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  1. Rotflmao

    Keeping Cigars at a consistent temperature.

    My humidor is in my house. With no independent means of temperature control, I rely on my house’s thermostat to do the job of maintaining a consistent temperature. Problem is, the wife’s always cold and likes to bump it up a few degrees. I think that she’s gonna flip the next time. LMAO. If you...
  2. Rotflmao


    Are the pipe cleaners that kids use for crafts different from the ones used for cleaning pipes. Since I’ve started with a pipe, about a year ago, I’ve been buying my pipe cleaners from the dollar store. They seem to do the job fine but I haven’t bought the pipe cleaners that are sold by...
  3. Rotflmao

    The paperclip trick

    I have a bent paperclip that I use to pull up the felt cover when refilling my zippo. The paperclip’s factory loop doubles to grab the nozzle of the zippo fuel and pull it out of the recess. Thought I’d share, but for all I know this is standard practice that I was just unaware of.
  4. Rotflmao

    I see a humidor in my future

    Dark board is 10”x1.5”x48” of spanish cedar and the light board is a rough milled piece of elm. I think I’m going to be busy. I’ll post progress pics.
  5. Rotflmao

    Cigars to avoid

    In the spirit of learning from other’s mistakes, and while understanding that YMMV, what are some cigars that the more experienced smokers would advise passing up? Obviously, you want to avoid the cigars that the guy is selling on the beach and probably the unmarked cigars situated between the...
  6. Rotflmao

    URGENT HELP. Cigar smokers. Need advice quick.

    Firstly, I’m Canadian, and Cubans are permitted here. I found out that a friend is going to Cuba this weekend (ie. no duty). What should I have her buy me and at what price. I was thinking 2 x romeo and juliet coronas for $600USD. Then again not typically a cigar smoker.
  7. Rotflmao

    The Icebox

    So, I have this old refrigerator, well it’s labeled as an electric refrigerator. It’s from the 1920’s. Between the time of the ice box and the refrigerator with a built in compressor, there was this thing. It was basically an ice box with refrigerant lines that ran to a compressor/evaporator...
  8. Rotflmao

    Happy New Year

    Wishing everyone the best for the New Year from Canada. Thanks fellow B&Bers (aka enablers) for the support, guidance and fellowship that you provide. Cheers to you.
  9. Rotflmao

    Flavour profiles

    I find myself looking at the composition of tobaccos that I want to try and wondering how similar they are to what I am familiar with. I’m sure others are in the same boat so I’ve started a list, based on tobaccos that I’ve tried, leading through various flavour profiles. I’ve left aromatics...
  10. Rotflmao

    Plug cutters

    What does everyone do for plug cutters. I’ve been eyeing the vintage cast iron behemoths on the Bay a lot recently. I think it’ll look great in my office. I’ll most probably pull the trigger on one soon. I should probably invest in some plug tobacco too to cut with the plug cutter.
  11. Rotflmao

    Breathe smoking

    Does anyone else do this? I tried it and found it very efficient while doing something else. Reading, typing, honing 30 straight razors.
  12. Rotflmao


    So it’s like this. I been working all night on the backyard planting a grove of birch trees. The wife thought it would be a great idea to have the kids (9&10) both invite a friend over for a sleepover. Whatever, I don’t care, I’m outside and they’re inside. Well it’s starting to get dark so I...
  13. Rotflmao

    Three Nuns 20% off at 4noggins

    ^Yeah, this.
  14. Rotflmao

    Whole Tobacco Leaves

    Hi all. I’m looking at getting some whole leaves and making my own pipe tobacco. As a Canadian, I’ve found that I can buy and import the whole leaves, without the crazy taxes, as it remains an agricultural product until processed. I don’t want to end up with a pile of garbage so I’m seeking the...
  15. Rotflmao

    Any other smokable leaves?

    Yes, I know what everyone is thinking. Other than the illegal varieties (or formerly illegal varieties dependant on your location), are there any leaves other than tobaccos that are smoked, either alone or as an addition to tobacco. I was in my yard looking at my fig tree and have used the...
  16. Rotflmao

    Downward Spiral

    Well all of the enablers around here can count me as another victim. Got a cheapie pipe from a local cigar store along with tools and a pack of Mr B’s Wild Antolia. (Formerly Wild Cherry). Day 2. Grabbed a pack of CB’s Royal and some 6mm balsa filters. Day 3. Ordered a second cheap pipe from...
  17. Rotflmao

    Badger Funk

    So... I have some boars and synthetics but only one badger, and to be honest, it's starting to show it’s age. Well I was in Winners the other day (local liquidation type store) and I came upon an Art of Shaving Lavender set with a badger brush for $19. Sold. Anyway I’m trying this stuff out...
  18. Rotflmao

    I decided that I needed a bigger stone

    I just recently purchased a bunch of Japanese wood planes and chisels. I’ve been wanting to start freehanding some knives as well. I decided that I’d probably be chewing through my 1000 grit stone pretty fast so I got a bigger one. (Insert joke about compensating here). Notice the quarter in...
  19. Rotflmao

    The Samurai Stone

    Unfortunately I didn’t win the auction for this stone but I thought it was neat enough to share anyway. Is it just me that sees the image of the Samurai in the stone’s skin on the end. Hopefully a fellow B&Ber ended up with it.
  20. Rotflmao

    Cough Syrup

    Does anyone else find B&M's night music reminiscent of cough syrup. I apologize if I now put this thought in people's heads every time that they smell it.