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  1. cim_can

    Give Away - Chiseled Face Shaving Soap, Ghost Town Barber

    I'm giving away a once-used 4 oz tub of Ghost Town Barber from Chiseled Face: Chiseled Face Shaving Soap, Ghost Town Barber, 4oz It's a soft shaving soap that lathered great, but it's just not my scent. Shipping only to the continental US. I'll choose a winner randomly at 9 am Central on July...
  2. cim_can

    The Never-Ending Soap

    I have had a puck of C&E Sandalwood for the longest time now, and despite my using it exclusively for the past few months, it just refuses to disappear. I love using it, but I have a puck of CADE soap that I've been dying to use and want to use the C&E bowl. Anyone else have any soaps that just...
  3. cim_can

    Firefox or Chrome?

    So I'm a faithful Firefox user, but downloaded Chrome a few days ago and have been enjoying playing around with it. I'm still undecided on which browser to keep, however. What are your thoughts? Thanks!
  4. cim_can

    Gave Cigars A(nother) Shot Tonight!

    So, based off of some other suggestion threads, I went and picked up a couple cigars recently: a Rocky Patel Vintage 1990 and an Oliva "O." I haven't had a cigar in almost two years and barely even consider myself a cigar newbie. Cigars will likely remain a very rare and occasional hobby...
  5. cim_can

    I Think I Found The One

    So, after a little over a dozen shaves with my Wade & Butcher (full hollow, 9/16), I sprang for a Torrey, 6/8 and half-hollow, from BST. I liked my shaves with the W&B and certainly my technique leaves much to be desired, but I tried out the Torrey today once it arrived. While I'll need some...
  6. cim_can

    Straight Shave #9!

    Well, #9 is in the bag. #8 featured some razor burn, #7 had a nice, tiny slice on my chin, and #9, well, #9 may be the best so far, with 2 WTG passes. :001_smile A little bit of razor burn (I still need to work on pressure and angles), but definitely a solid DFS, easily besting what I could...
  7. cim_can

    A couple of newb questions

    So, after shave #4, I'm making significant progress. Shave#4 featured very little razor burn (as compared to shave #3, which was all burn). A little nick on my upper lip today reminds me to not get too cocky and ahead of myself, but does anyone have any suggestions for how to hold the razor for...
  8. cim_can

    First Sorta Shave: Still Alive

    Well, I couldn't help myself. I came home this afternoon, found the Wade & Butcher in my mailbox and couldn't resist. At the core, it was just an introduction. I wanted to see how the straight would work, observe the angles, the hand-hold, the whole business. Consensus? I have my work cut out...
  9. cim_can

    Saving the Travel Brush

    So, I think I have a bit of a problem. I have the C&E pure badger travel brush, and recently the brush has been loose-ish in the handle. Basically, I can rotate the brush in the handle, and the ring holding the bristles in the base can come out a bit. I didn't want to test it by pulling harder...
  10. cim_can

    Valobra Soft Soap Question

    So I was recently PIF'ed some stuff, including the Valobra soft soap (Thanks JakesPoppy! Contributing has its occasional bonuses, aside from supporting B&B :lol:). I'm planning on taking some out of the plastic package and shoving it into an Old Spice mug. I was going to seal the rest of the...
  11. cim_can

    Finish It February

    So, I have some almost-finished creams sitting around and to justify my desire to get new soaps and creams, I am going to try to finish up some of the creams in a campaign I have creatively entitled: Finish It February. Feel free to join me, post pictures of recently demolished creams, list your...
  12. cim_can

    Shoes Recommendation?

    So this whole dressing more adult thing has me thinking that it's time to ditch my pair of worn-out, plaid slip-ons and get a pair of casual shoes (not sneakers) to wear with jeans or chinos. I've been poking around Zappos and feel like an oxford shoe is the way to go, and likely in a light or...
  13. cim_can

    Bread Baking!

    I just made a pre-ferment, a pate fermentee, this evening and threw it in the refrigerator in preparation for baking tomorrow. Does anyone have a favorite bread recipe? I recently baked a loaf of pan de campo which came out great, but I'm looking to try out some other kinds of breads.
  14. cim_can

    Three Sheets: Best Show Ever

    For those who enjoy spirits and ales, check out the tv show Three Sheets, where a comedian travels around the world trying out various drinks in the specific locales. It's hilarious and I'll be honest, completely addictive. http://www.hulu.com/three-sheets
  15. cim_can

    Col. Conk Bay Rum: Probably the Start of SSAD

    My first (and heretofore only) shave soap was the C&E Sandalwood. After picking up a few creams here and there, and wanting to get through some of my stock before going hog-wild, the other day I decided to pick up another soap and settled on Col. Conk's Bay-Rum. It arrived today (oh happy day!)...
  16. cim_can

    Silly Question?

    So, I've been considering getting a Gem Micromatic, since it seems like people like them and it looks gorgeous, but where would I find single edge blades for it? I've loved my Merkur HD for the past year and a half, but I want to take the plunge into something new.
  17. cim_can

    Pre-Shave Oil and ATG

    Hey guys, I consider myself a newbie still, even though I've been shaving with an HD since May. I had two quick questions - 1) how should I be doing pre-shave prep with a shave oil? In the shower? Just before I shave? and 2) I experiment every so often with an ATG shave, but find it hard to...
  18. cim_can

    Starting Out

    Just posting to say hello. I purchased and started using a shave stick and a brush (of unknown bristle variety; not badger, obviously) this past month while in Turkey and ordered a HD and a variety pack from West Coast to be at home when I got back. Just had my first shave with the HD and a...