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  1. OhioBob

    Feather blades, love or hate?

    I keep going back and forth with this blade, love and hate. One shave will be great, next is a blood bath. I use mild razors, yet this blade only seems to work in certain razors. Anyone else have this same opinion?
  2. OhioBob

    FS Schick E, G1, G8, J2, a Gillette Twinjector and Razorock Hawk V2

    I finally decided it was time to clean out the den and let others enjoy some razors than need some love. All razors have been cleaned in an ultrasonic cleaner and dipped in Alcohol. Prices include shipping in the CONUS. Payment by PayPal G&S please. First: A Schick E3 with the case. Razor...
  3. OhioBob

    FS ATT Classic Atlas 2 Heads, ATT Calypso SE 2 heads, Gillette Black Beauty SA

    I hate to part with these razors, but they aren't getting the love they deserve. CONUS only, please add $4.00 per item for shipping, for multiple items purchased I will adjust shipping. PayPal G&S please. Atlas handle ATT Classic in Brushed Matte with M1 and R1 plates plus a pack of Astra SP...
  4. OhioBob

    Anyone revisiting old friends?

    Well since we are social distancing and practically on lock down in Ohio, I decided to shake things up and pull out some of my old favorite razors and give them a spin again. Yesterday I used my Slim Adjustable and had a great DFS/BBS. Today I pulled out my EJ 89 with the same results. With...
  5. OhioBob

    Simpson Petrol Head IOM TT

    Anyone tried this Simpson brush? I just pulled the trigger on one today. 24MM Knot, 55MM Loft, 45MM Handle and overall height 110MM plus includes a stand. I like 24 to 26mm brushes and the loft is more what I like and the price, prior to shipping was good. Guess time will tell.
  6. OhioBob

    Do Synthetics Shed?

    I was curious if anyone has synthetic brushes that shed bristles like one would experience with natural hair brushes?
  7. OhioBob

    Anyone repair Schick injector razors?

    I have a Schick L1 post 1972 injector that needs repair. Seems prior to my acquisition, someone tried to disassemble it and now the spring won't hold a blade in it. It appears they tried to pry the spring up. Any suggestions welcome!
  8. OhioBob

    So where does one get twin injector blades?

    Is there another source besides the bay? Ones I found there range in price from $24.00 to over $30.00 (includes shipping) for Schicks, only found one Personna Injector II for $13.00. Any other sources? I recently acquired a Schick M2 and an L1 and thought I would like to try the twin injector...
  9. OhioBob

    Above the Tie Razors underrated

    A couple months ago I obtained ATT's Special Edition Blue Aluminum razor with the H plate here on the BST. Found that the H was too aggressive for me, so I ordered an R plate from ATT after emailing Matt several times. The R was too aggressive too and Matt let me exchange for a M plate. For...
  10. OhioBob

    Make shaving stick from tub Proraso

    Anyone ever tried to make shaving sticks from tubs of Proraso? I have twist tubes and figure I can grate the Proraso and pack it in the tubes. Any thoughts appreciated!
  11. OhioBob

    FS GC .68P, GC .84P, Timeless Bronze Top Cap, Timeless SS .68 SB Base, 4 Vintage Gillettes and a Schick M Adjustable

    Well my RAD got the best of me and now I need to sell some of my collection. Both Game Changers have only been shaved with 7 times, great razors but just don't blow me away. The Timeless Bronze top cap is only a couple months old, polishing cloth included. The Timeless SS .68 SB Base is in...
  12. OhioBob

    RazoRock Game Changer .68P or Mamba .70

    I have my RAD flaring up and was wondering what the consensus is between the two? The Mamba is available now and from what I have read the Game Changer .68P should be available this fall. I know both are mild and efficient razors which is what I prefer but not sure if I can hold off my RAD...
  13. OhioBob

    FS Timeless .95SB Polished SS and Stand

    I have finally decided to part with my Timeless .95SB Polished SS with Stand. I love the shave with it but it irritates my skin if I try to use it for a daily driver and I just don't use it that often so someone else should get some enjoyment from it. Razor does show a couple hairline...
  14. OhioBob

    I was impressed

    I have been DE shaving since March and fell down the rabbit hole of collecting vintage Gillette razors. On a whim I decided it would be nice to have a razor like my father used which I think was a Schick type E or G. So I finally found a G on one of the internet sites for a good price plus an...
  15. OhioBob

    Should I be upset

    Went to a local antique mall today and found a Schick Injector Black handle with blades and pristine case and a Gillette Flair tip in pristine case with blades. Both for a fair price considering in cases. Couldn't tell dates on Gillette as blade had been left in it and was covered in rust and...
  16. OhioBob

    OhioBob's Entry to the Hall of Fame

    What is your real name? Robert Hatton What are your nicknames/aliases? Bob Where do you live? Westerville, OH What is your age (or) generation? 67 What are you in the real world? Retired What is your favorite shave setup? EJ89 head, Maggard SS handle or Slim Adjustable...
  17. OhioBob

    Newbie checking in from Ohio

    I have been reading lots of comments from the forums and decided I need to join so I can learn more about DE shaving and maybe pass on my experiences. I started Wet Shaving back in March this year. My adventure proves you can teach an old dog new tricks. I am 67 years young and started off...