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  1. arghblech

    Penzance 8oz bags in stock @ pipes and cigars

    Just FYI. http://pipesandcigars.com/penzance1.html
  2. arghblech

    Pipe restorer recommendations

    Today I bought some pipe at an estate sale. Two Dunhills (one bent bulldog chestnut and one tanshell panel), a short Charatan's Make apple, a Savinelli De Luxe 904 KS with beautiful birdseye grain, and a Viggo Nielsen freehand with a plateau top. Anyway, they've all got some degree of...
  3. arghblech

    Pipe tobacco for trade

    I have to trade: 2 oz minus one bowl of Carter Hall 2 oz minus one bowl of Half and Half 2 oz minus two bowls of Sugar Barrel 1 ozish of Walnut 1 ozish of Pease Embarcadero in a mason jar but I'll deliver it in the original tin Traded. I am interested in swapping for pipe tobacco(s) that you...
  4. arghblech

    What makes a Morning or Evening blend?

    I've not been able to determine what makes EMP and Chelsea Morning "morning" tobaccos and Nightcap or Quiet Nights a "nighttime" tobacco. Please advise.
  5. arghblech

    Which tin to open?

    I am planning to open at least 2 new tins in the next week. Which should it be?
  6. arghblech

    Pass-around box: gauging interest

    So we could take a Priority mail box and pass it around so folks can sample. Let folks take a bowl or two from as many things as they'd like as long as they add a roughly equivalent number of bowls back in. Obviously, participants must be of age. Maybe we do a round of CONUS and then...
  7. arghblech


    Is it? Isn't it?
  8. arghblech

    ertdegv 2: Electric Boogaloo

    I'm just posting this because I'm sick of seeing that Monty Python quote thread. I was really enjoying it but now it's locked. Now I won't have to feel sad everytime I see it. Oh the title is a shoutout to Seraphim's enormously long-lived post test thread.
  9. arghblech

    Helpful Canadian Needed!

    At my workplace I have several Canadian folks who don't have a way to get their poppies this year. I'll cover all expenses if someone could send 3 or 4 to me on their behalf. PM for details.
  10. arghblech

    Jobs posting

    The software company that I work for has a few open positions in Houston. If you are interested and have a strong background in more than one of perl, linux, freebsd, web hosting, quality assurance, systems administration, or tech support please PM me as I don't want to leak too much info in...
  11. arghblech

    Headed to Seattle: any tea shop that can't be missed

    Other than Floating Leaves :lol:
  12. arghblech

    RIP Alex Chilton

    http://www.commercialappeal.com/news/2010/mar/17/memphis-musician-alex-chilton-dies/ BNKSs1J38EA Cn1t6l7UUPc
  13. arghblech

    No carnage on my first attempt

    I'm sure that there is carnage to come but tonight went as well as can be expected. I'm uncut, not irritated, but poorly shaved. I'll call that a success. My BNIB Dovo 6/8 Best Quality came in this afternoon's mail but I wasn't expecting it until early next week. I figured wth and tried it...
  14. arghblech

    Sah Zefros - discussion thread

    A few months back a user here sent me a tube of Sah Zefros SC and I really like it. Has anyone else used it?
  15. arghblech

    GOTD- Green of the Day

    We'll see if this thread stays active at all. I'll go first. Today I'm drinking the Pre Ming-Qing Long Jing aka dragon well. It looks and smells like grass clippings at first but a quick steep yields an aromatic soup. This is my first attempt at this tea. Not shabby.
  16. arghblech

    How to brew greens

    I have some Long Feng (aka dragon well iirc) and some Bai Sha Lu from Jing Tea Shop. I don't have a complete gong fu setup at work so I'm stuck with an infuser cup for a spell. Do folks gong fu greens at all? How do I brew these? I've never played with greens and bought them on spec.
  17. arghblech

    I'm a dad!

    He showed up 2252 04Sep09 9.5lb 19 inches. Time for some rest!
  18. arghblech

    Pino Digital Kettle Pro

    Mine just arrived this week and I've used it twice. So far it doesn't beep after the initial boil has been hit or to indicate button presses. The reviews were mixed but I'm happy so far. We'll see how it holds up. Linky. Not cheap but way cheaper than anything else I found that will...
  19. arghblech

    Adventure at a local tea shop

    So I wander in to a local tea shop on my lunch break. A sales lady approaches me and asks if she can help me and whether I've been there before. I haven't. Her eyes light up. Warning sign #1: We don't get many men in by themselves. Sigh. She points me to a "smell bar" with lots of...
  20. arghblech

    Joy of joys! Elations and stuff!

    It appears that I'm not allergic to TGQ Cavendish Black after all (so far)! I had used it once before and ended up with an itchy red face. After tonight's usage there isn't anything at all. I guess I just had a tough first shave with this cream and overreacted. Hooray for trying the same...