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    On the road for a week with a Gillette Guard

    I spent the Thanksgiving holidays in Orlando, flying from Huntsville AL. I took a Gillette Guard razor($2 at WSC) and a La Toja stick. I also threw an old Super Speed Flair in my carry on to see if it would be noticed. It was not. Using my usual cold water face lathering routine, I got nice BBS...
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    Best advice to a newbie

    I would suggest face lathering. This is the choice of the majority of B&B members. Face lathering is the fastest and best method of achieving proper lather consistency Gus/BOTOC/Slantman/Arkolyte
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    My Open Comb Trac II

    I needed a quick smooth shave this morning and dropped a Feather in my 25c open comb. Face lathered with Arko, and whoa! It really felt aggressive so I was careful and got a good shave. I took down the razor to clean it and out falls my Feather and also an Astra SP. There must be a lesson here...
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    Favorite razor for upper lip

    I was shaving my moustache area this morning with a ball handle Tech and the question popped into my head. I'll vote for the Tech.
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    Astra SP blades on Amazon

    Just bought 200 Astra SP blades on Amazon at $10.83 per 100. With Prime no shipping cost.
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    Face Lathering for newbies?

    Why don't we advise newbies to face lather? It's not like starting with a R41/Feather. It is not dangerous. This is the best way to quickly learn how to mix and adjust the proper lather consistency. Also, the initial investment is lower.The process also includes part of the prep and the cleanup...
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    What really is BBS?

    We all post and talk about our baby butt smooth shaves, but does that mean the same to each one of us. I realize the subjectivity in evaluating the closeness of a shave. Certainly one considers beard density and rate of growth, but can we reach any real consensus of a standard definition...
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    Cold Water Shavers. How did you start?

    We have had many threads about cold water shaving vs hot water, but I'm curious as to whether any of you started with cold water at the beginning of the DE shaving experiance. Probably most of you transitioned slowly to cold water or still do some warm water and cold water shaves. I switched to...
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    First time with Slant for old guy

    I just got a Merkur 37c slant and will shave with it tomorrow morning, using Feather, Tabac stick, Duke 2 brush, and cold water. Been shaving 53 years and over 16,000 shaves. My 3 favorite razors are Gillette Super adjustable, Merkur 180, and EJ 89. Never too late to try something new.
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    Favorite brushes for face lathering

    I really have no strong opinion as to my selection of a brush when I face lather, which is most of the time. My brushes include several Simpsons and Shavemacs but it is pretty much YMMV. However, I bet there are some strong opinions with sound reasons. I also cold water shave.
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    Greatest DE safety razor in on the planet???

    Quick testimoney. I have been shaving over 50 yrs, half of that with DE razors. Every morning I get a BBS shave with any of the following combination of razors and blades: Gillette Tech Blades: 7O'Clock yellow, Astra SP, Red Personna, Supermax...
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    Gus HOF

    Username:xGus1942 What is your real name?xLynn Boyer What are your nicknames/aliases?xGus Where do you live?xAthens Alabama What is your age (or) generation?x69 What are you in the real world?xNeurologist What is your favorite shave setup?xGillette Slim, 7 O'Clock yellows, Tabac soap...
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    My new preshave.

    Never have thought much of all the preshave products. My wife got a new product from OVC. Wen shampoo/conditioner and I started washing my hair with it. Nice! Now, when I shower and shampoo, the conditioner becomes my preshave: but I apply it with a Loofah up and down and all around. Defoliates...