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  1. JoWolf

    FS Canadian Sale eTransfer Payment Required 11Razors 1 Base Plate & Bonuses

    Eleven months into DE. ALL razors are less than 1year old, except Harry’s and the Gillette’s. I shave 4 to 6 times a month, minimum use on all razors. List prices in Canadian dollars, Amazon.ca & ItalianBarber & AliExpress 50% OFF plus shipping Your Price. (non-negotiable items 1 - 8 )...
  2. JoWolf


    I’ve recently acquired these three beauties. The commonality of each razor was, first time shaves rewarded me with BBS. That was very uncommon for me. Especially three for three. I haven’t any idea why, other then they are all open combs. I am not overly technical, I will rotate a brush for each...
  3. JoWolf

    Canadian Shave Supplies Shut Down

    ItalianBarber’s Site message: EFFECTIVE IMMEDIATELY: Due to a Government imposed mandate regarding COVID-19, we will need to shut down. We will still be accepting orders and will begin shipping once the government mandate is lifted. All orders placed before Monday March 23rd at 9:00pm EST will...
  4. JoWolf

    Italian or Chinese

    Always decisions. My open comb journey started with the GC.68OC which delivered my best BBS to date. A high bar for the Fatip Gold Grande and the Yaqi Mellon to achieve or best. I’m going Italian to night and Chinese three days later. I prefer heavier, short, thick handles. All three razors...
  5. JoWolf

    I Never Swirled

    I’m a dry cap dude. The daily V60 is for my wife. By the time I saw Hoffman’s swirl, I was already stirring like a madman. I was using the handle of an espresso spoon. I’ve upped my game with a small egg beater whisk which really rocks. Pilot Roasters Heritage blend from Toronto are the beans...
  6. JoWolf

    Game Changer Open Comb 068

    Has anyone else ordered the Game Changer OC 68? Why did you do it? I’m loving my Mamba70 but a GC 084 and an OC 068 base plate are in the mail. I’m hoping that they could be my trinity. I’m looking forward to doing the blade combinations, a lot of fun. Why did you get your OC 068?
  7. JoWolf

    Acquisition Disorder End Game

    Without doing an inventory if your motoring at medium to high speed in acquisitions. You know who you are, you don’t just buy one brush, you buy two or four. You don’t buy one or two soaps you buy eight or ten, you get it. Is there an end game for you on your journey? Have you acquired enough...