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  1. nachum


  2. nachum

    FS Lot of Art of Shaving Tallow Sandalwood pucks

    I have for sale a lot of 4 sealed AOS sandalwood tallow pucks. These are sealed in the original wrapper, no box. All 4 for $50 shipped in the USA. That's $12.50 each including shipping!
  3. nachum

    WTS: AOS Tallow, Feather Pro Blades WTT: MdC unscented, RR Kiyara slant

    I have some things for trade and sale. I'm having trouble uploading pics. If anyone can give me a heads up, that would be great. Anyway, here's what I've got... FOR SALE Art of Shaving Tallow Sandalwood, sealed pucks, no box. These are new and unused. I have several. $15 each plus...
  4. nachum

    WTT: My MdC, MWF, St James, Spyderco for your fountain pens

    I have found a new obsession and her name is fountain pen. I'd love to trade some/all of the following for fountain pens. Let me know what you have. I'm not sure why I can't post pics. I think something has changed. Anyway, here's what I've got... BNIB Martin de Candre in Fougere, original...
  5. nachum

    Does anyone else like the Cobra more than the Mongoose?

    I had a Cobra a while back and enjoyed using it. In a fit of selling madness, I sold it. I then got on the list for the Mongoose and couldn't wait for it to come. I kept hearing about how the Mongoose is so much better than the Cobra. Mine landed and I loaded her up. I found the shave to be...
  6. nachum

    Martin de Candre - I finally get it!

    I purchased and tried MdC a couple of times and sold them both. I thought it felt too much like soap on my face and was too bubbly. I decided to try one more time and I am now in love with MdC. It starts off soapy and bubbly. When I take the time to really work it into my face, it turns into...
  7. nachum

    Mongoose incoming. what blades should i buy?

    I finally have a Mongoose incoming. What blades are you guys using with this or the Cobra? What are the differences between them? Best place to buy? Thanks! BTW, am I in for a real treat?
  8. nachum

    first time with feather ac ss. questions!

    i've been wet shaving for 2 years and absolutely love it! i decided to try moving towards straights and i have a feather ac ss in the mail. i have a few questions and would love any advice. what is the shaving angle compared to a de? i watched a video on shave nation and geofatboy did two...
  9. nachum

    SE first impressions and some questions.

    [SIZE4]After 2 years of DE shaving I just had my first 2 shaves with an SE. It's an Ever Ready 1912. Why didn't anyone tell me how wonderful SE shaving is? I just had a truly BBS shave! Now for my questions... carbon or ss blades - which do you prefer? I always use a DE blade for 3 shaves...
  10. nachum

    SE shaving advice

    I've been DE shaving for a couple of years now. I love my NEW, R41, Ikon slant, etc. Anyway, I just picked up a 1912 and am going to shave with it tomorrow. Are there any differences that I should be aware of when shaving with an SE rather than a DE? Many thanks!
  11. nachum

    What are the benefits of a single edged razor

    [SIE=5]I've been wet shaving for 2 years and have yet to try a single edged razor. Just the other day, one of my sons asked me why I haven't tried one. What are the benefits of a single edged razor?[SIZE]
  12. nachum

    Progress vs Mergress vs Digress

    [SZE=5]I'm interested in trying one of these. I'm interested in hearing if people prefer the regular Progress or one of the modified versions. And if someone prefers the modified, how do the Mergress and Digress stack up against each other. Many thanks![/IZE]
  13. nachum

    Alum shave stick vs deodorant

    [SE=5]Simple question but I'm not sure of the answer... I use an alum stick for deodorant. I have a separate alum stick that I purchased for shaving. Are these interchangeable? Is there any difference in the chemical makeup of alum used for deodorant vs as an astringent after shaving? many...
  14. nachum

    D.R.Harris soaps. Do they lather as well as artisan soaps?

    [SIZ4]my favorite soaps are mikes, stirling and qcs. i like them because they lather well and they don't have anything abrasive on the face. are dr harris in the same category?[/IZ
  15. nachum

    Slant razors. anything other than merkur?

    Are there any slant bar razors being produced other than the merkurs? The Ikon has been out of stock for a while and only 150 of the Razorock were made. Anything else out there? If not, how good is the Merkur?
  16. nachum

    best place to buy feather blades?

    I am absolutely loving feather blades with my stealth slant. i only have one pack of 10. it seems like the best prices for these come from thailand. why is that? anyone have a suggestion of the best place to buy these for a decent price? many thanks!
  17. nachum

    slant razor blade alignment

    when using a slant bar razor, is there a correct way to align the blade? i've read in some places that it needs to be aligned with the cap. in others, people insist it should be aligned with the guard bar. any thoughts?
  18. nachum

    Muhle HJM synthetic - any good?

    I just purchased a Muhle HJM synthetic in the emporium. Am I in for a treat? This will be my first synthetic. I've heard good things about Muhle synthetics. How do the fibers in this one compare to the more expensive Muhle synthetics? Anything you could tell me would be great.
  19. nachum

    Please school me on Morris and Forndran

    I keep seeing Morris and Forndran brushes but can't find out much about them. How good are they? On par with Shavemac, Simpson, Thater, etc? Is there a website for these brushes? Does one order them directly from the maker? What styles are made? Any info would be great!
  20. nachum

    ATT love!

    I've been at this for about a year and have tried a number of different razors. Until I bought the ATT, there were a number of razors in my rotation. I would try a different razor most days and enjoyed them all. To name a few, I used the Gillette New, most of the variations of the Super Speed...