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  1. captp

    Happy Independence Day

    Or as my friends across The Pond say Happy Traitors Day
  2. captp

    How to keep your friends on edge

    Posted on FB that I just got a Speedo and would be modeling it for them. Got a lot a scared replies. They all thought I lost my mind and got a competition Speedo. It's fun messing with your friends.
  3. captp

    Namesake Bourbon

    I recently found a distillery with my last name on it. Decided to see if they made palatable Bourbon. Ordered 2 different bottles. They're located outside of Pittsburgh. Hopefully my Angel's Envy lasts until they get here.
  4. captp

    Cute puppy pics

    For no reason other than cute puppies. 5 month Charlie the Saint Bernard, puppy sitting for a week or so. 3 month old Iggy & Spark, fox red Labs. Puppies make me happy.
  5. captp

    Harbor Freight wood tool chest

    Just delivered today. Wood tool chest from Harbor Freight. Top compartment suitable for some of my inks, but pretty sure the Noodlers 4.5 oz inks with eye dropper is too tall; will probably fit laying on its side, hoping it won't leak. Top is also large enough for an A4 pad or two. The two...
  6. captp

    Puppies make me happy

    It should be an interesting month ahead. My sister & B.i.L. (with whom I'm staying for the duration, in the country) just brought home two adorable lab pups from the breeder. The 2 older dogs are just tolerating them so far. Should get better in time. Had to share a pic. Iggy (darker reddish) &...
  7. captp

    RIP John Prine

    One of the greatest songwriters of all time.
  8. captp

    Thursday Boots

    Just ordered 2 pairs of seconds, President in brown and Captain in Neutral. Sale ends today. $50 off each pair. I'll let you all know how they are in, hopefully, a couple of days or so.
  9. captp

    RIP Kirk Douglas

    103 years old. One of the great ones.
  10. captp

    Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas to all my B&B friends. And happy whatever Holliday you celebrate to all who don't celebrate Christmas. Be safe, my friends.
  11. captp

    RIP Michael J. Pollard

    They're dropping like flies.
  12. captp

    RIP Gahan Wilson

    Nuff said
  13. captp

    RIP Ginger Baker

    RIP To one of the greatest drummers of the last 60 years. Age 80
  14. captp

    Its National Broderick Crawford Day

    A big 10-4 to you all.
  15. captp

    RIP Sid Haig

    Captain Spaulding, The evilest clown of all time. Makes Pennywise look like a wuss. 80 years old
  16. captp

    Oktoberfest in Harrisburg

    Hanging with Mr. Kermit T. Frog, Esq at Der Harrisburg Maennerchor for our Oktoberfest.He's having some peach sangria. So am I. On my 3rd one and I'm back on door duty in 5 minutes.
  17. captp

    Curse you Aurora

    Just when I think I'm ready to start saving for the Aurora 88 Satin Black/Rose Gold FP, which I can't really afford, but heck, why not, those sneaky Italians come out with the 88 Cento Limited Edition for a measly $300 more. It's like they're reading my mind. That pen is Drop Dead Gorgeous.
  18. captp

    Pilot illustration

    A friend of mine did this many years ago. He sent it to Pilot as a possible advertising illustration. They said thanks and sent him a box of pens (G2? Not sure). He's going to make a print of it for me. I'm going to be looking for a silk screener in the area that can make some t-shirts for me...
  19. captp

    Kermit borrowed my Custom 823

    My good buddy, Mr. Kermit T. Frog, Esq., stopped by the Club Saturday afternoon. He had a good time doing the crossword with my Pilot Custom 823 broad nib, and he bummed my Liga Privada. I'm going to sponsor him into the Club.
  20. captp

    Saddle Soap, white, yellow and black?

    I see saddle soap offered in three colors: white, black, yellow Does anyone know what the differences are? If any.