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  1. Badgerstate36

    Simpsons On Amazon

    Ive bought a few Simpsons off of Amazon and never had a complaint with them. IMO, it an item has mostly good feeback and has hundreds of reviews or more; youre probably good to go.
  2. Badgerstate36

    Have Scandals Affected Your Enjoyment of Sports?

    I wouldnt say that it has always been legal but it is definetly part of the gamesmanship of baseball.
  3. Badgerstate36

    Persona med prep overrated...

    It should. If you like the Lab Blues, you should like the Med Preps because they are the same blade. The only difference is that the Meds go through an additional cleaning step to allow them to be approved for medical use.
  4. Badgerstate36

    Another help choosing a boar question.

    I'd look at the Semogue Owner's Club. I used to have one and it was a monster and a lather hog. Sent from my SM-G960U using Tapatalk
  5. Badgerstate36

    Expensive brushes - yes or no? Poll.

    $100 is probably my limit, even for an artisan brush. Theres just so many great, inexpensive brushes out there that I see no reason to spend more than $100. Sent from my SM-G960U using Tapatalk
  6. Badgerstate36

    Is it ok to keep the blade inside your DE after shaving?

    Ive been leaving the blade in my razor for years and its fine. I give my razor a quick dip in a jar of alcohol when Im done to displace any water and prevent the blade from rusting.
  7. Badgerstate36

    What am I missing by not buying value based brushes?

    Id say that all youre missing is saving some money on a brush that is probably just as good as any high-end brush. Ive used Semogues and Omegas and they lather just as well as any $100 badger brush Ive used. Sure, theyre not as soft or luxurious feeling but who cares? IMO, where youre really...
  8. Badgerstate36

    Personna Lab Blue Overrated???

    I like them. Theyre good blades and theyre made in the USA too.
  9. Badgerstate36

    Are cross-dominant shooters just screwed? I'm right handed but left eye dominant.

    I wouldnt say your screwed, you just need to close your left eye. Im the same way and when I first started shooting clays, I was horrible at it because youre taught to keep both eyes open. Im pretty good at archery (if I have sights) and with any gun, as long as I close my left eye.
  10. Badgerstate36

    Razorock Wunderbar

    Ive got a Wunderbar and is a very aggressive and very efficient razor, not to mention its very well crafted. It certainly isnt my favorite as a man who sports a beard because the slanted head can make edging my jawline more challenging but you could make it work if you had to. Its definetly not...
  11. Badgerstate36

    Blade longevity: misconceptions vs reality.

    Id agree, to a point. I find that after 3 shaves for me a blade simply doesnt cut as efficiently anymore, so I swap it out. I cant say that Ive ever really experienced very many DE blades that were tuggy, other than maybe Rockwells or the cheap Bailis. For me, by the 3rd shave with any blade...
  12. Badgerstate36

    I missed my barber!

    My barber right now is doing appointment only and you have to wait out in your car until your barber calls or texts you and tells you that your chair is ready. Thats to prevent people from congregating in the waiting area and to maintain social distance. Its also to give your barber proper time...
  13. Badgerstate36

    Night Owl or Earlier Riser?

    Both. My job requires me to get up at 4am but on the weekends Im routinely up until nearly midnight. I'll admit its probably not the smartest lifestyle in the world.
  14. Badgerstate36

    Open Comb Razor Vs Straight Razor

    Id say its six in one, half dozen in the other.
  15. Badgerstate36

    I missed my barber!

    Ok, Im just going to say it, as much as I enjoyed cutting my own hair during quarantine and got quite good at it, I went back to my barber for the first time and it made me realize how much I missed it and how much I love my barber. I missed sitting in the chair, talking to my barber about whats...
  16. Badgerstate36

    Self-Shaving Back of Neck

    When I was cutting mine during the quarentine, I would ask my wife to check it when I was done and shed always glance at it for a second and be like, "yeah, looks great, whatever" LOL and then Id always look at it again and find it a bit uneven or see a few stray hairs that I missed.
  17. Badgerstate36

    Rud's Scores

    I personally dont trust any Youtube wetshaving reviewers because many of them get the gear for free and give everything a favorable review. Not to mention they act like every new thing is the best thing ever. I think that many of them fear that if they dont like something and give it a bad...
  18. Badgerstate36

    King C. Gillette blades

    You can buy them online from Walgreens. Sent from my SM-G960U using Tapatalk
  19. Badgerstate36

    King C. Gillette blades

    The price is high but you also cant compare what you pay in a brick and mortar store to what you will pay on Amazon or Ebay. I'll gladly pay a bit more to be able to buy quality DE blades in a local pharmacy.
  20. Badgerstate36

    Have Scandals Affected Your Enjoyment of Sports?

    Not really. I still enjoy sports as much as I ever did. If you think that sports were so pure and upstanding in the past and they arent anymore, well, Ive got news for you. They have been stealing signs in baseball for the past 100 years. Beyond that, I tend to agree with the players who...