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  1. Brompton

    FS 150 Feather blades -- SOLD!

    Time to thin the herd. $20 shipped CONUS PayPal friends & family please.
  2. Brompton

    Any soaps or creams that smell like Barbasol?

    I love the scent of Barbasol. I would love it even more in a hard soap. Let me know if such a thing exists.
  3. Brompton

    New guy starter pack PIF

    Nothing wrong with anything here, I’ve just moved on to other things. Some of these items were purchased from other B&B members. 4 boar brushes, 2 syths. The large Stirling synth is starting to donut a bit. That’s the only defect. T&H 1805, Le Pere Lucien, D.R. Harris Almond, and a puck of (I...
  4. Brompton

    Groomatorium Sale

    Moving sale until August 20 groomatorium.com
  5. Brompton

    Grown Man Shave 40% Off

    40% OFF shaving soaps, shaving creams and aftershaves by using the coupon code stockup Today only!
  6. Brompton

    How straights are made

    I don't use them but I thought this was an interesting video. Jerry Stark Straight Razors
  7. Brompton

    Biggest Handle?

    Anyone have a recommendation for a brush with a big handle? I just find the handle too small on most brushes.
  8. Brompton


    This may be the wrong place but I thought it applied to all our hobbies.
  9. Brompton


    Good to be here. I actually used an old fashioned butterfly safety razor for most of my young adult life. Lost it along the way somewhere, and started using electrics and disposables. I recently decided it was time to go back to the classics. Things sure have changed. The number of quality...