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  1. tattooer601

    Committing a Williams Atrocity

    I alway grate a new puck onto the old puck........... Almost ended up with a full cup of Tabac....lol
  2. tattooer601

    The accidental superlather

    I did this super lather thingy by accident as well... I opened a tube of C.O.Bigalo,when I did a good amount came out, I wiped it on top of a puk of OLD COLGATE shaving soap,this mad a great combination, and a way to use a soap puk that many forum memers have shunned......:001_rolle
  3. tattooer601

    First shave with CO Bigelow...

    +1...I agree the bigalo cream is very good cream. It really only takes a small amount ,my first go with it I used a little more than reqired, and realized I could have used 1/2 as much.....RP
  4. tattooer601

    Speick Shave Stick - !

    Speick on my to get list...
  5. tattooer601

    Feed my soap AD/wetshaving.....lol...please

    please keep suggestions coming....please
  6. tattooer601

    Feed my soap AD/wetshaving.....lol...please

    Hey Chuck the SS is great man... Thanks for all you guys replys, Please keep them coming. I am hoping to get a TON of shaving soaps, and hopefully make a purchase tonight......:thumbup1::thumbup1:
  7. tattooer601

    Feed my soap AD/wetshaving.....lol...please

    I wanted to ask, if you guys would point me toward a etaylor, that has most of the good soaps, this way I could order from one company. Also if you guys could give me some suggestions of soaps that you all enjoy,this way I don't purchase something I will not use. If you guys know of a good...
  8. tattooer601

    Brush AD

    thanks for the reply.... I at first thought I had wasted my money by purchasing the lot of brushes. They arrive yeserday, all in great shape. Heck I'm happy, I couldn't but good brushes locally, for less that 7-8 dollars each (VDH boar brush).. So this lot at 4-6 dollars each, was a good...
  9. tattooer601

    Brush AD

    From reading the restoration threads, I will defiantly give it a shot soon.....RP
  10. tattooer601

    SOS I need a date badly!!

    woops double post
  11. tattooer601

    SE blades for a GEM 1912

    I purchased a pack of TREET blades, Does anyone like these for shaving?? I wanted to ask before I box blade my ugly face........lol
  12. tattooer601

    How Is Your Day ? Three Words

    Headache killing me!!
  13. tattooer601

    three word story

    or great catfood
  14. tattooer601

    hello everyone!

    Welcome to B&B! Read and enjoy, I ask a ton of questions, but they are welcomed to this forum...enjoy!!
  15. tattooer601

    What a difference in a new blade... Holy Crap!!!

    Welcome to B&B Im glad the derby blades are doing good for ya!!!
  16. tattooer601


    hmmmmmm....I Would like to hear that answer
  17. tattooer601

    Collection tread??

    bump.................ballads for a sticky???
  18. tattooer601

    Collection tread??

    +1 thats on the verge of a miniature museum....
  19. tattooer601

    Brush AD

    yep I have a use, the ones I keep to use are a plus.... simply because a VDH brush cost 8-9 dollars local, so if these are useable then I literally SCORED....:001_smile:001_smile:001_smile
  20. tattooer601

    Brush AD

    Thanks for the help and advice.... Im not into brush restoring, but if this will make these be good for me, then I will get into it....(got links??) I figure, the ones I don't use I will PIF, the VDH brush is all I have as of now,I own 2 of them. So I will make PIF's out of the un used...