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  1. captp

    Happy Independence Day

    Or as my friends across The Pond say Happy Traitors Day
  2. captp

    Interesting geography

    Alaska is the farthest West AND the farthest East state in the U.S.
  3. captp

    Two questions...

    Tap the menu icon at top of page. Scroll to Gallery. Tap the down arrow. You should see an option to view your media.
  4. captp

    Cute puppy pics

    Beautiful kitty.
  5. captp

    Paladin Shave Brushes

    By knot size, 26mm is the usual smallest. By overall height, the Moe is quite small, but I only see it in 26mm.
  6. captp

    What made you happy today?

    Well of course there will be pics when it gets here. I've been here long enough to know that, or it never happened. There is already the Paladin pic, of the actual brush, in the Paladin Brushes thread, but that hardly counts. You need one I took. Paladin pic below.
  7. captp

    Paladin Shave Brushes

    Coming soon. This is a prototype Moe (according to Ken) in Ivory, that he just put up for special sale; not posted on his website; in the FB Paladin page. Ivory Moe. 26 mm. This will be my first new brush in about 2 years.
  8. captp

    What made you happy today?

    Bought the prototype Paladin Ivory Moe with 3 Skull & Crossbones engraved on it. First new brush in a couple of years.
  9. captp

    For money clip users how do you stack your notes?

    All bills oriented the same, smallest on top, face up, folded to show back of largest bills. This is my design. Guess what series I'm bingeing on right now.
  10. captp

    INFO! RUDY VEY GROUP BUY! Sold Out!!!!!

    Pretty sure Rudy always ships USPS Flat Rate. Same shipping cost to all 50 states & territories.
  11. captp

    INFO! RUDY VEY GROUP BUY! Sold Out!!!!!

    I might be able to get behind that, even though I don't need another brush. I snatched up the 1st brush he made with his then new Faux Ivory stick a few years ago, Persian Jar; Rudy has nailed the PJ shape. RV PJ between 2 Simpson PJ2s from different eras Better view showing the grain
  12. captp

    What's Your Brush Today?

    Brought only one brush with me for the lockdown. Paladin Cleo Malachite.
  13. captp

    Songs with a great intro

    If you include lyrics, nothing (and I mean NOTHING) beats the opening lines to this
  14. captp

    B&B Appreciation PIF 3

    Very nice. NOT in.
  15. captp


    Good luck with that.:001_smile I currently have 9 RVs. All 3 of his B&B LEs. A few I had him make for me. A couple of special editions. Also had him make a few specifically to give away. The pink Persian Jar I had made for the Saint Sue Auction a few years ago. The last of that pink stock he...
  16. captp

    Cute puppy pics

    They are growing sooo fast. When they first got here on April 21 they barely filled one 12x12 tile (don't have a pic for comparison) And they gets really silly sometimes. Too lazy to fully turn around for a drink. A pup after my own heart.
  17. captp

    How to keep your friends on edge

    Dang. Should this go in Haberdashery? If so, can a Mod move it?
  18. captp

    How to keep your friends on edge

    Posted on FB that I just got a Speedo and would be modeling it for them. Got a lot a scared replies. They all thought I lost my mind and got a competition Speedo. It's fun messing with your friends.
  19. captp

    question for those who have switched from Android to iPhone

    No offense meant, but why would anyone switch? In either direction. My iPhone friends have always had a friendly rivalry over our choices, usually going to "Why would I need another doorstop?" & "Did your screen come pre-cracked?" All in good fun.
  20. captp

    Best belt

    All cleaned up & reconditioned. Fiebings yellow saddle soap & Venetian Shoe Cream 1. After 2 saddle soakings 2. After a 2 applications of Venetian 3. Third Venetian I think that's good for now. Ready for another 20-30 years of abuse. Not sure, but I think 1 & 2 are the same photo. So compare...