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    Pure Badger out performs Silvertip

    My regular brush is a Col Conk in Pure Badger, used 100's of times. I did a brush restore with a TGN Silvertip, and I am about 6 shaves in with it. I was noticing that I just couldn't get awesome lather with it, so I decided to do a side by side comparison between the two- The conditions-...
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    Not really the best shave ever

    First time with Arko, still breaking in my Silvertip restore, and first time R41 with an Astra SP Prep same as always, shower, shampoo and conditioner. Face lathered the Arko with the Silvertip. I haven't been able to get the kind of lather from that brush as I have come to expect from the...
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    Bunkie board scam?

    We just had furniture delivered, the bed has wood slats, they are trying to tell me that two plain uncovered pieces of fiberboard are the bunkie boards to a Simmons Beautyrest. Sounds like a load of bull. I think those come with the bed and the bunkie boards should have fabric coverings. It is...
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    Aftershave atrocities and the ladies

    It seem like the "men" of the preceding decade have committed unforgivable aftershave atrocities, by bathing in it. Now, the around here, the ladies associate the "Usual Suspects" with skeezy old '70's era dirtbags. You know the "Usual Suspects", Pineaud, Old Spice, Brut, Skin Bracer, etc...
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    What did your heroes use?

    Just found out that George Washington and Ronald Reagan both used Caswell Massey #6. :ouch1: And John F Kennedy used CM Jockey Club. Lincoln used CM Castile. So, I've got to try those out. What other products did other historical figures use? Patton? John Wayne? Mickey Mantle? Bogart? Darth...
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    Caswell Massey 10% coupon

    If you Like Caswell Massey on Facebook, they will give you a one time 10% coupon code.
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    Hidden charges

    Trying to book a hotel in New Orleans for our anniversary. I picked out one that was a low price ($85) in a decent location, told SWMBO to go ahead and book it if she liked it. She went to hotels.com to see the customer reviews and it turns out they charge a $10 internet fee (whether you use...
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    What is your best Chicken Tikka Masala recipe?

    I am looking for a top notch CTM (Chicken Tikka Masala) recipe. I know there must be some good ones, since it is the unofficial British National dish. I need it mild (or I can try to mellow it some) since the hot (by cajun standards) foods don't agree with my wife or the kids in the family...
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    More pressure, how can that be?

    I've been wringing out a Red Tip and a '40's SS lately trying to decide which I like best. There isn't a great deal of difference, frankly, but I was on my '40's SS. Well, I went to shave somewhat pressed for time, which makes me highly motivated (read- no nonsense, no subtlety), and I ended up...
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    Binge Drinking... Silly Standards?

    This report came out today http://www.foxnews.com/health/2012/01/10/cdc-report-binge-drinking-rates-in-us-alarming/ Binge drinking is getting your blood alcohol level over .08% or about 5 drinks per man/ 4 drinks per woman. http://www.cdc.gov/alcohol/fact-sheets/binge-drinking.htm But their...
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    Ok, I'm in, pics up, what now?

    Ok, You guys talked me into it. I finished getting the petrified rubber out of the handle, gave it a light rinse under warm water and a rub down with a paper towel. Looks to be a 20mm hole. Ever Ready 925 Black and Butterscotch. In this pic, you can see the drill bit got away from me a touch...
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    A little disappointed

    I had an old brush that came with some razors I bought, Everready Black and butterscotch. Can't read the number. So, I started pulling out the bristles and figured out it is hollow. I don't know how I can continue with this thing. It is like a Valley Girl. Implants, hair extensions, Lee...
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    Opinions on establishing a friendly price on razors

    I bought a group of grubby old razors (so I could get my hands on a variety of old Gillettes to try, not for profiteering), cleaning them has been and continues to be a chore, but they are cleaning up nicely and I am coming near to wanting to sell off the ones I don't intend to use. I have...
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    Brain Eating Amoeba from a Neti Pot

    Heads up, for you Neti Pot users... There have been a couple of deaths from people using untreated well water in their Neti Pot. The brain eating amoeba which is usually harmless when ingested, is deadly when introduced to the nasal cavity. Boiling the water or using distilled water is the way...
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    Stubborn soap scum

    Cleaning up some razors working on a Fatboy, it is darned near finished, but it has some spots of soap scum that are hard to get to, scrubbing bubbles won't make a dent in it. Tried a hot water/dish soap soak, scrubbing bubbles and toothbrush, and light and quick applications of CLR.I'm trying...
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    The lowly Cheese Ball

    Holiday season is here, time for the family get togethers. That means finger foods galore. The Kraft cheese sampler and Summer Sausage slices have been done for the last 200 Christmases in a row, time for some retro lovin'. Base Cheese Ball recipe 8oz Cream Cheese 8oz Shredded Cheese couple...
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    Latest haul, lucky, very lucky.

    I bought a large lot of razors out of the 'bay, the pictures stank but I could make out a Fatboy, a few Slims, and a handful of other razors that I wanted to try. It was a big gamble since I didn't know if I was getting a bunch of locked up TTOs, rejects from someone else's collection or what. I...
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    Top shaving links.

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    The Green Fairy

    I first had absinthe at the Pirate's Alley Bar in New Orleans (the site of a jail which once held the pirate, Jean Lafitte). New Orleans has a history with absinthe, several bars in the French Quarter were devoted to the drink. Pirate's Alley had a absinthe fountain to perform the bloom...
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    OK, what is the most UNDERrated product?

    We have the negative thread, now lets get positive. What is the most UNDERRATED shave product? Godrej Deluxe, an often overlooked, low cost SC ($5), incredible performer. Col Conk Bay Rum Puck. Cheap and good. Provence Sante, not a lot of love for this one, but I NEVER have a bad shave with...