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  1. LeGaulois

    Plisson synthetic

    A member tested the new synthetic Plisson sold at L'Occitane ? More info http://usa.loccitane.com/cade-shaving-brush-plisson,82,1,29434,388683.htm
  2. LeGaulois

    Institut Karite -40% for 10 days

    Discount 40% for 10 days for member club KARITE, www.institutkariteparis.com use promotion code CLUB
  3. LeGaulois

    Guerlain Homme

    This week (only in Paris) a new Guerlain for us : Guerlain Homme "Man, this animal refined" "There are three agreements inspired by the cool mojito. It all starts with a hint of lime, mint and rhubarb invigorating. The second note floral is marked with bergamot and geranium. The...
  4. LeGaulois

    How to lubricate his razor ?

    I have BlueLube of Benchmade http://www.benchmade.com/products/product_detail.aspx?model=983901X I lubricated my whole collection of gillette. Their mechanisms are super sweet. And you, what's your lubricant ?