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  1. Quink

    Featherweight Antique Store Find. Need help

    Hi Gentlemen, I've exhausted the search and Google and unfortunately have come up empty:001_huh: I found these two variants of the Gem Featherweights... And I can't seem to find any information on them. They have Olive Handles and a matted Head. I also haven't found but two if he...
  2. Quink

    MERshaving Custom 22mm Finest

    Just got my first custom brush today!!! Still absolutely thrilled.... What a beauty!!! "Strawberry & Cream" was what I wanted... and they nailed it!!!! The service was outstanding. This is the first time I ever ordered a custom Brush and the owner walked me through it... step by step. Basically...
  3. Quink

    RazoRock is having a sale!

    Jo is kicking out some pretty sweet deals... like the Tech2 for $5.99 and a boat load of TFS soaps under $6... already got my order in:tongue_sm
  4. Quink

    Wife's DE Setup

    Ok... so I was bugging the SWMBO to take some pictures of her setup... she just recently converted!! Shes liking it so far and getting a hang of handling the razor. Very proud of her!! I bought her a few soaps to choose from... but shes seriously hung up on the TOBS Rose:laugh:. Just fine with...
  5. Quink

    Gillette Black Beauty Repair

    Unfortunately the Black Beauty I have recently acquired (would have been my first adjustable) on the bay was not functional.... all internals were gunked up solid :bored:. Taking apart and cleaning was not the problem but the spring inside was broken and the head assembly (that is friction fit...
  6. Quink

    Treet Carbon Steel Blade.

    Hey Gents, just tried these out the first time (Maroon/Yellow Package and Black Blade). To be honest I wanted to like them, for the price and just because it looks different and its something other than Stainless... Unfortunately the shave was... rougher that I would like. Had to really ease...
  7. Quink

    Black Handle Super Speed

    Gents, I need help. I would like to acquire my first vintage DE... either a black handle or a regular Flair tip would be great... what do I need to look out for?? and also... what would be an acceptable price?? Thanks for the help gentlemen!! Wish me luck
  8. Quink

    Converted (Report)

    Alright...I know this might turn out to be a "shot myself in the foot" kinda deal in the long run...but I'm so proud of my LOTH!!!! After being the one that ordered my initial starter kit to get into traditional wetshaving, and hals regreted ever since due to serious AD on my behalf, she has...
  9. Quink

    Barrister and Mann Lavanille

    Got the soap and absolutely love it.... great performance and very nice scent. Maybe a little sweet. What AS would go with it??? Any suggestions?? Tried Pinaud Clubman.... works nicely but any other ones??
  10. Quink

    Atlanta Pen Show

    Just courious... Is anyboby else going???
  11. Quink

    Nacet Question

    For those of you that use the Nacet... I've had my first go with them and am surprised. Great shave after the 3rd shave in... The first shave was sharp and clean but with noticable irritation... second shave was better and the third was an absolute thrill... Is that something I should be...
  12. Quink

    Royal Blue Ink and Water-Resistance

    I was just looking up a review on a Royal Blue on Youtube and there was something I wanted to point out ... Most ink reviews show a water-resistance test of some kind. Usually the Royal Blues fail miserably and its kind of held agains them... and here is the big BUT, there is a reason for them...
  13. Quink

    Paper Choice

    Gents, just because I'm sitting here and wrecking my brain regarding what paper/journal to get for use with my fountain pen (I plan on using a bullet journal for planning purposes).... What do you write on??? I am interested because the cheaper paper I have in house, does give me a good...
  14. Quink

    Travel Report - Germany

    As some of you know, I'm traveling in Germany right now. Seeing my family on Christmas is a treat I look forward to once a year. Since I just recently got into DE shaving a few months ago, I had never really kept an eye out for shaving stuff here in Germany. This year was different... I was...
  15. Quink

    Food Lion Brand Blades and Family Dollar Blades

    Hey Guys, I know this topic has probably been beaten to death in here... but the search didn't really come up with anything conclusive. Bought some DE blades from FoodLion = 1,50 or so for a 5pack (Made in Vietnam)... Family Dollar has the same for a buck... also Made in Vietnam. The Blade...
  16. Quink

    The Burn!

    I guess I got a little overconfident today with my shave... and paired my new SE (that I haven't used but once and am still lacking the finesse at) with the Williams Mug Soap... BAD IDEA!!! Williams can be tricky... and today I goofed up. Something wasn't right. Lather kept falling apart (the...
  17. Quink

    Gem G-Bar

    Good Afternoon Gents, I think I just sniped somebody out of a Gem G-Bar on Ebay... sorry if that was one you Gentlemen here on the forum :blush: Now... not ever having dealt with a tool like this before... Help!! :biggrin1: What kind of blades would you recommend for the first test drive...
  18. Quink

    Pinaud Clubman

    After reading plenty about the stuff... seeing it in the SOTD threads plenty of times, I actually found it in an Ingles on the last grocerie stop. Impulse buy... definitely. After getting a weird look from the LOTH when I did a first wiff that evening, I slapped some on today.... and was...
  19. Quink

    Something not seen before.

    Hey guys, just stumbled onto this on ebay.... didnt think it was possible. What are your thoughts on it?? I'm somewhere between amazed, interested and horrified...
  20. Quink

    Wilkinson Sword Classic/Astra

    Hi guys, right now my favorite blade is the Wilkinson Sword Classic (german version). Since they are a bit pricey compared to lets say Astras.... how do the Astra blades hold up in comparison?? Thinking about getting one of those 100 boxes off of Amazon for 11 bucks.... and dont want to...