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  1. ajkel64

    Jack The Barber DE Razor Blades.

    Picked these DE blades up at my workplace today. Half price special this week. They are made in China and there is 12 in the pack. Nice to see some more shaving supplies hitting the shelves. Will be interesting to see how sharp they are when I get around to trying them.
  2. ajkel64

    RIP Sir Ian Holm.

    Just read that Sir Ian Holm passed away at 88 years of age. A fantastic actor and acted in many films over the years. RIP Sir Ian Holm.
  3. ajkel64

    PIF Time, Great Southern Land.

    Well Gents, this is my 25,000 post on the forum. I am offering this PIF to a new member in the Great Southern land. In this PIF you will receive the following items: 1x Jack the Barber DE Safety Razor. 1x Jack the Barber Shaving Brush. 1x Jack the Barber Shaving Cream. 1x Tube of Shave Cream...
  4. ajkel64


    Just watching a cooking show on the TV called Bonacini’s Italy and he made what looked like quite an easy pizza/pancake like dish called Farinata. Does anyone here make it and is it that easy to make? LOTH likes chickpeas and I thought I might give it a crack if it was that easy to make. Any...
  5. ajkel64

    Happy New Year.

    Just wishing all the Great Southern Land a Happy and Prosperous New Year. My only real resolution is to use up some of my soaps and creams. Razor purchases my be curtailed slightly. Have a great year. Andrew.
  6. ajkel64

    Merry Christmas.

    Wishing all in The Great Southern Land a very Merry Christmas. May you all have a wonderful day with family and friends. If you receive any shaving related presents please feel free to show them off here for us all to see.
  7. ajkel64

    20,000 Post PIF.

    PIF time Gents. I have just hit my 20,000 post. To give back to this wonderful community I am happy to send this PIF anywhere in The Great Southern Land. What you see in the photo is what you will receive. 1 X Jack the Barber DE Safety Razor. 1 X Jack the Barber Shaving Brush. 1 X Jack the...
  8. ajkel64

    Official 2019 Christmas Card Exchange.

    It's time to sign up to our annual Christmas Card exchange! Be as creative as you wish with your cards, or just share a simple greeting for the holidays. It is all about the joy of getting something in the mail near Christmas that counts. Sign up now for one of the funnest traditions in The...
  9. ajkel64

    My first dance with Jack.... The Barber not The Dancer.

    I had my first dance with Jack the Barber this morning. These are new products that we have just started to sell in the Supermarket were I work. There is a Shaving Brush, 3 piece DE Razor and Shaving Cream. I did not pre-wash or pre-sterilise any of the products as they are new. The DE razor...
  10. ajkel64

    New stuff at work.

    On 2 weeks holiday, last shift at work was Sunday just gone. Went in to get some supplies today and look what popped up on the shelves at the Supermarket where I work. All from Jack the Barber who I have never heard of. All the products are made in China. I can’t tell you what the Cream smells...
  11. ajkel64

    Schick Extreme 3 Sensitive.

    I picked a packet of these razors up a few weeks ago at my work as they were on special for half the ticketed price. I used one today for the first time. Two pass shave WTG and then ATG. I was very happy with the end results. All my favourite cartridge razors are Schick’s and this is a good one...
  12. ajkel64

    Arko August PIF.

    I’m cutting it rather fine here to get into Arko August. I have some Arko Shaving Soap Sticks that I am happy to PIF to anyone in the Great Southern Land that is interested in using Arko for Arko August. I have one stick going out on Monday, anyone else in Australia or New Zealand that wants to...
  13. ajkel64

    Interesting shave today, Gillette Techmatic.

    Today was a very interesting shave. For the first time I used a Gillette Techmatic Razor. I have never used this type of razor before. It has a band style cartridge type arrangement as a blade. You wind on the lever to advance the blade to the next number on the dial and it actually counts down...
  14. ajkel64

    ajkel64's Entry to the Hall of Fame

    What is your real name? Andrew Kelly What are your nicknames/aliases? Kel, Andy, Where do you live? Cootamundra. New South Wales. Australia. What is your age (or) generation? Born in 1964. What are you in the real world? Shop Assistant. What is your favorite shave setup...
  15. ajkel64

    Modern Shaving System Acquisition Thread.

    This thread is for all Modern Shaving System Acquisitions. I looked back through the last 14 pages and could find no Acquisition Threads like other forums here have. So lets have one. Feel free to post all your Modern Shaving Acquisition purchases here. Anything Modern is permissible, either...
  16. ajkel64

    They Shall Not Grow Old DVD.

    Sorry about the photo, it’s not the best. Looking forward to watching this DVD on the weekend. I think @cleanshaved mentioned it in a thread a while ago. I kept my eye out for it and it popped up at JB HI here in Australia. Another great DVD from New Zealand’s Peter Jackson.
  17. ajkel64

    2019 Gold Dollar Mod Competition.

    Just a reminder Gents that the 2019 Gold Dollar Mod Competition has started. Anyone interested please check out the thread in the Restoration Forum. There is some great prizes on offer this year.
  18. ajkel64

    Darning Socks.

    Not sure if this has been asked before, but does anyone darn holes in their socks like I do? I can make a pair of socks last quite a long time by darning any holes. I must admit though that when a hole appears on the sole or underside of the sock they become rags as I do not like...
  19. ajkel64

    Vale Daisy, my beautiful fur child.

    Today was a very sad day in the @ajkel64 household. We had to let our fur daughter Daisy go. She has not long turned 14 but was diagnosed at Christmas time with Canine Cognitive Disfunction. It all started earlier then that when we noticed her bumping into things all the time. We took her to the...
  20. ajkel64

    Yaqi Grace Red Devil 2 Razor review.

    I couldn’t wait for the weekend to try out this new razor I purchased from Yaqi Shaving. I am working this weekend and I have every Friday off so I gave it a spin this morning. I used an Astra SP blade that came with the razor. I am not usually a fan of open comb razors but this razor shaved...