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    Everyday scent that won't break the bank.

    https://www.amazon.com/Guerlain-Vetiver-Toilette-Spray-Ounce/dp/B000U7YW6Q/ref=sr_1_1_s_it?s=beauty&ie=UTF8&qid=1476033644&sr=1-1&keywords=guerlain+vetiver Discount store cologne smells like you bought it at a discount store, oddly enough. The scents are familiar to most people, they can easily...
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    The Fat Boy. How good was it?

    Nostalgia factor-10 Removing hair from face factor- average I use an R41 everyday and travel with a Superspeed. The Slim and the Fatboy are in a box.
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    The horror! Swmbo asked me...

    Getting fresh usually keeps the comments at bay around here. You could tell her- Either she will leave you alone, or you will have an interesting time!
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    Hope I'm not a SUCKER!

    That is the going rate. It is good stuff.
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    If you won the lottery, what would you buy / or do?

    People say that playing the lottery is a waste of money. Nonsense, it is purchasing a 5 min $1 dream. What would I do- well it kind of depends on how much I win. If I win $300 million, I'd only see maybe $75 mil from it. Buy about 10 acres and build a nice house with a HUGE warehouse/garage...
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    Star Wars: From the beginning? or in the order that I watched them?

    May Frodo cast your Toggle into the Pit of Fire for your heresy.
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    Star Wars: From the beginning? or in the order that I watched them?

    scoff... tsk... scoff... That movie was brilliance! Mel Brooks level comic genius!
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    T&H 1805...How do you really feel about it?

    All the T&H creams lather the same, finding a scent you like is up to you. 1805 is nice, Trafalgar is better. Before committing to a scent you wasn't sure of, you could have got the sampler. Soap/cream scents SHOULD be mild (damned Arko and Tabac) the scent is just for the user, not the whole...
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    Noob looking to get into wet shaving.

    PM me your info and I will PIF you a SuperSpeed to get started with. Pick that puck of soap up and use it like a shave stick http://badgerandblade.com/vb/showthread.php/40-Tutorial-how-to-use-a-shaving-stick Go ahead and grab that Simpson Special in pure for $25. Speick Stick is great, Godrej...
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    Tip of the hat to Windrider

    A lot of PIFs go on behind the scenes, too. We are a decent lot. One trick I learned after a long time, pick the puck up and use it as a shave stick. I use my Conk Bay Rum like that, it is great. Masters Bay Rum AS is nice.
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    Mine stole a Super Adjustable from me, she is using it when she isn't in Wookie mode. She uses hair conditioner for here shave cream.
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    Out of the mouths of babes....A 5 y old boy's sniff test of a couple creams

    It is awesome that even after a truthful description, people still want to try it. A lesson to BSing marketers.
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    Star Wars: From the beginning? or in the order that I watched them?

    There is something about the actual creation and use of a physical model that just cannot yet be replicated by CGI. Maybe it is the way the light plays upon it. It is just more "real". The same goes for costumes vs CGI creatures. Movies like Fifth Element, Galaxy Quest, and Hitchhikers Guide...
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    Creams?? No I'm talking about the infamous stick! Why would we be talking about the cream? Oh, wait.... This is the Cream forum isn't it? Dang it! Over the years, I have developed a fondness for New Balance (when I put my foot in my mouth, that is), they have a nuttier flavor? Nikes have too...
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    I don't HATE it, it is just not my favorite by a LONG shot. Same reason that I don't care for Tabac. The scent is not pleasant to me, which would be ok since it lathers well except that it is in about 50x the concentration than is truly necessary. For scents that are very polarizing, a little...
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    New eBay score Ever Ready

    How did I miss that???? That is unique. What a great handle. You are the king of brush restores, my friend.
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    Marriage advice please.

    Turn a negative into a positive. Tell her that she can stay but her clothes have to go. Or lather up real good and go try to kiss her and get SC all over. Some permutation of that will either run her off, or steam up the mirrors in there. Win-win!
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    Pure Badger out performs Silvertip

    Nice restore(s). Here is my first, the one giving the problem-
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    Pure Badger out performs Silvertip

    I am trying the cleaning routine. I get no irritation from the pure badger. So far, the difference in softness is minimal to me.