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  1. BullGoose

    Aftershave Hall of Shame

    Are there any aftershaves that make you retch, your nostrils burn and your eyes water? While there are a lot of aftershaves that I do not particularly care for, a few that I find putrid and a couple that are downright offensive, there is one aftershave that I hold above all others for inducing...
  2. BullGoose

    Unlocked Blackberry -Any Suggestions for Service Providers

    I just received delivery of an unlocked Blackberry Bold and was planning to use Net10's Unlimited Talk, Text and Data until I read the fine print...Net10 service will not work with a Blackberry. :blush: I am brand new to the world of unlocked phones and was hoping to tap into the collective...
  3. BullGoose

    Eye-Glass Frames -Best On-line source

    I recently had an appointment at my ophthalmologist and I could not find a single pair of frames that I liked that would be suitable for bifocals. Surely there must be an on-line source with a much larger selection of frames. Please share your recommendations.
  4. BullGoose

    The Gibbs Plus/Minus Razor

    I received a Gibbs Plus/Minus razor from one of my customers last week and thought it may be of some interest on the forum. It is a fixed head razor but has two different blade exposures. The Plus side is a bit more aggressive and the Minus side a little more tame. This particular model of Gibbs...
  5. BullGoose

    The GIBBS "Click Pen" Adjustable

  6. BullGoose

    The "Mourning" Shave

    On Mondays, I like to dip into the vast shaving graveyard and use shaving items that are no longer in production. I refer to it as my Monday "Mourning" Shave. Here is what I have lined up for tomorrow. :w00t: Razor: Vintage Rotbart Blade: Super Iridium Brush: Vintage real ivory brush (Lewis...
  7. BullGoose

    Jack Dean -The New Pashana?

    It looks like Pashana aftershave (and other Pashana products) will be re-branded as Jack Dean in the United States and should be available next year. :001_unsur The brand name is a little curious but...I guess that is what the focus group decided on.
  8. BullGoose

    Favorite Vintage Adjustables

  9. BullGoose

    Vintage Soaps -What are your favorites?

    There is something about the difficult to obtain soaps that just increases the allure. I have had the pleasure of trying many vintage (i.e. discontinued and/or pre-reformulation) soaps and have my favorites. My top 5 would be: 1) Yardley Black Label -I have the regular Yardley as well as the...
  10. BullGoose

    Taylor Lavender Shave Soap -RIP

    I just got word that Taylor of Old Bond Street has discontinued their Lavender Shave soap in a bowl (I am unsure about refills). The Sandalwood soap is still in production. Another one bites the dust! :sad:
  11. BullGoose

    RIP: Pine Top Perkins

    Pine Top Perkins, once the piano player for Muddy Waters, died at the age of 97 on Monday. Pine Top was performing up until the end and attributed his long life to the "Pine Top Diet" which consisted of cheeseburgers, cigarettes and pretty women. RIP Pine Top...you will be missed.
  12. BullGoose

    Trumper Marlborough

    Does anyone know if Trumper Marlborough aftershave splash has been discontinued? It is one of my favorites and I am down to about 1/4 bottle.The first 4 Trumper retailers were either out or did not list it at all. While I eventually found it (Cambridge Chemists), I am afraid that it will not be...
  13. BullGoose

    Selling a Used Car -where to go?

    I need a more utilitarian car for my business and thus am looking to buy a new car. While I negotiated an excellent price for the new car, the negotiations broke down when it came to trade in time. The dealer totally low balled me and offered me $6600 less than Blue Book value...a definite deal...
  14. BullGoose

    Nat Nast Silk Camp Shirts

    I just discovered a website with great prices on Nat Nast silk camp shirts. If you are looking for versatile shirt that looks great with shorts, jeans, or khakis, I highly recommend Nat Nast. Just thought I'd share. :thumbup1:
  15. BullGoose

    Tilley Hats -Best Place to Buy?

    I am looking for a wide brimmed hat to keep the sun off my face and neck and am considering buying a Tilley Hat. I thought I would tap into the collective wisdom of the forum for recommendations on where to buy the hat.
  16. BullGoose

    Coffee Humidor -Are they effective?

    I recently received a coffee humidor as a gift and was wondering if this will keep my beans fresh. As far as I can tell there is no way to add a humidifying solution but the container does lock down tight. Up until this point I simply put my bag of beans in the refrigerator. Is the humidor a...
  17. BullGoose

    Polishing Brass

    I am turning to the collective wisdom of the B & B members. I have a manual coffee grinder that has a brass handle and I was unsure of the best way to polish it. I have Maas polish but thought perhaps there was something better for brass. Any ideas?