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    Muhle Silvertip Fibre 23mm - $55 Shipped!

    Hello all, Up for sale is a Muhle Silvertip Fibre 23mm that has been used 3 times. It's in perfect shape and ships with the tube it came in! I've found that I just don't use it often enough. I purchased it for about $80 CONUS only - $55 shipped - Paypal only please Thanks for looking!
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    FS - Muhle Silvertip Fibre 23mm and Razorock F-400

    Hello, For sale is a Muhle Silvertip Fibre 23mm that I bought about 3 weeks ago and used 3 times. I am trying my hand at synthetics and I just don't know if they are for me! It's honestly a very nice brush. I bought in new for $86. $60 for the Muhle - please add $5 for shipping. Paypal and...
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    Barrister and Mann Bay Rum set, Talbot Grace soap, Razorock F-400, Semogue Boar and a few things I never use...

    Hello all, Selling a few things that I don't use often and 1 or 2 new items. Please add $3 for shipping and I will pick up the rest. CONUS only please. I can only accept PAYPAL at this time. PM for questions and more pictures if needed, thanks! I will try and check messages often while this is...
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    Desert Island or Holy Grail Razor?? Share your Journey!

    Understanding that this is a very subjective topic, it's always interesting to me. So, what is your one razor to rule them ALL?! My Journey as a wet shaver and how I got to my one razor (leaving out a few to condense it thus far) goes like this. Edwin Jagger DE89 >>> Karve Plate D >>>...
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    Gem Junior parade?

    Also found this gem junior razor, what year or model would this one be? I’m very new to these old types of razors. Thanks again in advance! Also, where is the best place to find blades for these? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Schick injector Type E? My first injector

    Hello all, This is my first schick injector acquisition. Any ideas on the exact type and date? Was wondering where the best place is to purchase blades? For my de razors I use perma-sharps, polsilvers, or nacets for the most part. I prefer something on the sharper side as I have thicker...
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    Restoring this painted handle, help please!

    So, I have recently been given my wife’s grandpa’s first shaving brush he ever purchased. He bought it in Portugal more than 50 years ago. I would love to restore it and wanted to reach out to the pros for any helpful tips! I have read through the forums and watched restoration videos for the...
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    Best AS to pair with ANY soap?

    Fairly new to the site, just looking for some ideas for an all purpose AS. Something of a classic or that seems to pair well with a variety of soaps? Or just fire away with some of your favorites! I have been sampling a good number of soaps recently and am looking for an AS that I can use with...