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    Favorite Blade Of The Week?

    Favorite blade for your shave of the week? Please tell and explain why:302: Mine is Derby Premium Starts aggressive for 3 shaves then smooths out like butter for me. Thanks guys.
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    How Are You Cleaning Your Brush?

    Hey guys I would like to hear your opinions on brush cleaning? I clean mine cause of acne and build up of soap. I use dish soap and white vinegar I don't use a conditioner because I believe a quality soap will do that.
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    Any recommendations for mens body bar soaps and shampoo?

    Hey guys any recommendations for shampoo and body bar soaps that are healthy? im thinking about buying mistral soap.
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    Profit On Shaving Soaps And Aftershaves?

    Hey guys im super curious what is the profit margins on shave soaps and as? Thanks!
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    What do you guys think of parker brushes?

    hey guys! what do you think of parker brushes? they look awesome!
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    Favorite Cheap Shaving Mug Or Bowl?

    Hey guys what are your favorite cheap shaving mugs or bowls? Mine are a Scalpmaster shaving mug and a barbero stainless shaving bowl my favorite!
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    TTO Is More Convenient

    I love ttos a lot. In my opinion very easy to load a blade and time convenient. I like 3 pieces but to me you most people could load a tto blindfolded in seconds. What do you guys like? I like both ttos and 3 pieces but tto kinda tops my favorite especially with a super sharp blade.
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    Favorite Cheap Or Affordable Colognes?

    Hey guys what are your favorite Cheap Or affordable colognes? Mine Right now are aqua velva musk aftershave cologne and Brut cologne plastic bottle i get good results from that. Even newer old spice is decent.
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    Favorite Cheap Brush?

    Hey guys whats your favorite cheap brush? Mine is a Barbero off ebay for $11.99 shipped.
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    Saving Money Depends.... My Story

    Years back before I started de shaving I didn't have much money at all. I use to spend under $10 bucks a year. I bought cheap big pack of throwaway carts and cheap canned cream. It worked but not as nice as DE. The past years I now decide what I can get and im thankful. One year I spent under...
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    I Dont See A Reason To Try Shavette Straight Razor

    Hey guys Iv tried traditional straight but I do not see a point to try shavette. It seems similar to de and a little less blade length. A worry I would have is the blade holder opening up just a personal fear probably would never happen it just seems more complicated. Im not knocking anyone but...
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    Anyone Have A Dad That Still Uses Carts?

    My dad is traditional if something works he wont change. What About You Guys? I wont force him but iv told him its cheaper and hes like meh lol
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    Finish Problems On Safety Razors?

    Anyone having any issues with finish problems on modern safety razors?
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    My Thoughts Opinions On Proraso Red Soap

    I love proraso red soap it smells good easy to lather and is cheap $7 shipped. Its very nice on my course beards cuts through easy and last a long time even with hard water. What are your thoughts guys?:001_smile
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    Thoughts On Black Badger?

    Thinking about adding a black badger to my collection. I know boar is good but how is black badger for courser tougher beards? Thanks guys!
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    How I Keep My Blades Sharper Longer

    Hey guys how do you preserve your sharpness? I found out not only drying my blades but also not letting my beard grow to much cause thats almost like double the work on the blade in my opinion. It sounds obvious but some people dont know. longer hair equals more work. just like when i use to use...
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    The Secret I found Out To Prevent Weepers

    Hey guys just posting this to help out nobody has talked about this but I discovered that when the razor even slides a few thousands of a inch sideways motion with or against or across the grain will cut you or burn weepers etc. YOU HAVE TO BE CAREFUL WITH A SLICK LATHER. How do I combat this...
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    Where Do You Get Safety Razor DE Blades?

    Hey guys lets all share where we get the best deals on blades :001_smile
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    Should I Try Clubman Special Reserve?

    I love the original clubman but im thinking should I try Clubman SR? I hear to many varied opinions what age do you think could pull it off? Thanks a bunch guys :001_smile
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    My Thoughts Opinions On Proraso Green Aftershave

    I love proraso soap. This aftershave is good and feels very cool after a shave like ice cube water. For me though it is a little to sweet menthol for my taste but not bad.