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  1. Bikerbuzz0408

    Can Enders Speed Razor Shave ?

    Frankly I didn't know, I knew very little about the Enders Speed Razor other than they had a very cool modern design, I could pick one up realively cheep, later I found out that they needed a funky proprietary blade and there was almost no availability. I'm stubborn so I waited and scored a pack...
  2. Bikerbuzz0408

    Gillette 1930's Open Comb Old Style Cracked Handle

    I picked up this 30's Gillette Open Comb Old Style on the Bay, after looking for weeks I thought I Had found one at a reasonable price, well as soon I received it I noticed the two cracks. Out of the six photos in the ad only one shows any hint of a defect, I know it's an old Razor but after...
  3. Bikerbuzz0408

    Genuine Ogallala Bay Rum Pif

    Ok I'm going to be giving away this almost new Genuine Ogallala Bay Rum Shaving Soap. This soap has been used only twice, since it came as a refill puck, I'm sending it in a spare empty blue Gillette Wilkonson container. The ingredients include coconu oil, Palm oil, castor oil, safflower oil...
  4. Bikerbuzz0408

    Valet Auto Strop Razor Blades

    Been using SE razors for a while now and a Valet Auto Strop Razor caught my eye, well you know just had to have it, anyway it came with 20 blades but they have a little rust, it's difficult enough to get good SE razor blades, now if seems to be harder to find these Valet razor blades. Any...