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  1. Nicks&Cuts

    Morning vs. Evening

    I used to shave mornings, but lately I've been shaving evenings, before bed so that like many others describe, I can enjoy the shave without needing to watch the clock. Still enjoy a Saturday/Sunday morning shave before going out though.
  2. Nicks&Cuts

    Average Age of Members Here

    30 years for me, been DE shaving for the past 8.
  3. Nicks&Cuts

    My new Jinhao 250

    A lovely pen, that silver barrel is nice!
  4. Nicks&Cuts

    Manicures and Pedicures

    My only pedicure was from a friend of a former girlfriend who happened to have her own nail studio and genoursly shouted us both pedi's. It involved a soak, pedi, scrub, Chinese foot massage and was just amazing. I had show worthy toe nails for a good four months after that !
  5. Nicks&Cuts

    Optimum days growth between shaves

    I seem to get better results with 2-3 days growth. But I love shaving every day...Sometimes I'll skip shaving Thursday/Friday just to enjoy a leisurely Saturday morning shave with a new rotation.
  6. Nicks&Cuts

    Proraso or Musgo Real?

    Musgo Real is fantastic during winter. I find it leaves a slight protective coating of something once it has dried. May not be for everyone but I love that as protection against the wind and the scent doesn't really interfere with any cologne.
  7. Nicks&Cuts

    Olympics 2016. Who's watching?

    I'll be watching, and always enjoy the Olympics. Swimming is my favourite but a friend is competing for Australia in the Marathon, so the that's a must watch too.
  8. Nicks&Cuts

    Newbie from London, Uk

    Welcome aboard Robi. Sounds like a nice set up you've started. TOBS is just delightful - I enjoy Jermyn, Eton College and St James the most. You might try your luck in antique stores, I've found a few Slims that way and even bought one for $20AUD cased. I sold it and now wish I didn't!
  9. Nicks&Cuts

    Newbie from Nottingham

    Welcome aboard!
  10. Nicks&Cuts

    Lamy Safari PIF/Contest

    A wonderful PIF! I'm in! 74 screws. I would use the Pen for note taking at work :w00t:
  11. Nicks&Cuts

    First post and shaving story

    Welcome aboard!
  12. Nicks&Cuts

    What Pen are you waiting for?

    Jinhao 159 in 'gold trim'. It was $5AUD and since it will be a while before I can afford the Meisterstück 149 it is based off I thought 'why not!'
  13. Nicks&Cuts

    First timer

    Welcome aboard David, sounds like a great start.
  14. Nicks&Cuts

    PIF: Tabac Shaving Cream (Australia)

    A wonderful PIF! Congrats justarb and well done Ilya
  15. Nicks&Cuts

    Sink clogging after starting wet shaving

    I'm currently having the same problem. I live with my landlord, who thinks it's my shaving soap and whiskers. I took a look in the p-trap and it's squeaky clean. Vinegar and baking soda didn't do much to help, nor has a plunger. FWIW I've never had this problem before. I suspect it might be my...
  16. Nicks&Cuts

    Taylor of bond street

    Sounds like a great store! What a range. :thumbup: let the AD's begin :lol: - it's nice to have a 'home store' to check products out in, we don't have too many in Perth.
  17. Nicks&Cuts

    Taylor of bond street

    Another +1 for TOBS Jermyn, it is my go to TOBS cream, and I just love the scent (even bought the deodorant!). My other TOBS favourites are Eaton College and St James. Out of interest, what state was this in?
  18. Nicks&Cuts

    A Visit to the "Psycho" Ward

    Very nice work! Some lovely hardware.
  19. Nicks&Cuts

    Can't get a close shave with Astras

    I loved Astra's when I started wet shaving 7 or so years ago, they're real smooth and forgiving. I tried them again recently and found them so so, I now prefer a more aggressive blade. That said, I'll happily use Astras any time, especially in an aggressive razor, where I still find they are...