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  1. Rusty Blade


    When I was a kid I got a 25 cent allowance per week until I was 12 years old. At the age of 12 I had my paper route and was a financially independent man (if you know what I mean...allowances were for little kids) It seems times have changed. We paid our kids an allowance of about $10 a week...
  2. Rusty Blade

    Any Hardy Boys fans?

    I grew up reading The Hardy Boys series of books. They were wonderful stories of two very adventurous young brothers who found themselves solving mysteries and going on grand adventures. The books had a remarkable influence on shaping my younger years. I recently pulled a couple of books off my...
  3. Rusty Blade

    Any vintage Gillette Brush collectors here?

    I have only one vintage Gillette shaving brush. I know there were many versions made, so I am wondering if anyone here has a small or large collection of these brushes? Here is my one Gillette Brush:
  4. Rusty Blade

    Any barbers in the barbershop?

    Anyone here a barber? I have a secret desire to be a barber. Old school barbering seems to be going through a renaissance these days and when I traveled to cities (pre-pandemic) I used to search for the classic old school barber shops around the city. I wish I kept a photo diary of the...
  5. Rusty Blade

    Liver anyone?

    C'mon, admit it. Who doesn't love a good feed of liver, onions and bacon. And dont forget the mashed potatoes! How do you like your liver? How long has it been since your last feed of this wonderful delicacy?
  6. Rusty Blade

    Ask your father..

    My father passed away about 10 years ago now, so I can't ask him. I am hoping those of you who have fathers who were old school wet shavers and who are still alive can answer a couple of questions for me. 1. How many passes did you do for each shave? 2. How often did you change your blade...
  7. Rusty Blade

    Aftershaves...a little goes a long way.

    For some reason my mind was wandering today and I reflected back on an experience from many years ago. A work colleague of mine was an Aqua Velva man. And I mean really an Aqua Velva man. You could smell this guy a mile away. One evening my wife and I went to another town for dinner and the...
  8. Rusty Blade

    Anyone use horse hair brushes exclusively?

    I have two horse hair brushes and I think they are excellent brushes. I often wonder why they are not more popular among wet shavers? They don't seem to get a lot of love. Does anyone use horse hair exclusively or for the majority of your shaves?
  9. Rusty Blade

    Any knitters among us?

    For the longest time I wanted to knit. I always thought it was cool to see someone knit, slow, methodical and turn a ball of yarn into something usable like a hat or scarf or sweater. So with this self isolation thing happening I decided to teach myself how to knit. YouTube is a wonderful...
  10. Rusty Blade

    Paper routes

    When I was a kid I had a newspaper route consisting of about 35 houses in our neighborhood. The job was both great and miserable at the same time. I was an income earning working man. The newspaper must be delivered same time every day regardless of weather...and I remember some terrible...
  11. Rusty Blade

    SR shaving and muscle memory

    When I think back to when I first started shaving with a straight razor I realize a lot of the learning process was developing muscle memory. I am a natural lefty, so the switching hands was not the hard part. I have grown up and lived in a right handed world, so much of what I do is already...
  12. Rusty Blade

    How many of you did home economics vs. industrial arts?

    Back in the 70s we had a choice in junior high school -- we could do home economics, industrial arts or both. Personally I did both and it was a great decision. We learned many practical skills in home economics, how to iron a shirt, how to sew oven mitts, how to hem pants, how to make a...
  13. Rusty Blade

    Bacon...nature's perfect food

    Bacon is nature's perfect food. I think that says it all. How do you enjoy your bacon?
  14. Rusty Blade

    Anyone try the B&M Soft heart Series soaps?

    I just came across the Barrister and Mann Soft Heart series soaps. Has anyone tried these yet? What are your thoughts?
  15. Rusty Blade

    World Beard and Moustache Championships

    I've always harboured a secret desire to enter this competition. Here is an article on the upcoming 2021 World Beard and Moustache Championship. There are some interesting tidbits on history, categories and other sundry items related to the competition. Anyone fancy entering? Or do you know of...
  16. Rusty Blade

    Thanks B&B -- A dry place in a storm

    I want to say a big thanks to B&B and all the folks (admin, moderators, Ambassadors and general members...did I forget anyone?) that have created an interesting and collegial place to discuss and share the one thing we all have in common -- traditional wet shaving. For weeks now since the...
  17. Rusty Blade

    Mom's (or Dad's) home cooking

    Most of us have memories of our mother's (and in some cases father's) special recipes that became their trademark dish or special food that only they could prepare. And perish the thought of ordering a similar dish in a restaurant because nothing could come close to the way Mom prepared it at...
  18. Rusty Blade

    Anyone do a seasonal soap rotation?

    You know what I mean, say you have 40 soaps and creams (what's wrong with that? I picked a low number just to use an example) and you divide them up by season or quarter to always keep a fresh rotation. Soaps for spring, summer, fall, winte. Anyone do this?
  19. Rusty Blade

    Show off your Swiss Army Knife!

    I am 60+ and for most of my life (at least since I was 10 or 11) I have always carried a Swiss Army Knife. There have been many over the years, some lost, some found, but there is always one nearby. Here is my most recent SAK. Post a pic of your Swiss Army Knife.
  20. Rusty Blade

    What is your top performing unscented shave soap?

    For those who enjoy unscented soaps...what is your top performing unscented shave soap? For me, it would have to be Stirling Naked and Smooth. :pipe: