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  1. Brompton

    Back in the day(mid 1960s) weren't there aftershaves in a set named after countries?

    This? https://www.etsy.com/listing/739069345/avon-small-world-collection-1969-1972?ga_order=most_relevant&ga_search_type=all&ga_view_type=gallery&ga_search_query=avon+small+world&ref=sr_gallery-1-7&frs=1
  2. Brompton

    More expensive than Creed

    There are so many good products out there. I'm ok with living the rest of my life without ever trying this expensive stuff.
  3. Brompton

    Poll: Which design do you like the most?

    I prefer the retro look of the one on the right.
  4. Brompton

    Bar soap rabbit hole.

    Dr. Squatch makes good soaps too. Nice stuff.
  5. Brompton

    Best soft cream you’ve tried?

    T & H Grafton
  6. Brompton

    Shaving Mug or Coffee Mug...Difference?

    Keep these in mind too. https://www.stirlingsoap.com/collections/shaving-bowls/products/collapsible-silicone-shaving-bowl
  7. Brompton

    Truefitt & Hill Shaving Cream is Sublime

    They are one of my favorites and have a great sample pack available.
  8. Brompton

    How many of you did home economics vs. industrial arts?

    Late 70's, I took shop class. I don't recall that there was any choice, but I suppose there may have been.
  9. Brompton

    Mac vs Windows 10

    I've only used Apple products since 1988 so I have nothing to compare to.
  10. Brompton

    Unpopular opinion: Artisan soaps are overrated

    We all like different things.
  11. Brompton

    Gillette Fat Boy and Slim: Compare and Contrast

    Fat boy and Slim are the only razors I use these days. Maybe a Super Speed every once in a while if I'm in a crazy mood.
  12. Brompton

    In Praise of Pre de Provence

    I'm a big fan. I probably have more PdP in the den than anything else. Started a puck in February and I still have a long way to go.
  13. Brompton

    Recommendation for very light scented/unscented soap?

    Most Saponificio Varesino soaps are light scented to me.
  14. Brompton

    Adopting A Dog

    I love dogs and have had many of them. My main advice would be to put your rugs and carpets in storage.
  15. Brompton

    Powdery Barbershop scents.

    Aqua Velva strikes me as powdery too.
  16. Brompton

    Gillette Knack

    Also ask in the BST forum. There are probably a few people here willing to sell you one.
  17. Brompton

    Gillette Knack

    Works perfectly well. A lot like a Super Speed. Takes a second to get used to how top heavy it is compared to an all brass razor. Don't pay too much for it.
  18. Brompton

    Getting a Haircut during this Crisis, Hmmm?

    I just bought some pomade about a week ago. Works fine but I'm not sure if this is the look for me.
  19. Brompton

    I made it to Spring Training

    That is amazing. Congrats!
  20. Brompton

    Reliable source for buying fragrance samples?

    Check out the Fragrance Splits Board on basenotes.net. Lots of good people selling samples. There are also some good places on reddit. PM me for details. There is also scentsplit.com and theperfumedcourt.com but you will usually get better deals from the private sellers.