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  1. Badgerstate36

    I missed my barber!

    Ok, Im just going to say it, as much as I enjoyed cutting my own hair during quarantine and got quite good at it, I went back to my barber for the first time and it made me realize how much I missed it and how much I love my barber. I missed sitting in the chair, talking to my barber about whats...
  2. Badgerstate36

    What do you want/expect from your barber?

    So, as you guys may or may not know, in about a year's time Im planning on quitting my job at the auto plant and going to school to become a barber. My wife is 100% in support of this and the other day she and I were talking about it. She told me that I should also go to school to be a massage...
  3. Badgerstate36

    Chinese Gillette Wilkinson Sword?

    Anyone tried the Chinese Wilkies? I recently bought a 100 pack on Amazon that the seller claimed were the Indian-made ones but when the package arrived it says on all the tucks that they were made in China. I only paid $8.50 for a 100-pack, so its still a great deal but Im just curious if there...
  4. Badgerstate36

    The Wunderbar is wunderbar!

    I recently picked up a RR Wunderbar and its a wonderful razor. The blade sits in it perfectly every time and with a Feather blade in it, the razor doesnt even feel like its cutting but the hair just melts off. It is interesting that many seem to think that its a pretty aggressive razor but I...
  5. Badgerstate36

    Tweezerman GEAR?

    I recently picked up a Tweezerman brush off Amazon. At the price of $11, I figured I couldnt go wrong. I actually really like the brush. It has a nice, rubberized grip, is a synthetic and it lathers well. Its a bit scratchy though. Im hoping that it will somehow break in after a little...
  6. Badgerstate36

    Who isnt going back to their barber shop when all this is over?

    I was thinking about this the other day. I wonder, how many people who always used to go to a barber to get a haircut, and have had to learn how to cut their own hair during this time, will realize that its actually really easy to cut your own hair, as well as how much money they are saving and...
  7. Badgerstate36

    My tour of, "commonwealth" blades

    Greetings, all. So, since Ive recently gotten into the British-made Gillette razors like the Rocket, flare tip Rocket and Tech; I find myself wanting to try UK-made blades that I like to go with them. Well, as Im sure most of you know, there arent any blades that are made in the UK anymore...
  8. Badgerstate36

    USPS, "no access to delivery location" old man rant

    So, in the past couple weeks Ive bought 2 razors off Ebay and they both got delayed by supposed, "no access to delivery location". I live in a duplex that is not fenced in and theres no reason why they wouldnt have access. Its just funny that they supposedly had no access but they were able to...
  9. Badgerstate36


    We've all heard the term, "youre milage may vary" in that something that works well for others may not work well for you. Ive been reminded of this recently when I saw a couple videos that Youtuber Nick Shaves posted, one entitled, "choose a better blade!" where he said how he bought the...
  10. Badgerstate36

    Ive fallen for a Brit!

    So, back in the fall I picked up a Simpson Special S1 in best badger. I always wanted to try a Simpson, so I bought a small, cheap one. I love the brush. Its small but it makes a ton of lather and is super soft. Since I loved the brush so much, I decided to pick up an Edwin Jagger DE89 with...
  11. Badgerstate36

    Thinking about picking up a Dovo shavette

    Lately Ive been thinking about picking up a Dovo shavette. Ive always used either the Feather AC razors or the style that has the 2 halves of the arm and the other smaller locking arm. Ive been thinking that other than replacing the insert that holds the blade every now and then, the razor...
  12. Badgerstate36

    Is VDH underrated?

    I was thinking the other day about inexpensive shave soaps and it seems like we always talk about Arko, Colonel Conk and Cella but we never talk about VDH even though its cheaper than all of those soaps and readily available at most grocery stores and pharmacies. Personally, when I work through...
  13. Badgerstate36

    Timless combo set

    Im looking to sell my Timeless razor. Ive got a smooth matte finish head, .68 solid bar baseplate, .91 solid bar baseplate, dimpled handle and barberpole handle. They are in excellent condition. Im looking for get $250 for all of it.
  14. Badgerstate36

    Mickey Lee Soapworks closing

    Just saw it on IG, MLS is closing shop. Apparently, Samantha's husband got a promotion and with the promotion comes relocating. They decided that with moving their family, moving a business too is just too much and its time to close up shop. It's a shame, I love MLS' products but it is what it...
  15. Badgerstate36

    My wife thinks I should start a Youtube wet shaving channel

    So, the other day, Im going through my Youtube subscritions and I come across one of Kensurf's videos. Im watching it when my wife walks into the roof. She wasnt impressed with Ken and to be fair, it probably wasnt his best video ever (it was the one where he tests the DSC Executive). She says...
  16. Badgerstate36

    My first find in the wild

    Last weekend I made my first find in the wild: a Gillette New Type. The head doesn't look like an Old Type and the only markings on the head are under the base plate where it says, "made in usa" and, "Gillette". On the handle it say, "patent pending, January 26, 1920". It's a great little...
  17. Badgerstate36

    Edgewell to buy Harry's

    Not sure if anyone else saw this news but its kind of bad news if you like carts and dont like buying from the big boys. Maker of Schick Razors to Buy Upstart Harry’s
  18. Badgerstate36

    Nivea Deep

    I dont know if anyone else has noticed or not but Nivea has a new line of products out called, "Deep". They claim it contains activated charcoal and has a vanilla bourbon scent. They claim that the charcoal removes excess dirt and oil from your beard. They have a line of face wash, shave gel...
  19. Badgerstate36

    Wet shaving....with an electric razor

    Recently, I was at Target, scoping out their shaving aisle (as I always do) and came across their assortment of electric razors and trimmers. At the time, I had the thought that an electric might be a good choice for travel. So, I decided to pick up a Braun Series 3 for $40. The first shave...
  20. Badgerstate36

    How much should a hair cut cost?

    Ive been looking at trying different barber shops in my city lately and I was somewhat shocked at some of the prices. $35 for a haircut? Really? Maybe Im just getting old but I have a hard time paying more than $20 for a haircut.