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    Leaf Razor finish

    While I've been one of the big fans of the Leaf Razor here, over a few months I've noticed a problem -- partly my own fault. Someone in a review elsewhere was concerned about the razor color matching too closely with the blade color, probably because you are splitting a DE blade when you load...
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    Cella lather issue

    I recently got a sample of Cella and was getting ready to order the tub. But when I tried it, it gave a thin yet super-fragrant lather. Oddly, the re-lather was much better than the first. Then I got the idea to use distilled water to soak my brush. I just tried that and got roughly the same...
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    OneBlade Core Razor -- is it really just hype?

    Several YouTube reviewers and forums have gone pretty nuts over the OneBlade razor -- both in its premium Genesis form and more affordable plastic-head Core version. But take a look at that online source of customer reviews called Amazon. Wow. Out of 59 reviews for the Core, a full 42% are...
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    Annoying Gillette Website about Sensor

    If you search on Google for Gillette Sensor, one of the first listings is Gillette's own site. Makes sense, except that when you load that page, it vanishes giving you the standard home page telling you how marvelous Fusion products are. Really they have a good little history of the advances...
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    Turn blade over?

    For some reason, today I flipped over my second-day Treet Dura Sharp Carbon Steel blade. The first part of the shave went ok, but reshaving my neck was a chore. Scratchy, rough, loud and ineffective. I was ready to write the blade off and not even try a a third day. Then I thought, "hey...
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    Does anything after fragrance count?

    I have been reading AS labels lately. In one I just tried, the Gillette Fu$ion Hydra Soothe (tm), it is aloe enriched. The aloe, though is the 15th ingredient after the fragrance. Now Gillette products pack a fragrance wallop, but still ... It's a like a martini where the bartender thought...
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    Razor burn from SIDE of blade?

    I have been wet shaving a few weeks and am basically ok -- nick free and close. However, today I made a newbie mistake. While re-re-shaving under my jaw, I razor burned my jaw with the side of the blade -- the safe unsharpened part where you handle the blade! I was going to protest the...
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    Shick Injector stops shaving?

    A week ago, I was trying to a get broken Personna adjustable injector to load properly. In the course of that, I loaded and reloaded lots of blades, including genuine new Schick Injector blades -- supposedly very good blades. Not NOS, new blades ordered online from dr*gstore.com. I put one of...
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    Daily Razor Cleaning

    What is your method of cleaning soap residue from a razor you use every day? Do you let it build up and finally hit with Scrubbin' Bubbles? Or is rubbing alcohol the best thing to use? I have searched for this on the forum and not found anything.
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    Gold razor tarnished?

    I notice some eBay auctions that claim their gold razors are slightly tarnished. Yep, tarnished. The problem is -- Discovery Channel watchers -- gold does not tarnish! Silver, yes. Gold, no. What gives? See this completed sale...
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    Shave daily with collectible?

    With all the interest here in rare DEs, does anyone really use one regularly? Do you use a Toggle or an Aristocrat every day? Or do rotate them but mainly use an HD, except for special occasions? Someone had a Mvltiplex razor at auction. The thing was impressive -- 1st five-bladed razor...
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    What's Adjusted in an Adjustable?

    I have wondered on standard Gillette razors like the Fat Boy or other adjustables, just what is being adjusted? Blade angle? Position of the relative to the safety guard? Number of nick-causing gremlins? Does anyone know? My reading of the very comprehensive Gillette patent 2848806 persuades...
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    eBay Cable Purchase

    This isn't a tech question but it is photography related. I just bought a cable on eBay to download the images from the camera to my computer. Unfortunately, they sent the wrong cable and it doesn't fit. Now, after several days, they request that I send them a photo to clarify the...
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    Brushes compared

    Which of these new, unbloomed brushes is better and why? I had to cover the handles as they give away what brands they are. I'm sorry for the quality, especially the uneven lighting in the second photo. The knot size for both is 22 to 23 mm.
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    ID this Gillette

    Here's a razor I bought some time ago. Can anyone identify it? Thanks.
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    Ceramic razor blades?

    There are companies selling ceramic kitchen knives. Has anyone tried a ceramic razor blade? (I see there is a ceramic blade razor prototype floating around on the web.) Amazingly, I did find a source for ceramic injector razor blades...
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    How to nick yourself

    After a wonderful shave yesterday, I tried just to equal it. I use regular glycerin as a pre shave -- a new idea for me, Proraso Green cream, and a 60's SS with a Dorco blade. I just started using Dorcos -- what an improvement for me over Merkur blades. Today I included a long brush soak in...
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    Weird Gillette DE Adj auction

    Claiming to be a "Vintage February 1960 Gillette Adjustable razor MIB from Grandma's estate," someone is selling a unused razor. It was a promotional sample actually mailed to "occupant." So people ask, "is a Fat Boy or what?" and seller replies that that it a .... type 195. Bidding frenzy...