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  1. K

    The Travelling Newbie "Den"

    Was this bought online or at a retail store/ I have been looking for one and can't get my hands on them. The English Fern is great, too.
  2. K

    Thank you, Feather Hi-Stainless, for helping me understand

    I just tried the Feathers that came with my blade sampler for the first time this morning on a pretty thick 3 day weekend hangover growth. It cut like butter with no pulling, grabbing, or dragging. It provided the most comfortable shave I have ever had. I will say though that if they don't last...
  3. K

    How are you guys making them last?

    I have had similar results with all of the blades I have tried. I can usually get 3 out of all blades with the exception of a Merkur. Those are a one and done for me. Derby's, Feather, and Personna Reds have all worked particularly well for me. I too have only been at this for a short while and...
  4. K

    brush hygiene

    I am still recovering from folliculitis after two weeks ( don't EVER get it) and even though the Dr confirmed the root cause as a reaction to meds I have become obsessed with sterilizing everything that comes in contact with my face until all is completely gone. I would like to sterilize my...
  5. K

    best cream for Eczema

    I have had moderate to severe eczema on my hands only going on 20 years now. I, like most, have tried almost everything available with the typical results. I was just given a new drug by my dermo 2 weeks ago as a trial after a particularly nasty breakout. http://www.vanosrx.com/ 2 days later...
  6. K

    Recommend a deodorant that stops sweating.

    Mitchum. End of story.
  7. K

    nose hair, and ear hair maintenance

    +1. I use it on both about twice a week to keep it in check. There is also an attachment for your eyebrows and sideburns.
  8. K

    How To Find A Great Men's Hair Stylist

    This chaps my butt, too. I prefer to go to the barber accross the street but can never make it there before he closes at 6 so I decided to go to a stylist. The stylist did a great job twice. After booking a third appointment I was told that he moved to another salon on the other side of town. I...
  9. K

    Could This Be Something Other Than an Ingrown Hair?

    It sounds like folliculitis. i just saw a Dr. today after experiencing the same issue. I have two dime sized spots on my my jaw that are so awolen that I thought I might have mumps. The issue happened after a massive dose of antibiotics. I basically didn't have enough healthy bacteria left to...
  10. K

    Post shave breakouts?

    Got an update from a dermatologist. I have folliculitis which was spurred by the strength of the antibiotic I was taking. It basically killed ALL of the good bacteria in my body to include that in the oils on my face which, after a shave, made me more succceptable to staph in the folicles. Not...
  11. K

    Post shave breakouts?

    I think I have narrowed this problem down to an adverse reaction to some strong antibiotics that I am taking (cipro). That combined with the change in facial products has apparently been to much as they were all in the same 2 day period. I have 3 days left on the meds so hopefully I'll start to...
  12. K

    Good Sandalwood AS?

    I picked up a bottle of the AOS balm this weekend. I already use the cream and liked the scent so much that the balm was a nutural choice. Combined the scent is still subtle but lasts all day and leaves my mug feeling like buttah! If you can get over the sticker shock I would highly suggest...
  13. K

    Hand Soap?

    I have moderate to severe eczema on my hands and have for quite a good number of years so I am very particular about the soaps I use. I rotate out a few that work well for my sensative skin and still let me feel like a human. 1. Bvulgari white tea-I have a buddy that works for the Ritz and he...
  14. K

    Biotene Toothpaste

    I've always wondered what that was that I was tasting when I drank OJ after brushing. Now I know it was the taste of Hell! Lol!!!
  15. K

    Face Wash Recommendation

    Checks and balances is a great product. My wife uses it and I will sometimes sneak a bit from her. She has had the same tube for a long time now.
  16. K

    Just how did our fathers and grandfathers do it?

    I occasionally use my Grandfather's razor. It is definately a bit more aggressive than my 34HD! No fancy brush or cream, just a puck of old palmolive and a simple brush. He never missed a shave either.
  17. K

    Post shave breakouts?

    Also, I am shaving WTGx2 passes and 1 XTG for a finish up. Lately I have reduced to 2 WTG passes and a little buffing on the stubborn stuff.
  18. K

    Post shave breakouts?

    I haven't had this problem since my early 20's and am hoping that someone has a simple suggestion. Over the past few weeks I have been experiencing an increased amount of igrown hairs and acne which I am attributing to a longer term effect of the change from cartridge shaving to DE and all of my...
  19. K

    sweat stains...

    Oxyclean for sure. I just rejuvinated about a dozen undershirts and 3 white dress shirts. It also gets rid of ring around the collar on those older shirts. Works on colors too.
  20. K

    Thoughts on the untimely death and quiet resurgence of manly rituals

    You are a true poet. It is a frustration of mine that we are led to believe that cramming more activities and conveniences into our day is a good thing when the true experiences of life happen not in the blink of an eye but often in a long, lingering gaze which ultimately provide us a sense of...