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  1. BroGuy17

    New Gillette DE - Found in Houston, TX

    FYI - was able to get one of these from my local Walgreens in Houston, TX. It was last one on the shelf so packaging was a bit damaged.
  2. BroGuy17

    High end razor recommendations

    Looking to spoil myself by splurging in a higher end razor To give you an idea in my taste - I currently have a selection of vintage Gillette’s (red, flare, blue tips, slim, techs), Edwin Jagger DE89, and Razorock GC 68. My favorite by far is the game changer. It seems to me it has a bit more...
  3. BroGuy17

    Is my Gillette Slim messed up?

    Do I have an issue with this Gillette Slim Adjustable that I bought off eBay? It looks to be in great shape and has that quarter turn I’ve seen people talk about, but when I do the quarter turn I notice the caps on top seem to show separation. I think it may be causing my blade alignment to be...
  4. BroGuy17

    Got a keeper!

    My wife and I are celebrating our first wedding anniversary today and look at what she surprised me with! She saw me drooling over this vintage red tip in original case online a few months back, and heard me complain when someone purchased it before I had the chance to within a couple hours...
  5. BroGuy17

    PAA Black Bot and Cube

    This was my first time ever trying any Phoenix Artisan Accoutrements products. I got the Black Bot soap/aftershave (CK-6) and cube 2.0 and goodness gracious it stings! I felt a very mild sting when applying the cube, gradually got worse with the soap, and then oh boy the after shave was brutal...
  6. BroGuy17

    Antique store - super speed flare tip restoration

    Bit new to the wet shaving world, wanted to share pics of restoration work done on this flare tip super speed I picked up a few weeks back.