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  1. MacDaddy

    Safety Razor of the Month, June 2015 - Travel Razors

    Seeing as how I'm currently in Corwall on holiday with my whole family, I thought it might be fun to do a slightly different theme this month and talk about the razors we use when we're traveling. Do you have certain razors that you use, or do you bring the same razor you use at home? Do you...
  2. MacDaddy

    Safety Razor of the Month, March 2015 - Gillette NEW

    Following straight out of last month's look at the New Improved Gillette, today is the 85th anniversary of Gillette's full-market launch of their NEW blade and razor with large ad placements in major magazines and newspapers. So what better way to commemorate it than taking a look back at the...
  3. MacDaddy

    Safety Razor of the Month, February 2015 - Gillette New Improved

    So I was looking back through our past SROTM threads to get us going again, and I couldn't believe that we'd never had a month devoted to the New Improved. :blink: Patented on January 13, 1920 and announced to the public on May 16th of the following year, the New Improved was Gillette's...
  4. MacDaddy

    Safety Razor of the Month, October 2014 - Frankenrazors

    The time has come when, once more, unnatural beasts roam freely here at B&B. What freakish golems have you unleashed on your face? Bring them out from your darkened workshops and into the light of day, whether we will reach for them in desire or recoil screaming with maddening horror, for...
  5. MacDaddy

    Presidential madness? Questionable Kennedy and Truman sets sold at auction

    Last year we saw this strange mixed set supposedly belonging to John F. Kennedy sell for $23K. But did anyone else happen to catch these other auction lots earlier this month? A second set allegedly owned by JFK went for $28,750, and this other one claimed to have been owned by Harry S. Truman...
  6. MacDaddy

    Safety Razor of the Month, September 2014 - Slants

    SLANTS FOR SEPTEMBER Even before there were safety razors, barbers practiced a slanted or diagonal stroke for a smoother, more efficient shave. As the safety razor gained more and more acceptance, and men were increasingly shaving themselves rather than relying on the barber's skilled...
  7. MacDaddy

    Safety Razor of the Month, May 2014 - Rolls Razor

    It's the most ubiquitous razor that no one's ever heard of. If you've been out looking through antique stores and thrift shops you've definitely run into them, more often than not with a crazy high price tag to boot. But relatively few people outside our circles seem to have ever even heard of...
  8. MacDaddy

    Safety Razor of the Month, April 2014 - Lady Gillette

    In honor of today being my mother's birthday (seriously, not even a little April Fool's joke), and since April is right in the middle of the range of time when much of the world is celebrating their Mother's Day or International Women's Day holidays, I thought we might take an opportunity to...
  9. MacDaddy

    Happy 100th birthday, Little Lather Catcher!

    Who else remembered to use their 1914-style Ever-Ready Little Lather Catcher this morning in honor of the 100th anniversary of the issuing of its patent?
  10. MacDaddy

    Safety Razor of the Month, December 2013 - Rotbart

    As many of us are getting ready for the man in the red suit and putting red caps on our avatars, let's talk a bit about red beards -- specifically Rotbart razors. I'll prime the pump with this photo of the then brand new Tempelhof factory in Berlin that opened at the very end of 1937...
  11. MacDaddy

    Interesting (but pricey) SE concept - BornSharp self-sharpening razor

    At a $370+shipping early-adopter price I can't say that I'm going to rush right out and buy one, but I'd be interested to hear what you folks think of the BornSharp. https://vimeo.com/78946398 Basically, it looks like something of an updating of the Ronson self-sharpening razor crossed with a...
  12. MacDaddy

    John F. Kennedy's Gillette frankenset sells at auction for $23,000

    This rest of the JFK memorabilia auction is still going on right now so the lot entry hasn't been updated yet, but this lot listed as JFK's personal shaving set, a Gillette Combination Set with the razor swapped out for a long-comb NEW/thick-handled Tech frankenrazor, just went for $23,000. The...
  13. MacDaddy

    Safety Razor of the Month, October 2013 - Frankenrazors

    It's that time of year again, boys and girls of B&B. Time to roll out the sacrilegious conglomerations of bits and bobs that you keep chained in your basements. Show us the monstrous assemblage of mismatched parts that your madness has sparked life into, for October is the month of... The...
  14. MacDaddy

    Your help needed! Highest New Improved serial numbers from Gillette's non-US plants

    We have a pretty good idea how Gillette's American factory's serial numbers for the New Improved razors line up against years of production from Phillip Krumholz's research for his book The Complete Gillette Collector's Handbook, presumably sourced from company records as late as this was. But...
  15. MacDaddy

    I triple dog dare you.

    Anyone interested in a nice deal on two thick-handled Techs and a Red Tip that's lost most of its paint (along with a raft of other beautician's supplies) for just over $20 shipped? The catch? Oh, yeah... they're out of a mortician's "beauty kit" from a funeral parlor in Michigan. :eek2:
  16. MacDaddy

    Safety Razor of the Month, April 2013 - Restorations & Refurbs

    OK, fine. Since you guys wouldn't take the last one seriously I guess we'll have to start over... :001_rolle Spring is a time for rebirth and renewal (apologies to our friends in the Southern Hemisphere), so this month let's have a look at your best resurrections. Show us your terrible before...
  17. MacDaddy

    Safety Razor of the Month, April 2013 - Gillette Fusion Power

    We weren't exactly sure which forum this month's SROTM belonged in. On the one hand, you could argue that it behaves more like a single-edged razor since you can't flip the blades around, and so it should be in the SE forum. On the other hand, the extra blade on the back means you can flip the...
  18. MacDaddy

    New Improved Gillette - New Standard . Chromium?

    I could kick myself for missing the end of this auction, but did anyone else happen to catch it? The box and instruction book are pretty obviously from the New Improved era, but take a look at the end flap on that box. I don't believe I've ever heard of any of the New Improved sets being...
  19. MacDaddy

    Safety Razor of the Month, March 2013 - Merkur Progress

    March of Progress This month let's take a look at Merkur's workhorse adjustable, rather inscrutably named from the German word for "progress" -- it's the Progress. It may not be as glitzy as its younger siblings, the Vision and Futur, and some might say it could benefit from a little plastic...
  20. MacDaddy

    Sterling-silver-cased Double Ring

    Seems like we've had a string of interesting pieces going on eBay here lately. What do folks think of this set that just sold earlier today? It's a Double Ring with the serial number 221349 and it sold for $272.56 from a seller in Australia. I have some thoughts of my own, but I'd like to hear...