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  1. paladin252

    Ever tried Ocean Potion as an aftershave?

    has anyone tried this as an aftershave? if so, what do you think? i've been using it for the past couple of weeks after i had a bad sunburn and looked at it and wondered, why aren't i using this as aftershave? here are the ingredients from the back of the bottle: Active Ingredients: Lidocaine...
  2. paladin252

    Does Arko sting anyone else?

    so i purchased my first stick of arko from bestshave, and also purchased gzd berber to give it another stick to compare to. after using arko, i found it stings my face quite bad. does anyone else get this? now, for a background, it was my first time trying it so this is what i did: i prepped my...
  3. paladin252

    Least aggressive DE razors?

    i keep seeing posts about more aggressive or the most aggressive, but what are some of the least aggressive razors?
  4. paladin252

    Frank Shaving similar to Edwin Jagger?

    Hi, i'm fairly new to DE shaving, and when i first started, i purchased a flying eagle, which seemed to be a poor man's gillette tech. it works great and i really like it, but i wanted to try some more stuff as well. so i purchased a frank shaving razor. it looked very similar to a EJ and...