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  1. MntnMan62

    Brushes that Hog Lather

    I recently acquired a new brush. The handle is fantastic and I wanted a boar knot in it. It's a tall knot. Not quite sure of the dimensions but it's pretty tall. I cleaned it by soaking in Dawn Dishwashing liquid and hot water for a little bit and rinsing it out. Then I used it yesterday...
  2. MntnMan62

    Grinder Issues

    When I decided that coffee was going to be one of those things I paid more attention to back in 2016 I went out and bought a Baratza Virtuoso. I chose that grinder because of Baratza's reputation as well as the reasonable price. And primarily because that grinder excels at larger grinds for...
  3. MntnMan62

    WCS Soap Samples

    Does anyone know if WCS sells samples of their soaps individually? I do notice they sell samples but in set "packs" where you have to get them all. I am only interested in one particular soap of theirs at the moment, No. 1 Gatsby, but don't want to buy a tub if I don't like it. Does anyone...
  4. MntnMan62

    Why We Are So Fanatical About Shaving

    I was talking with my brother on the phone and found myself over by my shave den (the conversation was just meandering and I needed something else to occupy my time) and caught myself staring at my razor collection and picking up brushes and sniffing them and opening tubs of cream and soap and...
  5. MntnMan62

    The Last Razors On My Wish List

    So, I've been looking over my "collection". I put that word in parentheses because all of my razors are really user quality. I've shaved with each and every one of them, except for the #!64 Goodwill I acquired last week, which will have it's trial run tomorrow morning. Anyway, I now have 29...
  6. MntnMan62

    Tired of Shoveling Snow

    So, I wait all day until it appears the snow is stopped. And then I go out to shovel and scrap the cars off. And what happens? It starts snowing even heavier than before. The streets were clear when I went out there. Buy the time I headed back into the house the street was covered for the...
  7. MntnMan62

    Lagavulin 8

    I heard about this new offering by Lagavulin so I had to try it out. I've only tried it the one time so I intend to add more comments with each tasting. The first thing you notice is the color. It is a good amount lighter in color, less caramel color to it. The nose is similar to the 16...
  8. MntnMan62

    Proraso Pet Peeve

    Ok. So, I'm a little ticked. I have all 4 of Proraso's regular scents, as in Green, White, Red and Blue. Here's my problem. Very soon after buying the Blue the threaded part of the cap became separated from the portion that you grip. Bottom line, the seal was broken and did not properly...
  9. MntnMan62

    I Found Another Benefit to Shaving

    I really don't need any more benefits as I love shaving now. But this one came as both an unwelcome yet pleasant surprise. I live in an old house, about 90 years old. As such, nothing in the house is true and level anymore. Our master bathroom is very small, just big enough for a toilet and...
  10. MntnMan62

    Single Edge vs. Double Edge

    I am a recent convert to double edge razors about 2 years ago. Since that time I am completely sold on them and love the shaves I'm getting from them. Far superior to my Mach 3 cart I used for decades. And I have a nice and still growing collection of 25 double edge razors. However, I have...
  11. MntnMan62

    Putting together a kit for person interested in DE Shaving

    I have a neighbor/friend who I was having a beer with over the Christmas break and the subject of shaving came up. Not sure how but here we are. Any way he mentioned how much he didn't like shaving and said he uses a cart and canned foaming goo. So I suggested that shaving is just as much in...
  12. MntnMan62

    Proud Dad

    I just have to share this. Last night my 14 year old son came to me and said "I really hate to say this because I don't want to be like you who talks about how great his shaves are. But, I shaved with your open comb razor and it gave me the best shave I've ever had so far." The razor he used...
  13. MntnMan62

    Art of Shaving Lavender vs. Castle Forbes Lavender

    I'm in full blown SSAD and SCAD mode right now. I already have a tub of the CF but have heard good things about AOS. I love their Sandalwood and suspect their Lavender is pretty good but wanted to see what you folks think. Also, I'm wondering what you might think of Stirling Lime vs. Castle...
  14. MntnMan62

    I Broke My Bodum

    i am very upset and distraught right now. I was doing the dishes and my Bodum slipped out of my hands and broke in little pieces. I really loved that thing since I pulled it out and started using it this summer. As I think about what I will replace it with, I liked the idea of seeing the...
  15. MntnMan62

    Shark Tank

    I’m a fan of Shark Tank. I’ve been watching for some time. Sure Kevin is a blowhard. But it is a nice mix of some high level business and entertainment. I like hearing what people who have made their money from scratch speaking their minds. So tonight my wife heads upstairs to go to bed and...
  16. MntnMan62

    New Old Type Head issues

    I recently bought a re-plated Old Type head from Razor Emporium to put on my Ikon Bulldog handle. When it came I looked it over and liked how such an old razor head could look so new and shiny. It is my first product that is re-plated. Shaving with it is another story. Now, keep in mind that...
  17. MntnMan62

    Shaving Soap Acquisitions

    There is a shaving cream acquisitions thread but I didn't see one for soaps. So here goes. This morning I ordered some soaps I've been wanting to try. Stirling Barbershop. I went through one of their samples and really loved the scent so I decided to go for a full puck. Wet Shaving Products...
  18. MntnMan62

    Haslinger Schafmilch, Mitchell's Wool Fat and Combo Comparison

    This is where I will post my musings as I compare these two soaps to a grated combination of the two. Anyone want to chime in on a name for the combo?
  19. MntnMan62

    Ear Lobes

    I did it again today. I cut the spot where my ear lobe attaches to my face. I seem to do this with way too much regularity and I blame it on the protruding tabs from the bade. I don't cut my ear lobe with razors where the blade fits the razor and the tab does not extend beyond the head. Now...
  20. MntnMan62

    TOBS Almond

    My 14 yr old son just started shaving and wanted an almond scent so I bought him a tub of TOBS. Of course I had to have one as well so I ordered 2. I used it yesterday and have to say I was blown away by how slick it is. I have lots of TOBS creams. Sandalwood, Eton College, Lemon & Lime...