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    Liojuny silvertip

    Anybody who knows or owns a liojuny silvertip? They seem really close to a Frank Shaving silvertip but are cheaper. I'm in the hunt for a silvertip and the few reviews I have seen seem to be pretty good. I'm a facelatherer and I read somewhere that a Finest would be a better option. Maybe I...
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    semogue 620 troubleshooting

    Hi all, I have a Semogue 620 over a year now in my rotation so it is well broken in by now. I bought it after reading so many great reviewsabout it here on b&b as a facelathering brush. It's supposed to be a real lather machine but I typically get barely 3 passes out of it. And the third...
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    Silvertip on a budget

    I'm looking around for a nice silvertip brush to add to my rotation, but I'm not willing to spend a fortune on a Simpson or Rooney etc. I'm thinking more in the range of Whipped Dog, Frank Shaving, ... I'm sure there are many more brushes that fit the bill. So what would be your...
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    soap vs cream

    I am wondering what the differences are between shaving soap and shaving cream. I always thought that cream was just soap that has been mixed with water to make it soft. But when I look at the ingredient list there seem to be more differences between them. Who can explain further? What's the...
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    Advice on buying new synthetic brush

    I'm in the hunt for a new synthetic brush. I've read several threads and topics but I need some more guidance. I will use it in my regular rotation but it would become my travel brush too, so it should fit my pill bottle. Max dimensions are a total height of 110 mm and a base diameter of 35mm. I...
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    Cinese Omega synthetic

    Well, I recently bought this very cheap synthetic brush on eBay. It was less than €3, shipping included! I'm looking around for a synthetic brush and I stumbled on this one. I had to give it a try, since it is so dirt cheap. All I can say is it's that cheap for a reason, it really felt harsh on...
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    AS Balm vs regular cream

    Hi, I'd like to know if there are specific differences between an aftershave Balm and a regular day cream or moisturizer? Thing is I have some cream stocked that I'd like to finish. I mean things like baby cream (leftovers from when the kids were smaller), regular plain Nivea cream, etc. Could...
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    Gillette Adjustables

    Hi guys, I recently bought some Gillette Adjustables: a Fatboy and a Black Beauty. I already have a Flare Tip Superspeed. Before starting to use them, I'd like to know which setting on the adjustables corresponds to a regular Superspeed. Is it a 3, or more a 5? Are the settings and the range...
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    Turkish horse hair no.6

    I bought this brush a while ago and I've put it in my brush rotation since the Christmas restraint began. Does this brush need a break-in period? I know it's a very cheap brush but it got good reviews everywhere I looked but compared to my ordinary Omega pure badger the produced lather isn't as...
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    C&E sienna lathering

    I'd like to here how the fellow sienna users make lather from this soap. I have to load my brush much longer than with my other soaps. I find it difficult to pick up enough for a 3-pass shave. Any tricks or suggestions?
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    Superspeed build quality

    Hi guys I was wondering if there is a difference in quality between the different superspeed types. I'm looking for a nice 40's or 70's model.
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    freeze205's Entry to the Hall of Fame

    Hall of Fame EntryWhat is your real name? Alex What are your nicknames/aliases? freeze205 Where do you live? Antwerp, Belgium What is your age (or) generation? 32 What are you in the real world? engineer What is your favorite shave setup? Just starting out, so these are my first and...