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  1. mrlandpirate


  2. mrlandpirate


    Made this yesterday and ate it today . So easy and oh so tasty
  3. mrlandpirate


    So this is just my personal experience I went to HD and got a 28” nexgrill griddle brought it home and seasoned it , first time I went to cook on it it warped and looked like a Pringle’s potato chip. Not only was it impossible to cook on it was dangerous, opposite corners were 4” off the deck...
  4. mrlandpirate

    cigar rolling

    I was watching a review video and the reviewer stated that the cigar was rolled with the stack method as opposed to the z method and that the stack made for better draw. Anyone have any insight and which cigars use the stack method ?
  5. mrlandpirate

    If you read Japanese please help

    Just found this today antiquing got a good deal I think would like to know what it says
  6. mrlandpirate

    Grooming Dept replacement

    Got mine today and it looks great much firmer,will give it a try in the morning
  7. mrlandpirate

    WTB Vintage Schick Injector Type E1

    looking for an Schick E1 with flat spring, pm me
  8. mrlandpirate

    Bah Humbug

    For all those less then thrilled with Christmas post here
  9. mrlandpirate

    I’ll just drop this here

    Did you hear about the restaurant on the moon? Great food, no atmosphere.
  10. mrlandpirate

    At the Library

    I was at the Library today and slipped I think it was the non- friction section
  11. mrlandpirate

    Because it's Sunday

  12. mrlandpirate

    I'll just leave this here

    "What do you call it when a lizard trips and falls? . . . A reptile dysfunction! Bwahahaha!"
  13. mrlandpirate


    looks like Jeremy Clarkson and the boys are back. Might be fun :w00t:
  14. mrlandpirate

    hail the Wizard

    great movie
  15. mrlandpirate

    Tom Marr RIP

    Thomas A. "Tom" Marr was an American talk radio host on WCBM in Baltimore, Maryland, known for his conservative political views. really enjoyed listening to his show and his guest hosting on Mark Levin, he'll be missed
  16. mrlandpirate

    Ear Worms

    I'll start
  17. mrlandpirate

    fun with Knifes

  18. mrlandpirate

    Favorite Country Songs

    Couldn't fined any past threads, so fire away folks. I'll start
  19. mrlandpirate

    For the True Gearhead

  20. mrlandpirate

    Cigar Bid

    I have CAD bad! How do the gal's justify it ( I spent twice what I should have but got it for 1/2 price so it's a deal) Ya ya that's the ticket! Must stay off Cigar Bid.