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    Sputnik - a hidden gem!

    I'm indeed wrong! The Sputnik's come from PPI. They were inserted in my blade sampler pack together with Rapira's, Voskhod and Ladas. I immediately assumed they all came from Moscow. My mistake!
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    Sputnik - a hidden gem!

    I'm pretty sure the Sputnik blades are not from PPI, but come from the Rapira plant in Moscow that also produces Voskhod and Ladas.
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    Vintage Avon find

    Yeah sure!! The scents are: Oland, Magnum(??), Musk, Hud, Wild Country, Windjammer, Spicy and Tai Winds.
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    Vintage Avon find

    There's more!
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    Vintage Avon find

    While emptying my granddad's basement I found several full bottles of vintage Avon after shave. My late grandma was a sales representative for Avon during the seventies. Besides the after shave we found boxes full of Avon stuff (soaps, EdC, EdT, bath oils, ...). I also found a tube of Masterplan...
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    *CLOSED* Lovgren & Daughter Shaving Brush Giveaway *CLOSED*

    Im in! Thanks for this fabulous contest!
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    Gillette St. Petersburg - A Cornucopia of Blades

    Please add Gillette Bleue Extra to the list as well. These blades are sold in France and the package clearly mentions PPI as the production plant. I haven't had a blade from PPI thus far that was below expectations. They all shave great! To me however the Astra SP's are less sharp than the...
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    "Sharp" DE blades

    I tried one that came in a sampler pack. It was absolutely NOT sharp. One of the worst blades I ever tried. And that's coming from someone who uses (and enjoys) Dorco blades from time to time....
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    Use a stand or not?

    Not that I have been doing time measurements but since a few weeks I deliberately have NOT used my brush stand and I have a feeling that my brushes dry quicker now. It's probably marginal, but noticeable. To me anyway...
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    Our first contest!

    I'm in! Always keen to try something new!
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    I really want to like an OLD style (but can't seem too)

    I too have tried to like the Old Type on countless tries but I too have finally given up. I really want to like an OC razor and I have a British NEW coming in. They seem to be a lot more forgiving from what I've read, so I am really anxious to try it.
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    Win a Merkur HD Gold (34003) From Shavetools.com This Black Friday and Cyber Monday

    I'm thinking about one of those chrome razor stands. That would surely be an upgrade to my homemade solution. The Semogue is also very nice.
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    Win a Vie-Long Horsehair Shaving Brush at Shavetools.com this Halloween!

    Count me in! Halloween isn't nearly as popular in Belgium as it is in the States, so I haven't got any exciting Halloween stories to tell.
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    Study on Lather Preferences, based on Shaving Experience

    1) I prefer soaps (although I use creams 50% of the time because I have accumuilated a lot of software, but soaps are my preferred way) 2) I've been wetshaving for about 2,5 years now 3) I only facelather
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    Win a free tub of Castle Forbes Sandalwood and Cedar Shaving Cream at Shavetools.com

    My Muhle synthetic brush exceeded my expectations by far. I bought it just to know what the synthetics are all about but it is surely my favourtite brush now. Makes amazing lather and is really soft on the face.
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    Retailers selling good DE blades in France

    The Gillette Bleue Extra is available in most stores in France. Next to Super Iridium, these are my go-to blades. I really like them: sharp, no irritation and pretty long lasting. I always pick some up when in France. Last time out I found them for €1,68 for a 10-pack.
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    British flare tip rocket, mild razor?

    I have a flare tip Rocket too and it definitely is the mildest razor in my den. Together with a flare tip superspeed, which shaves identical to me. I too have a 38C and I certainly get closer shaves from that one. But I do like my Rocket very much, I'm always sure to get an irritation free...
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    What is better than Castle Forbes

    Cf Lavender is really good! However, I rate Razorock S. Maria cream certainly as good if not better. I think the post shave feel of the Razorock is a touch better, e.g. it feels more moisturizing.
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    Win a Simpson brush and more in the Shavetools.com Birthday Sale.

    I haven't tried Cella or MWF yet, so those would most likely be my choices!
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    Gillette Executive Nice razor BUT.

    Yes that is a Fatboy in gold, the only difference is in the knurling. The knurling on an Executive Adjustable is the same as on a Slim. I habe both a Fatboy and an Executive and they shave exactly the same to me.