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  1. Smattayu

    Latest episode of B&B Radio

    Hey all, You can find the latest episode of B&B Radio at the following link: B&B Radio 09.04.2017 Episode #39 Dave packs a lot of good information and fun into these episodes, and they are worth checking out.
  2. Smattayu

    B&B Bingo!

    Hey everyone, it's time for the final B&B Bingo game of the 2017 season! @skypsyd will be calling it, and the teaser video can be found here. It's a good time with lots of laughs, and will be a great opportunity to refine your ability to threaten the caller with bodily harm.
  3. Smattayu

    2017 Annual Sue Moore Auction

    The 7th Annual 'Saint' Sue Moore Memorial Fundraiser begins on October 19th. This is a 3 day event and we can not pull this off alone. We rely on our generous membership to donate items to be auctioned. If you are not familiar with the 'Saint' Sue Moore Auction, it is a fundraiser we do every...
  4. Smattayu

    B&B Radio

    Hey all, "Via Barberia" If you haven't checked out B&B Radio, you're missing out. @skypsyd does an excellent job, and the interviews are a great way to learn about some of the people that make up the B&B community. The latest episode is up here: B&B Shave Radio Episode #35 for 7.10.2017
  5. Smattayu

    Vote for your favorite Gold Dollar mod!

    Hey all, For those that don't know, every year in the Restoration and Razor Making forum they do a Gold Dollar Modification contest. Anyone with an interest is welcome to participate, and attempt to turn one of these: Into a piece of functional art. There are two separate contests this...
  6. Smattayu

    Esbjerg Grapefruit

    I've seen the occasional review of"Esbjerg"creams, but never got around to trying one until a friend sent me some. I've shaved with it a few times now, and I'm seriously impressed with just about every aspect of it. Great scent, performance, and post shave. Anyone else use and enjoy Esbjerg?
  7. Smattayu

    Creams vs Soaps: The Showdown

    Sick of the Status Quo bullies over in the soap forum kicking sand in your face? Tired of people trying to tell you that your preferred product is inferior? Head on over to B&B Video Library, check out today's show, and stand up for your favorite cream! B&B Radio 06.26.2017 Episode #34
  8. Smattayu

    B&B Bingo Shaving Cream Edition

    Attention all shavers! .... welcome to the 15th round of B&B Bingo: The Shaving Cream Edition 2017 For those of you who are unfamiliar with B&B Bingo, it is like regular bingo with a word-based scavenger hunt twist. It is run by your Forum Stewards. This edition will be hosted by myself...
  9. Smattayu

    Brushless or full lather?

    I was looking through the stash of creams and soaps today and realized that I've got a few that are brushless which have hardly ever been used. I don't know about you all but there is something about building a lather that is part of the enjoyment of a shave for me, and I experience a childlike...
  10. Smattayu

    WSP Shaving Cream

    I just found out recently that WSP is coming out with shaving creams. Their Formula T line of soap has been in my top 5 since I first cracked a tin of Gaelic Tweed, and I have high hopes for the creams. I was fortunate enough to check my email a few minutes after receiving the June newsletter...
  11. Smattayu

    What's your snurdle size?

    I noticed the other day that I'd begun skimping on the amount of product I load onto my brush, be it cream, soap, or that increasingly popular amalgamation, the croap. I'm not sure why this is, since I have enough creams and soaps to last me years even if I used a push broom to lather them. Once...
  12. Smattayu

    Donate to a great cause(with prizes)

    @Toothpick is shaving his beard for charity. Or it might be more accurate to say that The Beard is removing it's Jason so that it might roam free...Either way the cause is a good one and there are some prizes up for grabs for those who donate. A Moderator Shaves The Beard For Charity
  13. Smattayu

    Creams in the Soap forum?!

    You read correctly folks. Eschewing the usual us/them stereotype of soaps and creams, @cvargo, the Steward in the Soap forum is adding a week of creams to June theme month. If you've never joined in on a Theme week it's a fun way to rotate through some of the possibly enormous stockpile of...
  14. Smattayu

    Shaving Creams Steward

    My name is Eric, and I am your Steward for Shaving Creams. if you have any questions feel free to PM me, or start a conversation as it is now called, and I'll do my best to help in any way possible. If something is against the ToU please as always, hit the Report button so the Moderators can...
  15. Smattayu

    It's time for...

    B&B Bingo! Head on over to the Safety Razor Forum, where the upcoming B&B Bingo: DE razor Edition will be called by the nine-fingered Anti-Vegetalist himself, @imatabor! B&B Bingo: Safety Razor Edition
  16. Smattayu

    New Stew

    Hello all! My name is Eric, and I have the honor of being your new Steward for Shaving Creams. I began wet shaving in the traditional way a little over a year ago, and have since fallen down so many rabbit holes that I could make my own whack-a-mole(whack-a-rabbit?) machine. If you have any...
  17. Smattayu


  18. Smattayu

    FS: C.V Heljestrand MkNo4/Genco/Shave Revolution brush

    Hi all, I'm doing a first culling of the den and moving along some gear that hasn't seen any use in some time. The CVH just doesn't get any love since I got another of the same brand that I prefer, and it's too good of a razor to stash in a drawer when someone could be getting some use out of...
  19. Smattayu

    My first attempt...

    At a Chubby style handle. I've never actually seen one outside of a picture, but have always liked the look, and I tried for the middle-of-the-road Chubby 2 with an Elite Razors 26mm Manchurian White knot set at 52mm. My BIL makes butcher block with inlays and uses a few different exotic woods...
  20. Smattayu

    Question about lapping on my first Jnat

    I recently purchased this inexpensive Jnat from chef knives to go, and while I was lapping it with some 400 wet/dry on a marble tile, a spot very close to the center of the stone started flaking off. You can see it as the white area near the center and, while it is not very deep it is extremely...