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  1. cim_can

    Your best performing soap

    Cella, followed by MWF for me. I do wish I had an Arko stick - with a few days' growth, that thing would crush. Plus, it's my sentimental favorite, since it was my first wet shaving purchase.
  2. cim_can

    Give Away - Chiseled Face Shaving Soap, Ghost Town Barber

    And by the power vested in me...by me, I announce Tokyospike as the winner. Please send me your address by message and I'll get the soap shipped this weekend. Happy almost Friday, everyone. Shave on.
  3. cim_can

    Give Away - Chiseled Face Shaving Soap, Ghost Town Barber

    I'm giving away a once-used 4 oz tub of Ghost Town Barber from Chiseled Face: Chiseled Face Shaving Soap, Ghost Town Barber, 4oz It's a soft shaving soap that lathered great, but it's just not my scent. Shipping only to the continental US. I'll choose a winner randomly at 9 am Central on July...
  4. cim_can

    The Simpson 46 Berkeley Thread

    It arrived on Tuesday and fortunately I had not yet shaved that day and rushed home to try it out. Perhaps it was overly adventurous to try it out on my newly purchased, first-ever puck of Mitchell's Wool Fat, but I was pretty happy with it. It definitely has more of a backbone than the Edwin...
  5. cim_can

    What are you drinking tonight?

    The last half of a bottle of zinfandel
  6. cim_can

    What's your soap for today?

    The Valobra soft almond soap; such a close shave.
  7. cim_can

    The Simpson 46 Berkeley Thread

    After almost seven years of the C&E/Edwin Jagger BBB, and a few extra dollars in my bank account, I decided to splurge and get a second brush. Berkeley 46B here I come! Some Musgo Real and my first puck of Mitchell's Wool Fat may have fallen into my WCS basket, too...
  8. cim_can

    Shaving Attire?

    I have only ever shaved while wearing my towel, post-shower. I couldn't do nude, it'd just feel... wrong?
  9. cim_can

    Cast Iron Pan

    I just got my first Lodge cast iron pan in the mail last week and made fantastic homemade crutons in it. Even though it's already pre-seasoned, should I season it again? Any suggestions?
  10. cim_can

    Tie help

    I can't claim to be an expert, but I've read somewhere that a very simple, conservative option is to just get a striped tie that matches the shirt. With a white shirt, probably most things would work. And I think too, with white and light blue shirts, you can get a little more creative with...
  11. cim_can

    Neck irritation: How did you cure it?

    I still get a fair amount of neck irritation, although it's nowhere near the levels when I shaved with a Mach3. I've sort of learned to live with it, and try to shave lightly on the adam's apple area. I think that shaving everyday, rather than every other day, helps.
  12. cim_can

    Arko shave stick

    I bought a bunch of Arko shave sticks when I lived in Istanbul, for almost nothing. I can see why the scent might not work for some people (my dad hates the stuff), but it gives a great shave and I don't mind the clean scent.
  13. cim_can

    Loving Crabtree & Evelyn!

    I'm a big fan of the C&E sandalwood soap. It smells great and although there may be better soaps out there, it does a fine job and I'm always left with a great shave.
  14. cim_can

    The Never-Ending Soap

    I have had a puck of C&E Sandalwood for the longest time now, and despite my using it exclusively for the past few months, it just refuses to disappear. I love using it, but I have a puck of CADE soap that I've been dying to use and want to use the C&E bowl. Anyone else have any soaps that just...
  15. cim_can

    Which Cream to try next?

    I would recommend trying the Proraso Shave Cream; it smells great and with the menthol, feels amazing: http://badgerandblade.com/vb/showthread.php?ltr=P&t=2306
  16. cim_can


    Part of the problem, too, as mentioned in the article, is that phones today are more or less computers. When I was younger, we had one computer in the house, and it was stationed in the family room. Personal computers in rooms, plus cellphones that text and access the internet, means that...
  17. cim_can

    NY Times AOS Article

    That price is ridiculous, but if I were interested in buying that, what a shame to take something that is metal and pretty and stick a plastic, neon-blue-colored razor blade on it!
  18. cim_can

    Fine Wine - What Will You Spend?

    Since I'm still a student, my usual stuff is $20 and below, where, as mentioned by almost everyone, you can find really great stuff. In terms of fine wine (stuff that I've purchased and put in my dad's cellar at home), I try to stick around $50 mark. It's served me pretty well, especially...
  19. cim_can

    Should a soap lather look similar to a cream lather?

    +1 on spend more time loading your brush. I usually spend at least 30 seconds on my puck of soap, with some light plunging motions thrown in for good measure.
  20. cim_can

    Irish Spring Body Wash

    I've used the Irish Spring Aloe Body Wash and liked it a lot - I like the smell more than the new Dove Men's Care body wash.