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  1. Stoneman

    Hones and SR’s FS

    Hi Gents, I have the following hones and Straight Razors for sale, CONUS only please. Payment via PayPal please. 1) Norton Honing Kit - includes 200/1000 combo stone and 4000/8000 combo stone with cases. $100
  2. Stoneman

    FS Timeless .68 Scalloped, Simpson Super Badger Chubby

    Hi Gents, I have for sale the following 2 items. Conus only please and PayPal payment. Thank you. 1. Timeless .68 Polished SS with Scalloped Top Cap. I have 2 handles, 85mm Dimple handle or 100mm Pineapple handle. You pick the handle you want. Razor is like new condition and used less than 3...
  3. Stoneman

    FS Naniwa 12K Stone

    Hello Gents, For sale a Naniwa 12,000 synthetic water stone with holder. This stone has never been touched or lapped. I paid $90 for stone and $30 for the holder. Yours for $100. I will pay for shipping in the US. PayPal payment please. Thanks.
  4. Stoneman

    FS Vintage Gillette’s, Blackland

    Hello Gents, I have for sale the following razors: CONUS only, PayPal payment please. Thank you. Blackland Dart: used 1 time, pristine condition. $85 2. Timeless Aluminum .45: used 1 time, pristine condition. $65 3. 1934 Gillette Aristocrat OC: smooth shaver, first TTO, beautiful...
  5. Stoneman

    FSOT Charcoal Goods Bright Brass, Timeless .95

    Hello Gents: Looking to sell my Charcoal Goods Bright Brass Gen 1 Level 3 with the hammered handle. Top cap is Gen 4. Razor is in pristine condition. Asking $195 USD shipped. Timeless DE SS Razor 0.95MM in Matte finish with smooth cap and scalloped base plate. Plaid Handle 100mm,Stand...
  6. Stoneman

    FSOT King Cobra Classic FSOT

    Hi Gents, I have for sale or trade a King Cobra Classic. MSRP is $269. I am asking for $200 or any trade that you wanna offer of equal value. The razor comes with the classic black non-slip handle and I also have a Barbaros Helix handle. The razor is smooth and efficient, just not for me, it...
  7. Stoneman

    FS King Cobra, DG set

    Hello Gents, I have the following razor up for sale today. 1. The King Cobra Classic. This razor is longer and heavier than the original Cobra Classic. The flaired base lets the razor stand on its own. The black handle has a great texture and is non slip. The razor head is 2.25” made of...
  8. Stoneman

    FS Vintage Gillette’s

    Hi Gents, I have the following razors up for sale. CONUS only. PayPal payment Goods and Services please. Any questions please ask, thanks for looking. 1. 1938 Gillette Sheraton: Razors was purchased here on BST. Mechanically sound in all respects, with perfect teeth. Gold plating is mostly gone...
  9. Stoneman

    FS Gillette Razors, Occam’s Razor

    Hi all, I have the following razors up for sale at this time. CONUS only. PayPal payment please. If you have any questions or want more photos please ask. Thank you. Todd (1) 1973 (S-1) Gillette Super Adjustable 109 Black Beauty: this razor was purchased from another member here on BST 2...
  10. Stoneman

    Occam’s Razor blades

    Hi all, Can any single edge blades be used with Occam’s razor from classic shaving? Or do they have to be the 3 different Feather blades? Can I use Ted Pella? Thanks, Todd
  11. Stoneman

    FS SE, Brush,Soaps and Scents.

    Hi all, I have the following up for sale. If you need more pics, let me know. Thanks for looking. Todd 1) Vintage Ever-Ready ShovelHead Single Edge Safety Razor with case and Blade bank. $30 - Razor was cleaned and polished and razor is in great shape. I don’t use SE razors. 2)...
  12. Stoneman

    FS Soap and Aftershaves FS

    Hi all, I have the following soaps and aftershaves lot that I wanna sell as one lot.CONUS only and PayPal payment please. $100 includes shipping Wholly Kaw King of Oud Aftershave Splash used 2x Stirling Soap Orange Chill Glacial Aftershave used 3x Stirling Soap Ramblin’ Man Soap and...
  13. Stoneman

    FS Polished Karve Razor

    For Sale: Polished Karve Razor SB with D Plate 3” Handle $90 includes shipping and tracking in CONUS. PayPal.
  14. Stoneman

    FS Parker OC,Maggard,Stirling

    Hi Gents, Up for sale the following. Razors and soap each used 1 time and not for me and want them gone. Conus only please. 1) Parker 24C Open Comb - weight is 3.4 oz, nice barber pole handle measuring 3 3/4 in. Considered medium aggressive. Retails for $30. $24 USD delivered 2) Maggard...