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  1. UnCL3

    PRIMO vintage Gillette New LC w/ ball handle

    Hello, gentlemen. ***SOLD*** CONUS only. An excellent specimen of a barely used Gillette New LC with ball handle. I scored this a while ago, and haven't used it as I have a replated one already. Not a crack to be seen in the handle (Unicorn Edition?? :lol: ). All straight teeth. Original...
  2. UnCL3

    What's up with OC Goodwill razors? My experience is VERY mild shave.

    I have a GW OC razor. The baseplate looks similar to an LC New, but it shaves nothing like one. I'm only able to get a decent shave after 3 passes; WTG, XTG, and ATG. Feels like a 2 pass Tech shave. My other vintage Gillette OC's (New SC and LC, Old, and New Improved) are WAY better shavers...
  3. UnCL3

    Fine After Shave 'American Blend" review, GREAT customer service, and PIF!

    Hi, all! I recently purchased the Fine American Blend AS. Here is my review and a PIF courtesy of Mr. Fine! For my review of the Fine L'Orange Noir, see here : http://badgerandblade.com/vb/showthread.php/395560-Fine-L-Orange-Noir-review-to-all-the-SOZ-lovers-you-have-your-AS! The American...
  4. UnCL3

    Ebay find, New LC, looks pristine, opinions?

    So, I snipe this New LC and an Old type that was beat up (but salvageable) at a really good price. I think the New LC was never (or barely) used. It looks like it was maybe unboxed and shoved in a drawer. All I did to it was use a little Maas polish on it to get the finger smudges off. *no date...
  5. UnCL3

    Fine L'Orange Noir review; to all the SOZ lovers, you have your AS!

    Just tried it this morning...SUPER good stuff! After a 3 pass shave, I applied, and at first there is a pretty hefty burn, and then settles down fairly quickly to a nice, cool, menthol sensation. Dry down was clean, and an hour later I can still smell that lovely TdH-SOZ-Windsor scent, so I am...
  6. UnCL3

    Fine L'Orange Noir review.to all the SOZ lovers, you have your AS!

    OOPS!!! Not sure how I double posted, but I sure did! Sorries! Mod, please nuke this one!
  7. UnCL3

    Fine L'Orange Noir AS, new scent TDH variant

    Just ordered some of this ( Mr.Fine also posted about this and another new AS in the hobbyist BST). I'm totally hoping this stuff comes out close to TDH, (or the scent in RR Son of Zeus croap; that stuff drives me nuts! Wifey too, TG!). Just ordered; "is it here yet!!??" :lol...
  8. UnCL3

    New shaverjoe brush from overpour blank, "That 60's Brush"

    Hi, all. Got my 3rd brush from hobbyist shaverjoe. The large one is the blank it was created from: And here is the finished product, a keyhole pattern I call "That 60's Brush" TGN 2 band Finest F2 set at 51mm loft. I have 2 other brushes, one with a 2 band Finest "Gunsmoke", and another with...
  9. UnCL3

    West Coast Shaving is AWESOME

    The customer service that www.westcoastshaving.com provides is just great. This particular incident was self-inflicted.:facep: I was PayPaling hobbyist dcc here for some Polsilvers for $46. After I entered his email in the "pay to" field, I was careless and accidentally scrolled to WCS. STILL...
  10. UnCL3

    B&B Hobbyist "SliceOfLife" Orange and Lavender croap review

    I clicked on SliceofLife's ad in the Hobbyist BST the other day, and saw this Orange and Lavender shave "croap" offering. I decided to give it a try, received it yesterday, and tried it out this morning. The fragrance is on the mild side, until you load the brush and start to make the lather...
  11. UnCL3

    www.shaving.ie is awesome!

    I can't believe how they can ship to the US so cheaply. Even the small order I just placed was only $2.74 shipping for a tub of Spieck shave soap and some blades...I sure wish US vendors could do that! Lots of great products on their site. If you've never ordered from them, check them out, and...
  12. UnCL3

    Is anyone else Jonesing for Son of Zeus aftershave?

    I know I am! :drool::drool::drool::drool::drool:
  13. UnCL3

    Impression: Above The Tie Atlas R2 Open Comb razor

    Before I bought this, I emailed Bullgoose and asked how this razor stacked up against my current favorite, a vintage Gillette New LC. My concern was that I didn't want too aggressive a razor (like an R41), or too mild, and spend $185 finding that out. Phil's answer was that the R2 base plate...
  14. UnCL3

    Looking for some input, ATT OC vs. lkon OC, may be purchasing one or the other

    I have preference for OC razors. I have both LC and SC News, Mercur 1904 and Travel OC's, an Old Type, and a Cadet OC. I am considering selling my DE89 Barley and newly Krona Kruiser re-plated '64 Slim adjustable to help finance my plunge into one of the post subject razors from ATT or Ikon...
  15. UnCL3

    shaverjoe brushes and service review

    I recently purchased 2 brushes from shaverjoe in our B&B Hobbyist B/S/T section. This one, called "Gunsmoke" in a Finest 2-band, was scored off of his general sale thread. The second one I had him custom make for me in a Silver tip Grade A knot, called "Black Widow" Both brushes are...
  16. UnCL3

    German Boker Silver Steel straight w/ tortoise scales 48% off. $102

    http://www.dvor.com/boker-usa-silver-steel-straight-razor.html I'm not a straight razor guy, but I do like Boker knives, especially the German produced ones. Several other Boker straights and knives on sale also. DVOR is reliable and has good deals, but sometimes you have to wait. Cheers!
  17. UnCL3

    Just purchased on ebay, "English U4 Ball End"looks cool; what is it?

    If anyone can check this out and identify what I just bought, I'd appreciate it much :lol: I like the handle, and it looks pretty clean, and I couldn't help myself for the $$...
  18. UnCL3

    Newbie Shaver's Products of the Year Awards

    If you're finishing your 1st year of wet shaving, post your Products of the Year! Razor: Mercur 1904 Open Comb * Runner Up: Gillette Slim Adjustable Blade: Personna Lab Blue * Runner Up: Voskhod Teflon Coated * Honorable Mention: Gillette 7'Oclock Yellow Soap: Stirling Almond * Runner Up: La...
  19. UnCL3


    So I'm in the bathroom (not shaving) and the War Department aka wifey notices 3 razors in the little caddy I have. She says, "Why do you have three razors?" Keep in mind I'm about 3 months into DE shaving after using carts for 40 years. "Well, they are each different, some are more aggressive...
  20. UnCL3

    Grating stick soaps

    Does anyone out there grate their sticks up one "batch" at a time; i.e. grate a little into a scuttle and then bowl lather? I love La Toja (and am going to try some Arko when it gets here), but I like hot lather and while the first pass is warm enough from the brush, subsequent passes aren't as...