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  1. Nicks&Cuts

    Christmas Gifts (shave cream+boar brush) < $50

    I've introduced my brother to wet shaving before - when we travel together he always checks out what shave cream I've brought along, and once or twice he's nicked my lather mid shave. He's a fan but hasn't bought any traditional products - yet. I'm hoping to change that this Christmas...
  2. Nicks&Cuts

    1960's Techmatic - need some help for a mate.

    I shared a photo of a razor I just bought with a friend of mine and she told me she bought her fiance a 1960's Techmatic for Christmas last year. But it's a bit broken. She said it has a winding blade that they can't find a replacement for. Both her and her fiance are really into vintage things...
  3. Nicks&Cuts

    Science and Mechanics article on "Exploring the Science of Shaving" Feb, 1957.

    I stumbled across this article today from the Feb 1957 issue of Science and Mechanics. It has probably been posted here in the past, but I thought I'd provide a link for anyone who hasn't seen it before. Kinda a cool bit of history.
  4. Nicks&Cuts

    Nicks&Cuts Shaving Journal

    Over the last few weeks I've been keeping a semi-regular journal to note down what I think of different products, just for personal use. I often find myself asking "what exactly did I think about that cream I used last month" only to find I've only a vague idea. It's just and excel spreadsheet...
  5. Nicks&Cuts

    Outstanding service from ShavingShack.com

    Back in 2009 (March 2009!) I bought a few things from The Shaving Shack including a Kent BK4. Since I bought an EJ Brush and a stack of soaps at the same time I didn't use the Kent for months and months (I thought since the EJ was coarser it would lather better than the Kent with soaps - I can...
  6. Nicks&Cuts

    Nicks&Cuts Entry into the Hall of Fame.

    G'day. Thought it was about time I posted in to the HOF...let me see... Username: Nicks&Cuts What is your real name? Nick What are your nicknames/aliases? I generally just get Nick, unless my friends are feeling creative and then just about anything goes! Where do you live? East Coast of...
  7. Nicks&Cuts

    *Sigh* It's so nice to return!

    Okay, so maybe I'm abusing the Newbie check in, but I realised about a month ago that I'd not been back to B&B in a while (turns out it was 18months!). I missed the way gents (and ladies) on this forum conduct themselves, I missed hearing about what others thought about a new - or old DE...
  8. Nicks&Cuts

    So thats why we play this game

    I've noticed a lot of disheartened new guys asking lately if this whole DE/badger lather deal is a bit exaggerated but I reckon its not. Today I was a bit pressed for time. Ditched the lather and DE for a can of "goo" and a cartrigde (sensor excel). Made 3 quick passes (WTG, XTG, XTG) and...
  9. Nicks&Cuts

    Note to self: shaving time is not Miranda Kerr time.

    I placed a fresh Astra SP in my SS today, half way through my first pass my hand-eye coordination fell to sub zero, and I managed a small cut (~3mm) on my lip. It bled like I had been in a bar fight. I reckon I had three options. 1. Stop shaving, wash up, look for some superglue and fix...
  10. Nicks&Cuts

    Help me out with my Tabac-ing?!

    I've gotta fess up - I'm having some trouble lathering with Tabac! My routine: Soak brush in mug/hot water Shower Shake brush & gently squeeze Load brush on puck - 20-30sec Face lather, adding water as necessary until bubbles in the cream dissapear and the lather is slick, peaky and...
  11. Nicks&Cuts

    Fatboy Aggressivness

    For those lads that shave with a Fatboy... What do you have to take the aggressiveness (4, 7, 9?) to in order to get a close DFS/BBS shave? If you have an FB with the different gaps on each side, have you found that it effects the performance? Cheers, Nick.
  12. Nicks&Cuts

    Antique straights for your opinions!

    Ok, to make it clear I know next to nothing about straights! I'm wanting to swtich from DE to straight razors, and would love to use a vintage one. Was at a antique store today and found several around the $25-30AU (30-35US i guess) mark I liked the look of, but I dont really know what i'm...
  13. Nicks&Cuts

    Post shave WH/ASB/AS what works?

    What works well when your mixing all these things up?! At the moment I only use Dickensons WH and then Nivea ASB post shave, but was thinking of getting Thayers WH (since its now available in Aus) and starting to use a Cologne or AS as well. (Not all four, but more like WH/ASB/Cologne) Do...
  14. Nicks&Cuts

    Proraso Perfecto!

    Had a great experience today...kind of by default I decided to use Proraso for the first time - the brush i was using on soaps kept shedding hair and is being replaced, he's on a ship somewhere sailing the indian ocean by now. I pulled out the only other brush I had (a floppy silvertip), the...
  15. Nicks&Cuts

    My first complete DE shave & a couple Q's!

    Morning Gents, first up sorry the post is a little long! Since joining B&B at the begining of the month I've only been able use my DE with a Nivea can cream since its taken a while to get some soap/cream and a brush in...but the soap came yesterday and the brush came this morning so I got to...
  16. Nicks&Cuts

    Other uses for your badger?

    I know this is a little strange, but my first experience with wet shaving equipment was in boot camp. It wasn&#8217;t for that BBS shave to impress my drill Sergeant either. Our weapons handling instructors highly recommended a shaving brush to clean our rifle with. Most of the guys in my...
  17. Nicks&Cuts

    Lazy silo doors

    Hi Gents, I am new here and havent had any experience with Safety Razors, so please forgive my ignorance! Today at my local antique store I was looking at a Gillette Fat Boy (not sure what year) and the silo doors opend in a lose/floppy and un-sychronised fashion - Can that be fixed...
  18. Nicks&Cuts


    Hey everyone! - So im new here... Initially I came to B&B just to view a few wet shaving topics, get a few ideas and then move on but I think the atmosphere (and quality!) of this forum has *kinda* won me over!:biggrin:. After checking out what seems like over a million threads on B&B (dont get...