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  1. Folace

    Advice for a decent electric shaver (NOT a troll at all!

    (As an introductory note, this is not a troll of any sort but a sincere question. Mods can move my thread anywhere in the forum else if this section is not appropriate) For those who remind me, I have not been around for quite some time due to several issues in my personal life but I will be...
  2. Folace

    Pocket comb for hair pomade

    Is there any recommended pocket comb to be used on hair with pomade? Or any comb will do just fine? Like the ones pomade manufacturers offer with their products or sell for cheap. I don’t remember why but I read somewhere metal combs are not recommended.
  3. Folace

    Natural Chromexcel belt

    I have purchased a pair of boots made of Horween’s natural Chromexcel. I would like to buy a belt made of the very same material that will match the boots. I intend to wear them with a good pair of jeans, and with jeans I prefer belts with ~4cm / 1½″ width. Please suggest me craftsmen...
  4. Folace

    Non-Semogue and non-Omega boar brushes

    Are there any boar brushes of quality –other than Omega or Semogue– that are worth checking out?
  5. Folace

    Which soap would you like as a stick?

    To all shave stick lovers out there: which soap (not available in a stick form, obviously) would you love to have marketed as a shave stick?
  6. Folace

    Help me find a vintage aggressive razor

    Please recommend me a vintage aggressive razor that comes close to the Mühle R41 beast. My only requirement is that it should be easy to find at a non-nonsense price.
  7. Folace

    My very first horse brush

    I spent way too much time in the Clown House these days because of Anigai and August West, so let’s go back to basics! There were some horse brush talks lately including my own thread so I went ahead and bought myself a Vie-Long brush. Sorry in advance for the bad pictures: I have a low...
  8. Folace

    B&B’s Quote of the day

    Lately I came across some statements here at B&B that make me laugh, so I had the idea of a thread to share any moment that left its mark on you, be it amusing, insightful, informative, annoying or whatever. Please post them with a direct link to the original thread, or as a quote.
  9. Folace

    Alcohol volume in colognes

    I bought my fair share of Turkish colognes lately and all came with different volumes of alcohol: some are 60°, others are 70° and it goes up to 80°. How does this difference impact on the scent itself? Does it make it last longer? or smell stronger? Or is it solely a matter of economy, to...
  10. Folace

    Weirdest fragrances

    I am kind of a weirdo so please recommend me the weirdest fragrances on the market, hate-it-or-love-it products that could be considered the Veg or the Arko of fragrances.
  11. Folace

    Heinrich Hagner Tobacco After Shave

    I am a sucker for tobacco-scented products like Alt-Innsbruck or Turkish colognes, so has someone ever tried this mysterious aftershave?
  12. Folace

    Best horse brush for face lathering

    I am curious to try a shaving brush made of horse hair someday. Is this hair type suitable for face lathering? Is there an efficient model adapted to this technique? I guess the best brand for such an experience is Vie-Long. I am all opened to your astute recommendations, gentlemen.
  13. Folace

    A brush like Semogue BC Cerda?

    Since the Semogue 2013 Barbear Classico Cerda has been long sold-out, is there any other Semogue brush with a performance close to the former, for a face lathering use? Note: I ask about Semogue but it could be another manufacturer, as long as it is not a discontinued item.
  14. Folace

    Shave Trek

    Captain’s log, shavedate 20141002. I have decided to start a journal about my journey into straight razor shaving initiation, under the patronage of Captain Yakup T. Kirko, Holy Father of the Cult of Arko. I have been wet shaving with a double edge safety razor for some years now, and...
  15. Folace

    Impossible mission: identifying Le Soldat inconnu

    So I bought this straight razor years ago, I do not even remember where (probably off eBay or a French site). The blade was not damaged but had loads of oxidation. I cleaned it with Pierre d’argent which is a natural cleaning product made of white clay, perfect for metals. There are still bits...
  16. Folace

    Belgian blue whetstone vs. Kitayama, help needed

    I have been reading the Interactive Guide to Straight Razor Shaving on the ShaveWiki about hones and honing. Never honed a razor by myself in my life, always asked other people to handle it for me, and now I wish to learn the process. After reading different guides, I am leaning towards...
  17. Folace

    Recommendations for 8/8 wedge

    I need a piece of advice from experienced RAD members and straight razor wet-shavers. Here it is: I would like to try a 8/8 wedge razor. Are they hard to find? Which brands are more common and easier/less expensive to buy? My goal is not for collection purpose but to shave actually with it...
  18. Folace

    Shave prep for oily skins

    I have a fairly oily skin, subject to shininess and blackheads if I do not take care of it properly. My pretty basic prep routine does not include anything particular but a hot water cleansing with my regular face gel, occasionally with my face scrub. I own an Alt-Innsbruck pre-shave oil but...
  19. Folace

    Arko aftershaves

    I did some research but could not find some results. Have you ever used those Arko aftershaves? Not the fat cream with the green packaging but the creams which seem to exist in Cool, Extra Sensitive and Maximum Comfort. I am fond of the Arko shaving creams and the infamous soap stick, I was...
  20. Folace

    Folace's Entry to the Hall of Fame

    Hall of Fame Entry What is your real name? Philippe What are your nicknames/aliases? Phil, Pip, Fifi (pronounced Pheephee) Where do you live? Greater Paris area, in France What is your age (or) generation? in my 30s What are you in the real world? an IT consultant What is your...