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    Valobra shaving soaps

    Are these soaps actually any good ? Answers on a postcard please Thanks
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    WTB Haslinger tallow shaving soap

    After some of the old tallow formula Haslinger soap. Just keen to try some to see if it’s as good as a lot of people think. Preference would be for Sandalwood, Seawood, Marigold or Schafmilch but any will do really. Can anyone help a British fella out ?
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    ADP Fico di Amalfi alternative.

    As the title says looking for an alternative to ADP Fico di Amalfi . Any ideas/suggestions ? Thanks
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    Haslinger ASB

    Anyone used it and if so would they recommend and why ?
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    MDC Vetiver EDT

    Anyone used this scent ? Particularly interested in scent profile and longevity. Thanks
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    FT Gillette Super Adjustable 1980

    Upfor sale/trade , reluctantly, is a Gillette Super Adjustable a.k.a Black Beauty. The item is used but in good general condition for a 40 year old razor. It has the plastic base plate as shown in pictures. Date code is A 3 which dates it to 3rd quarter of 1980. Doors open and close as they...
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    Thiers Issard soaps. Anyone used them

    Had never heard of them but picked up a puck when recently in Toulouse. Does anyone have any experience of these soaps and how do they perform Thanks
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    MDC Agrumes - what scent to pair it with

    Somebody please help me !!!!
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    SV scent to pair with Musgo Classic scent soap.

    Have managed to land a pack of SV A/S samples and as I don’t have the Musgo classic scent was wondering which SV scent I could pair it with ? Thanks
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    MWF in ceramic bowl

    When purchasing MWF sin ceramic bowl, does the soap puck contained inside comeveithbpackaging or just a naked puck. Thanks guys
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    WTB Merkur Mergress

    Looking for one of these to try. Aim would be to use this in rotation with my EJ DE89, thus preserving my vintage Gillettes for occasional use. Anyone have one they are looking to part with ?
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    Flare Tip Rocket TV v EJDE89

    I currently have a EJDE89 razor which I’ve been using for a couple of years approx. Have been reading about the Flare Tip Rocket TV. and was wondering how the two compare in terms of the smoothness and aggressiveness. Any help gratefully received. Thanks
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    WTB Case for Gillette Slim

    Looking for a case for a Gillette Slim. Must be on good condition. Anyone one have one lying around that they are looking to dispose of ?
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    Is it just Me or do T&H Apsley and Dr Harris Windsor scents smell similar

    As the title says is it just me or do others feel the same. All opinions welcome
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    Recommendations for first badger brush

    I have been wet shaving for just over a year and always with the synthetic brush that came with my DE starter kit. Keep hearing that a badger brush is the way forward. Having never used one curiosity is getting the better of me. I’m hoping you guys can provide some sort of insight into what...
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    Truefitt & Hill 1805 Cologne

    Is it me or is the Truefitt 1805 cologne a very subtle scent that doesn’t last very long ? Used some today and found that after applying half hour later or so the scent seemed to have disappeared. I expected more longevity. Anyone else feel the same ?
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    Castle Forbes ASB

    Would I be correct in my assumption that CF have changed their packaging for their ASB. Used to be in a clear bottle and 125ml when now in a black bottle and 150ml ? Can any one clarify this for me please ? Thanks
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    EDT/Parfum to pair with TOBS Avocado

    As the title says, looking for a scent to pair with my TOBS Avocado shaving cream. TOBS don't apparently do one
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    Castle Forbes parfums

    Quick question. Do Castke Forbes Eau de Parfums dispense via an atomiser spray top or a regular splash top. Does anyone know ? Thanks
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    Anyone with experience of having a razor restored by Restored Razors

    As the title says looking for reviews from people who have used Restored Razors and their experiences. Have an old razor that I would like to get restored and hand down to my son. Thanks