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  1. calhoun1

    All in one available?

    Hello all! So counter space in our new house is going to be tight. And we are tired of using a keurig. I would like to be able to have espresso drinks, as well brew a pot of coffee, or just a single cup of coffee. Does that kind of machine exist? And is it affordable? Just looking to get one...
  2. calhoun1

    Help me find an outfit

    Good afternoon, I am trying to find a last minute outfit for next Monday night for a dinner at Victoria and Alberts at Disney World and we leave this Saturday. The wifey surprised me and managed to somehow to snag the reservation. For the shoes I have a pair of brown Allen Edmond Neumoks. So...
  3. calhoun1

    Finally back after Master Program hiatus

    I can finally start perusing the forums again after almost 2 years. This Masters degree kicked my tail, so I had to log out of forums and get my school done. It paid off, I am still married and managed a 4.0. Now I have time for forums and the internet again! Looking forward to catching up and...
  4. calhoun1

    First pulled pork in progress

    Well this started yesterday with 2 Boston butts from the local meat market. I rinsed them and salted them with some Kosher salt and wrapped them for the night. This morning I got up, made my coffee and pulled them out of the fridge for a morning dusting of rub. I also fired up the...
  5. calhoun1

    Finding a fragrance

    Well I am new to the cologne realm. I personally like Burberry, the original with the notes of Bergamot. It is what I use right now, but it isn't SWMBO's favorite. However, I just discovered Dr. Jon's Razwar aftershave and the scent is wonderful. A blending sandalwood, allspice, black pepper...
  6. calhoun1

    Brush Advice for Wife Gift

    I am thinking of looking into a brush for my wife for Christmas. She has used mine a couple of times and likes it. I figure this is a good road to start down to potentially get her using a safety razor, but baby steps. I am not sure of my budget, but pretty sure it would be max of $100. As...
  7. calhoun1

    First Brisket, any tips?

    I have the green light from SWMBO to do my first smoked brisket for Easter Sunday, now I need to find a dry rub and figure out any other tips to make sure it turns out good. I have a traeger and oak pellets right now. So that will be my cook method. As I said, I am unsure of the dry rub I will...
  8. calhoun1

    New traeger, any tips?

    As the title states, I just bought a junior elite traeger today. I am about to try grilling/smoking some salmon on it tonight. Any tips on which setting to use? my temperature control has smoke, medium, and high. I have my thermometer in there and high looks to be between 450 and 500. Not sure...
  9. calhoun1

    Reviews: pilot varsity/schaeffer viewpoint

    These are my first 2 fountain pens to own. I have had the varsity for a little over a month and the viewpoint just a few days. As for the varsity, it's greatest asset is the price and ease of use. It always has ink whenever you want it and when it runs out, you can just trash it; very...
  10. calhoun1

    New AE on the way!

    Finally convinced the SWMBO that a new pair of shoes was a great idea. Went into the AE factory store in Charleston, SC and tried a few pair on. Ended up going with a pair of light brown neumoks! They are in the mail since they didn't have my size in the store. I am excited to get these and...
  11. calhoun1

    Thanksgiving smoked turkey

    Ok it is coming up on that time of year. I have never smoked anything before myself, but grew up watching my dad smoke turkeys every thanksgiving. I want to do one this year. I have a pit with a smoke box in the garage I need to put together. It is the one they have every year at target...
  12. calhoun1

    Downtown Charleston Good Scents

    Well I was downtown Charleston being a tourist since my parents are in town, and decided to check out Good Scents in the Rainbow Market. That place has a lot of shaving stuff. She stocks GFT soap and cream, TOBS soap and cream, Colonel conk melt and pour, Tabac soap, Crabtree and Evelyn soap...
  13. calhoun1

    Am I chosen?

    Well I finally broke down and did it. I bought a bottle of the Veg. Was downtown Charleston being touristy since my parents are in town. I walked into the "Good Scents" shop. Inside they have lots of shaving stuff, including The Veg. I didn't shave today, and probably won't tomorrow, but...
  14. calhoun1

    First time with MdC!

    Ok, I was a little skeptical seeing all the talk and wondering if it was actually true. Then I saw Garry had organized a way to get samples, and I had to try. I got both the regular and fougere. Well tonight I tried the fougere. And all I have to say is wow. So easy to lather. About 10...
  15. calhoun1

    $150 to spend: advice needed

    Ok SWMBO just gave me carte blanche to spend $150 on shaving gear. So now I feel like a kid in a candy store. I am pretty sure 41 of it is going for a g12 second scuttle. Been wanting to try one and this is a great chance. The rest I think I want to spend on software. so what should I get? I...
  16. calhoun1

    Yeti Snot Rocket to the eye!

    Just as a word of warning, be very careful when applying yeti snot to the face. The heavily mentholated snot isn't as cold when it hits your eye. Just a word of caution. Carry on with your day.
  17. calhoun1

    How to lather yeti snot?

    Ok so I used the Snot for the 2nd time today. This time I tried a super lather with some CO Bigelow. I still didn't get the cushion I was looking for. It was better lather than the first time, but not there. Anyone have tips for lathering the Snot? The lather I get is a little thin. I am not...
  18. calhoun1

    Yeti Snot review

    First off, holy crap this soap is cold! I don't mean, oh there's some menthol in here. I mean, holy crap my eyes are watering and my neighbor knows there is menthol in there! The cold was great. I kind of had to squint my eyes while shaving due to the menthol, but loved it. 2nd and 3rd pass...
  19. calhoun1

    Scotch Ale Near Charleston, SC

    Good morning all. I recently moved to SC from Seattle, WA. I am looking for a local Scotch Ale similar to Silver City Fat Scotch Ale or Iron Horse Irish Death. I found I love the scotch ales and have yet to find one in this area. Anyone have any ideas? Thanks!
  20. calhoun1

    Where to buy cooling aftershave?

    Good evening ladies and gentlemen, I am trying to find where to buy krampert's frostbite, 444, and fine snake bite. I would love to find them all in one spot to avoid paying shipping 3 separate times. I did find the 444 on amazon. The snake bite is available on fine's page. Have not found the...