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  1. Kooze

    Tabac refill puck $6.99 shipped

    perfumania has it on clearance. Tabac Original For Men By Maurer & Wirtz Soap Bowl Refill at Perfumania.com
  2. Kooze

    TCL 4K TV

    Which one did you end up purchasing? I'm close to pulling the trigger on this one: https://www.bestbuy.com/site/sony-50-class-49-5-diag--led-2160p-smart-4k-ultra-hd-tv/5947110.p?skuId=5947110
  3. Kooze

    My Guess... 3017

    Finished the razorback essential oil of lavendar. Would not repurchase. I have been using some grated klar kabbinnet the past few days. Next up- most likely Haslinger something. Will decide next week.
  4. Kooze

    Help Me Choose: Semogue 1305 or 1800

    1800 is an excellent brush, and one of the few I've sold and thought of buying again. The 1438 is a great brush for face lathering. I keep one at the beach house, and it never disappoint. 1800 is wood, and always looks nice. 1438 paint has started to peel off and looks less impressive...
  5. Kooze

    My Guess... 3017

    Been using RR essential oil of lavender for the past 3 weeks or so. Very synthetic sent, and no real standout features. I guess it never had a chance, having followed C&S 88 and Haslinger. I will keep plodding forward, but may substitute for something else. Definitely would not repurchase.
  6. Kooze

    My Guess... 3017

    I too just finished a puck. Although I definitely prefer C&S, Haslinger is one great soap. Next up- RR essential oil of lavender.
  7. Kooze

    FAT BOY Give-a-way !!!

    59 Thanks for the chance and PIF
  8. Kooze

    2016 NFL Official Thread

    Ah, a fellow Eagles fan. Anyone but Dallas. Ever.
  9. Kooze

    Czech & Speake #88.Barnabus Collins Would Be Proud

    I have used quite a few soaps and to date, C&S 88 is my favorite.
  10. Kooze

    The Graveyard!

    Puck of C&S 88. Would definitely replace
  11. Kooze

    My Guess... 3017

    C&S 88 is done. Every shave was excellent. It never lost its scent, and will definitely be replaced at some point. I started this puck on 8/1/16, and probably got close to 125 shaves out of it (summer weekends at the beach- no C&S) Next up: haslinger schafmilch have a great weekend everyone
  12. Kooze

    PIF - Fresh Roast Coffee - U pick - I Roast 4 U

    I'm in. Would want some guidance from you should I be so fortunate to win. sick roaster, thanks for the chance.
  13. Kooze

    My Guess... 3017

    My puck lasted a good 7 months. It was a good soap, excellent value and most likely would replace- in many,many years when I need to. started C&S no 88 on August 1- looking forward to many excellent shaves.
  14. Kooze

    Taco Question - for everyone.

    I have been making fish tacos lately. 1. Place the 0.5 pound (1 big piece) of firm white fish, such as mahi mahi, cod, snapper or catfish in a baking dish and squeeze 1/4 lime over it. Add 1 clove of minced garlic, 1/8 tsp cumin, 1/8 tsp chili powder, and 0.5 tablespoon of veg oil. Season with...
  15. Kooze

    The Graveyard!

    Finished a bottle of speick as lotion- will be replaced at some point
  16. Kooze

    My Guess... 3017

    D.R. Harris Marlborough almost finished- grated and placed into shave stick twist up. Don't expect it to last another week. Looking forward to something different. next up- C&S 88 that has been used approximately 3 times
  17. Kooze

    My Guess... 3017

    I most likely will cruise into 2030 and still not need to purchase any soap.
  18. Kooze

    My Guess... 3017

    Still plugging along with Marlborough. Really want to be done by July 1- but who knows. Can't believe how long this puck has lasted.
  19. Kooze

    Semogue Owners Club Badger: Surprising

    My SOC 2-band is very enjoyable to use, and a great brush. Loft is lower than the SOC boars I had and sold. Unlike yours, mine is pretty dense and has plenty of backbone. Not sure if vintage scent still does anniversary sales- but it's a great deal if they do.