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  1. EternalBachelor

    Best cart for a two pass shaver?

    Little background about me: I'm a DE shaver and I started with the low quality two-bladed disposable razors that they sell at many retail/drug stores. I never tried cartridge razors, I went straight from disposables to DE. The reason being I was spending my own money and I wanted to get the best...
  2. EternalBachelor

    Attn Facial Hair Wearers of The B&B: OC vs. CC

    There is nothing scientific about this poll, I'm just curious. I've seen people say they prefer using open comb DEs to line up their beards, keep the lines sharp, and some prefer closed comb razors because they say it's harder to accidentally shave off too much beard. I don't sport facial hair...
  3. EternalBachelor

    Every time I shave with my Ikon Tech, I get major tugging

    I've had an Ikon Shavecraft Tech for a year now. Like advertised, it is plenty aggressive, but the shaves are rough and uncomfortable. I stopped using it for a while because it just didn't shave me as well as my Fatip Grande. Tonight I shaved with the Ikon Tech again. I prepped with a hot shower...
  4. EternalBachelor

    How do I know if a brush has the "Game Changer" synthetic knot?

    Hello, brothers and sisters of the wet shave. I have two synthetic brushes, a Plisson and an Omega S-Brush. The Plisson is luxurious and soft, while the S-Brush is a little springy. I've heard people talk about synthetic brushes with a knot that has been dubbed the "Game Changer" that is soft...
  5. EternalBachelor

    Ever had a non-slant razor torque your blade? (Ikon Shavecraft Tech)

    I took apart my Ikon Tech today to move the blade in it to another razor, and I noticed the blade was bent inside the razor, not unlike the torque in a razor like the PAA Slant or Fine Superlite. Has anyone had that happen to them before? Would the bend in the blade actually make the razor more...
  6. EternalBachelor

    Ikon Shavecraft Tech: What are your favorite blades to use in yours?

    So, I've had my Ikon Tech for a few months now, and I love it. I saw someone on here say that for a razor with so much blade feel, it's surprisingly smooth, and I completely agree. It shaves me like no other razor, and I don't feel like it's uncomfortable on the skin. I've noticed the razor is a...
  7. EternalBachelor

    People with coarse beards, how do you leave the shave at "just good enough"

    In other words, how do you step away from the shave without doing extensive clean-up or a ridiculous amount of passes? I have REALLY stubborn facial hair, even when using a Joris or Fatip Grande (some would call these "aggressive" razors) I feel like I have to go over some areas (like my...
  8. EternalBachelor

    Any soap with a scent reminiscent of Coca Cola?

    Getting into shaving with DE safety razors and using a brush and soap has also gotten me into scents, I know there are some really creative scents out there for shaving soaps and creams, but I can't seem to find anything that smells like Coca Cola? Seems like a missed opportunity to me, I know...
  9. EternalBachelor

    How often do you skip a day shaving?

    I know many guys here shave daily. Some do it for work purposes, others just really value the look of a clean shave. How often do you guys skip a day or days? I'm still less than a year into shaving with a DE razor and my technique isn't the best. I'll still nick myself and get neck irritation...
  10. EternalBachelor

    If you get a DFS shave, then shave again a day later, any point in a WTG pass?

    Let's say you shave ATG and get a fairly close shave, like a DFS. The next day you decide, "Hey! I'm going to shave!" Is there any point in using a WTG pass for pass one? Are you actually removing hair? What are your thoughts on this? I've actually been wondering if there is any point in me...
  11. EternalBachelor

    How do you know if a razor is made out of pot metal? Does it matter?

    Howdy, fellow wet shavers. I have a question. How do you know if a razor is made out of pot metal? I ask because I know pot metal isn't the most durable substance for a DE razor to be made of. I have a Merkur 23C, and don't get me wrong, I love the razor. However, I am now aware that Merkur...
  12. EternalBachelor

    New safety razors to fully utilize Derby and other less sharp blades?

    Hey gang! I am a new wet shaver and have had the Merkur 23c long handle for a few months. I am interested in experimenting with less sharp blades to see what quality shave I can get. It's come to my attention that blades like the Derby need to be paired with the right razor (typically a somewhat...